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  1. FA Cup 2017/18

    ayrmad making a stellar contribution to the thread, here.
  2. FA Cup 2017/18

    Fucking glorious. I hope Pep spontaneously combusts.
  3. FA Cup 2017/18

    Hope someone reminded Pep of his “we must protect the players” shtick from last week.
  4. Kris Boyd - Kilmarnock striker - openly coming out with "from a Rangers point of view" in his punditry. Fucking roaster.
  5. Ayr United vs Sevco

    I’d rather play me at left-back than have a central midfield duo of Moffat and Faulds playing against Rangers, no harm to either of them.
  6. Ayr United vs Sevco

    What in the name of f**k does McCall do to them in training?
  7. Ayr United vs Sevco

    If you bring me on at 75 minutes I might see the match out. FTFY
  8. Ayr United vs Sevco

    I’m incredibly offended at my exclusion.
  9. Ayr United vs Sevco

    We don't have a choice with the injuries and Bell being cup-tied Ruddy Ferguson Reid Rose Boyle Forrest Moffat Adams McDaid Shankland Moore With Hart, McGuffie and some of the young ones on the bench. 13 senior players to choose from.
  10. It takes some doing to blame piss poor defending on the atmosphere generated by our home support, rather than suggest it might be something to do with the man who coaches the team 4 days a week. Surely no one who isn’t a complete simpleton actually buys the “it’s the fans fault” pish?
  11. Ayr vs Alloa

    Our defence isn’t great but it should at least be capable of not shitting itself every time the opposition send in a cross. Alloa’s defence yesterday was far more organised, that just should not be the case when we’re playing a part-time team. The lack of communication between our defence and goalkeeper is astounding. We've tried two different keepers who should at least be okay for this level, and so far both had made similar errors, albeit we haven’t seen that much of Ruddy. The only common denominator there is the manager and coaching methods. Even last season when we had Balatoni playing, a player that most teams in the Championship would have happily had starting for them, our defence was still like a sieve. When you’ve tried umpteen different combinations in defence and the same errors are being made: players panicking under little pressure, not clearing their lines, goalkeepers needlessly rushing out their box, kicking it straight to the opposition etc, you have to start wondering what the f**k they do in training.
  12. Shouldn’t you be on GN, boring the tits off everyone with your shite puns?
  13. The inevitable arse collapse has begun.