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  1. There's absolutely no chance the US will appoint big Sam. Probably good news for him - I don't think they sell pints of wine in the States.
  2. Forfar vs Ayr Utd

    It probably is, he's clearly a player that relies a lot on being in the right frame of mind, but in that case surely it won't help that the support are constantly banging on about it? Just let him get on with it.
  3. Forfar vs Ayr Utd

    Why are so many people making such a big deal about Moffat's 100th professional goal? A quarter of them were for another team. If he was on the cusp of breaking some goalscoring record for Ayr then aye I'd get it, but I couldn't give less of a shite about goals he's scored for somebody else.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-41651836 A feature on Google Maps telling you how many calories a walk would burn is #triggering apparently. Is it possible to be #triggered by other people being #triggered? Sweet fucking Jesus.
  5. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Gone from playing Alloa at home to Banks O' Dee away. Re-draw was entirely necessary IMO.
  6. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Can't believe people were moaning at the time about Anya coming on. I like Tierney but, due to playing out of position, he spent the whole game cutting inside, looking fearful of making a run up the right. Lo and behold once we have a right footed right back who uses the width of the pitch we score a goal. Great sub by Strachan.
  7. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Assuming that Bannan and Forrest will start I'd go for this Gordon Tierney Berra Mulgrew Robertson Bannan McArthur Forrest McGregor Phillips Griffiths Been getting flashbacks all day to that Poland game at the end of the last campaign. Hoping like f**k it's a different story this time.
  8. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Aye fair fucks, I'm just being a wide b*****d.
  9. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    I'm sure everyone's been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for a League 2 manager to give his opinion on the game.
  10. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Bannan likely to start if Strachan's words are anything to go by.
  11. Gypsies - travellers

    Hanging about the threading constantly scanning for something inoffensive to act offended about. Fucking tragic.
  12. Catalonia

    Is welshbairn seriously suggesting holding a referendum on whether to hold a referendum?
  13. Cramming all your best players into the team at the expense of any sort of team structure/shape always ends well.
  14. Carabao Cup

  15. I try to avoid ripping the pish out of the nonsense spouted on the SRE Facebook page, purely because so many of the posters appear so incredibly thick that I'm genuinely concerned they have severe learning difficulties.