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  1. Why do Tadger and c**t keep calling people fat?
  2. Canada debut for Corbin-Ong Scotland 1-1 Canada Posted at21:14 Leigh Griffiths comes in to collision with Canada's Maxim Tissot and needs treatment on a head knock before continuing. Tissot does not recover from how he landed and is replaced by La'Vere Corbin-Ong, who makes his Canada debut. Thought a bigger deal would be made of a death on the park....
  3. Two For The Watching IMO
  4. Hope ur ok x
  5. Not petty. That the whole world doesn't hold him to account as the utter c**t he is, is a damning indictment on us all. Shame on the world for allowing this man to inhabit it.
  6. They hate us because of our game shows. We must not give in.
  7. Lets play buzzword bingo. Il take "redoubling" "divide" and "thoughts"
  8. There seems to be some amount of dubiety about whether this is ongoing or not...
  9. Is it your silver spoon???
  10. Pretty raging if you are stuck at the bottom tbf.
  11. Just seen a copper wearing a face mask and carrying a sub machine gun. He looked like a right handy b*****d. More of him please. Hes defo going to kick off. Eta Seen him on TV. I am still safe x
  12. Folk getting more than their moneys worth on the London eye there.
  13. Was in London about 20 odd years ago so unless the assailant transpires to be Ahmed McFly, couldnt have been me