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  1. The man-child strikes again.
  2. Damn sight better than your cretinous "wur boys" style post.
  3. f**k up.
  4. People trying to claim fast food and crisps aren't junk food. No wonder the country's so fat.
  5. That page is a daily reminder to me of how thick a large dose of the population are. It's about time our part-time players got £3000 a week.
  6. If I remember correctly he was threatening to shag the cat rather than murder it. It was quite the meltdown tbh.
  7. #OnlyShireInTown
  8. Yes, you're definitely coming out of this looking like the calm and level-headed one. At least you haven't embarrassed yourself as much as Killie did 2 weeks ago.
  9. Your post implies that the words "only show in town" makes you think of Rangers. Are you Michael Johnston?
  10. The forum's resident bigots trying to deflect away from people mocking child abuse, the holocaust and impersonating Hitler? Colour me fucking surprised.
  11. The main stand only holds 1,600 and was visibly not even full. It's not like you to be slevering a load of shite.
  12. Well, that game was just Delicious . Get it fucking up you.
  13. You might be in a better position to talk about Rangers connections if your chairman wasn't the only one in the top flight who refused to vote against Sevco being allowed into the SPL, and you didn't also sook the Rangers boaby every time they fancied a title party at Rugby Park. Until next time: kindly f**k off, ta x