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  1. Did a post made by Austin McCann just get edited or deleted there?
  2. Recently bought a bottle of Diplomatico. Excellent if you havent tried.
  3. At the very least I expect an answerphone message to give me the Loy, Sibbs and Hippo news. McHattie can slide in under the radar the fife c**t
  4. Seething. Say something else that isnt McHattie please. I know I said I wasnt bothered if he signs but you got me excited earlier
  5. Dont know about anyone else, but id be fucking delighted with that.
  6. Will be a tad disappoonted if McHattie is one of the signings but we do need LB cover so perhaps need to take that one on the chin. If the other one is Loy though.....
  7. Let us know how Mrs Man receives the apology
  8. The Rangers 17/18 thread is great for a laugh just now. Multiple heads going about all different stuff within the one thread.
  9. Perfect.
  10. SlayerX has now entered the realms of being unsure whether its more embarrassing if its a real poster or an attempt at trolling
  11. SQUARE GO!!!
  12. Anyone who knows anything about pubs doesnt underrate a Sunday. Generally much better than Saturdays
  13. PM incoming