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  1. Gutted! Thoight I was on for a £22 windfall there
  2. Is Fellaini more of a man short pre or post red card?
  3. I put a pound on that. You are making stuff up.
  4. A prime example of where just because the technology exists, doesnt mean its actually any good.
  5. ^^^ This is the real reason* *This isn't the real reason
  6. I know its pretty common but still... Carrying more timber than I would like but not a big fatty I would say. Still find that position incredibly awkward and uncomfortable.
  7. I dont care. If we finish third its just another set of defenders souls to feed to Nathan Austin.
  8. The Furys troll game is unbelievably good.
  9. Only once a complete media villification of Sterling has happened can we move on. Little wretch of a man.
  10. Who sits like that? Maybe I am just unfit but I domt think I could even get my legs like that never mind choose it for comfort reasons.
  11. Lets just take 3-2. Its a very Falkirk scoreline and we dont need the goals, being the fluid, free scoring ballers that we are.
  12. I really like Eric Bailly.
  13. Aye. Heres a bit of material to do the above with, and if thats not enough to sway you, you can get lots of patterns to show what a zany funster you are.
  14. I only partially get the Matchroom bantz on here. I feel its a dig at the casual British boxing fan but I am torn as despite taking my boxing fairly seriously, I too have been in some utter drunken nicks at fights
  15. [email protected]