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  1. See yer da learned how to attach photos.
  2. Yes, the candidates will be members of Scottish Labour, hence why they'll brand themselves as that on the ballot paper. However they're standing to be elected for the wider UK party in the HoC. The manifesto released during the week is a UK-wide manifesto, and given time constraints I'd imagine it's unlikely there'll be a specific Scottish one. Don't get me wrong, the state of Scottish Labour and their staunch, obsessed stance against independence that they never fail to remind us of whenever they receive airtime is still the main thing that puts me off voting for the wider UK party, but I also find it very hard to disagree with much that has been put forward by Corbyn, independence aside.
  3. Wut? I'm not advocating voting for anyone, I don't even know who I'm voting for myself, merely picking up on some of the language used in this thread. You can save the sarky comments.
  4. Scottish Labour are an absolute gang, but they're not standing in this election.
  5. Absolute minter having trophies for 2nd/3rd place finishes and playoff winners.
  6. Haven't heard of him before. He any good?
  7. That might be the worst view from a football stadium I've ever seen. Whoever decided that was a good place to move a football team to should be shot at dawn. Just a wee shame it's the scummy West Ham fans who have to deal with it for decades.
  8. "I thought last year was good apart from half of it."
  9. Reid at least had an eye for a player and wasn't afraid to change the squad up a bit when it was required. I've seen very little from McCall to suggest he has either of those qualities.
  10. At what point was illness or race used as a slagging tool here?
  11. Good, I'm not a fan of bigots attempting to educate folk.
  12. When I saw that joint 5th for the 2009/10 season was a series of players on just one goal, I started listing off anyone who played that season. Still knew better than to chance my luck with Junior Mendes, though.
  13. Go on, please provide these "valid reasons" for voting for a racist, fascist piece of shit.
  14. Still quite scary that over a third of one of Europe's biggest countries is willing to vote for a fascist nutjob.