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  1. Kelty Hearts 17/18 thread

    Should be a cracker on Saturday. I dont think we would wish any ill on Cowdenbeath whatsover, Cowden must find it so hard after their ground and main income source was sold to people with no interest in football, they are running their club by 2 hands tied behind their back. If we are fortunate enough to ever reach the SPFL at some point in our future then we would rather meet them there, it would certainly make the Lowland League interesting IF we were to meet next season.
  2. Kelty Hearts 17/18 thread

    No Snow on Saughton Enclosure and pitch looking fine for Saturdays big match.
  3. Lthv 17/18

    No Snow on Saughton Enclosure and pitch looking fine for Saturdays big match.
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    Prosper, Evolve, Inclusive, You Believe, Nostalgic.
  5. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    Great response, Your obviously brighter than the regular guy on the street and smarter than “these full of guys from the East/Kelty.” We were all waiting on you posting your vision, predictable though you were about as late as the SJFA weekend fixtures.
  6. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    Il tell you what Pie and Bovril may not be the official voice but there’s some real common sense being posted on here for moving forward from people associated from a range of different clubs around the country. Last week Glesgaboy (the SJFA voice) says he would put something of interest and debate up last weekend? If Boness apply to the EOS for this season or and a raft of West clubs speak to the EOS/SOS League about a WOS League then the non league game will change forever and for the better. The feedback (unofficial I may add and might be duff info) is both EOS and SOS League would be open to facilitate a WOS Division running parallel. Clubs need to get to work and work out if it’s for them or not and if it is get chatting on a way forward.
  7. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    We didn’t announce it sooner as we were going for a title, we felt any announcement wouldn’t have been positive at that time so waited until it was won and we were rubber stamped as accepted. The current numbers of the EOS for next season is at 14 including Dalkeith subject to being admitted, IF Clydebank and another say 10 Clubs were to apply for next season mostly from the West then as Unknown Fan says it could be 2 divisions of 12 running parallel, 1 more East based and the 2nd West. This could be the best way of achieving a more West region Tier 6. Again as UF states It would also leave more spaces for East clubs to apply. Ambitious Clubs could move across, could get SFA licensed in time, play against teams from region, there’s also various avenues for Scottish Cup Entry even if the licence isn’t approved, u20 League, Fixture List, part of pyramid etc. 3 Leagues running at tier 6 including SOS League. EOS LEAGUE - Kelty Hearts, LTHV, Leith, Herriot Watt, Peebles, Tynecastle, Coldstream, Ormiston, Eyemouth, Burntisland, Tweedmouth, Dalkeith - 12 teams which has room to go to 16. WOS LEAGUE (made up from splitting EOS and incorporating new applicants) Stirling Uni EOS, Clydebank, Bonnyton Thistle, then anywhere between 9 and 13 new applicants from Central or West Of Scotland to make up 12-16 team league. If clubs were to apply for the end of March cut off then you would think this would be a likely scenario for next season obviously depending on applicants.
  8. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    There is always the slight trepidation of crowds and interest reducing as we moved from the norm and games against rival SJFA clubs which in turn could have hurt us. We were always confident though after heavy research that our move would help sustain the club and help the community unite and flourish. That is exactly what has happened, home crowds are up, away crowds are up, the hopes, the dreams, the glass ceiling removed has really caught everyone’s interest and with everyone in the village on board, kids adults, male, female it creates a really strong machine going forward. Record Season Ticket, Kit, Merchandise, Hospitality sales this season aswell as the Social Club being busier than ever, It’s really humbling too in the past month we have a new Community Club in house with a complete pathway to senior football from 4 years old, we also have a senior ladies team now which is a real positive in a growing market. Not bragging here but just explaining how being pro active and doing research can take a Club to the next level in terms of support from the community wether that’s through gates, sponsrship, using the facilities, using the social club. All key areas that helps grow a Football and Community Club.
  9. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Fantastic news for everyone connected with Boness.
  10. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Change that to 1 of the main attractions in that area, no offence to Whitehill
  11. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I heard a 3rd club are looking into applying although I’m not sure what stage they are at.
  12. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Hearing from a couple of people that the EOS League might be open to an 18 Team League from next season depending on applicants. There could also be a possibility of 2 divisions being made up if applications exceed 18 teams with the possibility of the teams at the lower end of the current EOS League choosing to go drop out to the newly formed 2nd division so they can be at a more competitive level. With more promotion and relegation spots being discussed with the LL it’s fairly forward thinking by the people in charge. Dalkeith, Clydebank and a possible 3rd Club in East Lothian all applied or looking to apply for next season.
  13. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    This is where it gets interesting if clubs want to be Licenced and part of the pyramid, once these spaces are gone you would feel the chance for SJFA clubs being part of pyramid or Licenced within the next few years would be gone unless they have a 2nd EOS League or a LL East/West. The SJFA may well have a plan to help their more ambitious clubs with this,p. Clydebank are rumoured to be ready to apply subject to members vote, leaves 1 space. Big Junior teams once everyone is implemented in the pyramid could be at least 2 Leagues below the LL, it could be years before they reach the LL if that’s where they want to be. You could effectively have Dalkeith as the main attraction in the region if they can get to the LL with the guaranteed Scottish Cup (subject to licence) and extra finances over Junior clubs to upgrade facilities and compete for the better players.