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  1. I'd be pretty surprised if Hibs had gone to the effort of blocking VPN access tbh. Anyway, I don't mind you Hibs lot and have enjoyed the games against you this season so I would really appreciate if you won this game then lost on Saturday thanks xo
  2. Many of your now banned chums did, though.
  3. Can we have a worst poll too? Mr X merges or locks every other thread that's created in the Championship forum.
  4. Got a feeling we might get relegated tbh.
  5. It might do some individual MPs good, but as a whole it will do the party far more harm - just like it has been for Corbyn's tenure. If they united, then they might be able to get some policies across and distract from how incompetent the leadership is as well as put some pressure on the Tories. It pretty much confirms how little chance there is of the UK having a left-wing government in the coming decades. The Tories go further and further right and when someone attempts to bring Labour back to the left they get hounded out at every opportunity by their own MPs. The political differences between Scotland and England will only get wider, if we want an even remotely left of centre government any time soon then it won't come as part of the UK.
  6. Why then do all the Labour MPs who have been interviewed the past two days refuse to back Corbyn? They dodge every question about him. You'd think they could at least pretend that the party isn't an absolute shambles, by trying to come together for the sake of the election - that might limit the damage and stop the Tories from having a massive majority. But no, it appears almost all of them will continue to undermime Corbyn the whole way through the election campaign, making them even more of a shambles and increasing the Tory majority. But it will be worth it to get rid of Corbyn, right?
  7. This, this and this again. Would also be tempted to play Rose or Murphy instead of Boyle.
  8. It took 2 bombs dropped on densely populated areas for them to surrender, so I fail to see how 1 bomb on an uninhabited area would have done the trick.
  9. Do you read the Daily Record?
  10. Just because we're fucking shite and about to get relegated doesn't mean the rest of Scottish football is. For f**k's sake.
  11. If Farid was injured then he should have brought on McKenzie. It was painfully obvious Moore was contributing f**k all and that we needed an aerial threat. McDaid should have been on about 20 minutes earlier as well.
  12. Yep. Not just the players, DU are horrific and McCall sits there with his thumb up his arse while we're crying out for a change up front.
  13. There's nothing like McCall leaving it 20 minutes too late for a sub.