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  1. Gincardine airing out PM's sent by mods then acting all sympathetic and dishing out advice. What a fucking neck on him! I think Keithgy is a very good mod. I highly doubt he needs a break from an online forum in order to sort out his personal life, so I doubt you speak for us all with your faux concern and stupid insincere advice.
  2. Remains my worst memory of supporting Falkirk. Was there not 2 hat tricks scoreed int hat game, and was Leigh Hinds one of them?
  3. Why did the commentator shout Now then Now then??? Surely thats off limits these days?
  4. Town centre location and standing at the football. Whilst I agree TFS does pretty much feel like our home now, those two things will always have Brockville ahead in my eyes. I am sure there are rose tinted glasses invloved, but I can cast iron guarantee if we got safe standing I would never sit down at the football.
  5. Just downloaded periscope and switched on 20 seconds before that hit the net. LOL @ Hearts
  6. How spoiled were we lastnight.... This is pish.
  7. Stream or periscope? If stream please share!
  8. Starships were meant to fly Rangers were meant to die Dene Shields has got one eye Lets do this one more time
  9. I cannot fucking stand English staple... And its - generic shite team - Generic shite team FC We're by far the greatest team The world has ever seen.. Makes me cringe immensely. As for absolutely class songs... Surely now every club in Scotland has now had the chance to sing modern classic "You're not Rangers anymore". Never gets old.
  10. Where did you get them from?
  11. I just feel City now have a grip of it and Monaco will need to hold on.
  12. Think that might be the ball burst for me. Surely Monaco cant do it again....
  13. Yaaaaaaaaasssssss