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  1. Cheers I just went in through paypal and did it as if I was registering a new accoint. Seemed to work but I have paid my money now so it better work later!
  2. Anyone tried to log into Falkirk TV recently? Its saying my username is invalid. Seen this before but cant mind how I fixed it
  3. Too far?? Aye its too far eh. Sorry. I let the hate take over there. Its what they want.
  4. Ban for giving out shite medical advice inbound
  5. Theres no way you got banned for those things. Tell us what you really did
  6. Must be hard, and daunting in equal measure, but the bairn will go from strength to strength once she stops having to fight the drugs too. Its hard going I know as I have seen it. But you will just end up following her lead and it will be like it never even happened.
  7. Was Grieve Road last week, not sure he was before he got banned. He is angry. I like it.
  8. 24 hour Waitrose eh.... How the other half live.
  9. I imagine its healthier to be pissed but asleep than aff it but being wired at 01:30...
  10. Can you keep your low brow taunting to this weeks match thread please.
  11. Jokes about riding a pussy whilst staying round at yours are quite frankly beneath me.
  12. If that happens Muffy comes home with me.
  13. I trust your suggestions more than anyone elses on this thread, since you likely have the biggest interest in ensuring I dont rock up at your caravan!
  14. Ruggy in the kitchen whilst HSF entertains the Bairnardos?? I did see McGonnagals online wasnt too sure about it. Thats what she fancies but will work on trying to convince her that rocpool then round to Casa Rugster is the way to go