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  1. I wasn't aware that concern for animal welfare constituted a pre-judged leftist rhetoric, but thanks for letting me know. Are animal welfare groups and vets across the country just daft lefties who don't know any better? It's a fucking disgraceful policy. The SNP and anyone who defends it ought to be ashamed.
  2. Learn to multi-quote for f**k's sake.
  3. Patter almost as shite as what's been posted on the Somerset Road End the past few days.
  4. The relatively pleasing state of the squad this early into pre-season is a cause for optimism. It shouldn't however exonerate the actions of those in the club who regularly make a c**t of things commercially.
  5. It's pretty crazy that the club wouldn't plan to release season tickets around the time we were announcing full-time football and various good quality signings. Surely it would make sense to try cash in on the positive mood from the fans? Unless the club has a couple more tricks up their sleeve then it defies all logic. Similarly, there's absolutely nothing on the website with information on next season's kits, i.e. release dates, prices etc. The whole footgolf situation if true wouldn't surprise me either. Lachlan berates how much he's put into the club, yet I can't help but feel he wouldn't have had to put in so much if he and/or others at the club had a better idea of how to maximise revenue. A sizeable chunk of the support on social media seem to have a stauner for the so-called commercial manager because he's often the first to break transfer news, but how many years has he been here for now? Has anyone seen evidence of a substantial improvement in the commercial side of things in that time? It's worth pointing out that the club shop and the lottery have been a couple of bright lights in amongst that, but that seems to be far more to do with those involved at ground level - many of them are volunteers or not directly employed by the club - rather than the suits in the higher reaches of the club. The reaction to this will seem a bit knee-jerk to many, however it just seems indicative of the way the club has been run for years. I'm still fairly optimistic about the playing squad for the coming season, but from a business perspective there's so many things that could be done so much better.
  6. Get it up them.
  7. Is there a helpline you can phone when your constituency goes Tory? I think I've lost the will to live.
  8. Both of Chalmydia Kid's bigoted football clubs died a hilarious death. Guess you've got to take your rage out somehow.
  9. Fleming will go with my best wishes but I'm not too upset about Hart taking over. He'll be a more than good enough replacement and he's only 21. Also re: Geggan, the Dunfermline fans all seem to agree he grew into a good right back at Championship level so I wouldn't be too upset about him starting the season there.
  10. The Tories and current Government are becoming more and more an affront to democracy as the campaign goes on. Don't expect any sort of meaningful debate with them, ask a sticky question and you'll just get shut down. Yet they'll still be returned as the largest party - likely with a majority. The number of people who'll vote for these shysters is fucking unbelievable.
  11. Wouldn't say I'm a big fan of Farron, but that Andrew Neil interview is fucking ridiculous. You'd think Nigel Farage had composed the questions.
  12. If only there were intelligence tests at polling stations, then thick c***s like you wouldn't get a vote.
  13. He is not blaming the victims or saying that our foreign policy excuses terrorism - he's pointing out the pretty undeniable fact that bombing the Middle East usually doesn't help the situation. If that upsets the New Labour, Blair apologists like yourself, then good.