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  1. Redirecting to virus-y sites

    I took the adblocker off and it’s still happening, probably not quite to the same extent but it’s still there.
  2. Redirecting to virus-y sites

    You’re not really known for jumping to the defence of anyone tbf. The problem was only happening on mobile, using safari on iOS. It was fine on PC but the mobile site was almost unusable. And it was hard to pinpoint specific ads considering it was happening on near enough every single page.
  3. Redirecting to virus-y sites

    Nah, the problem is that he doesn’t appear to give the slightest of fucks about fixing the issue. Now get out of Divs arse.
  4. Redirecting to virus-y sites

    You know it’s possible to have ads that don’t make the site unusable, aye?
  5. Poland vs Senegal

    The ITV site won't work in Scotland, you need to watch it on the STV website instead.
  6. Colombia v Japan (the hot one)

    Aye fair enough, thought you were claiming that the Suarez-type incident should only be a yellow.
  7. Tunisia v England

    Your country wins a WC game with a last minute goal and your main source of enjoyment is a few posts on P&B. What a riddy.
  8. Colombia v Japan (the hot one)

    It’s a yellow if it’s unintentional, making it a yellow for intentional handball would be madness.
  9. Colombia v Japan (the hot one)

    You’re not seriously trying to argue that most players wouldn’t take a yellow card to deny a certain goal? f**k me.
  10. Colombia v Japan (the hot one)

    He intentionally flung out his arm to stop the ball from going into the net, if you could get away with a yellow for doing that then you’d have players doing it left right and centre.
  11. Redirecting to virus-y sites

    You haven’t responded at all since the latest series of complaints. The problem had gone away but has now came back multiple times worse. And as for fixing it you could get rid of all the shitey ads that are causing redirects and pop-up messages on every single page? I gave up yesterday and downloaded an ad blocker to my phone but pity the poor b*****ds that are still putting up with that shite.
  12. Redirecting to virus-y sites

    Looks like we’ll have to hold fire lads, @Div is too busy fixing the things that matter.
  13. The Sons 2018/19

    What’s Daniel Harvie like lads?
  14. Redirecting to virus-y sites

    Hadn’t had any problems with this the last few weeks but tonight the site is almost unusable with the number of pop-up messages and re-directs to all manner of shitey websites. It’s happening on every single page.
  15. New kits for 18/19

    I think that’s lovely. Purple kits are the dugs baws.