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  1. Ayr vs Albion

    Genuinely wouldn't be surprised with some of the racist pish I've heard being belted out.
  2. Ayr vs Albion

    I don't care a jot about the political opinions of fellow Ayr fans. The point is that a waving a Union flag in a Scottish football ground does little but draw negative comparisons with the bigoted c***s up at Ibrox.
  3. Ayr vs Albion

    There was someone else waving a Union Flag after the first goal anaw. It was all a bit surreal. Or about as surreal as trip to Somerset gets anyway.
  4. Ayr vs Albion

    So we should all just ignore the problem and hope it goes away?
  5. Ayr vs Albion

    Assuming you didn't hear the chants of "I hope you die in your sleep"?
  6. Ayr vs Albion

    He's got a point, though. There's a particular group of fans who do little but embarrass themselves with some of the stuff they belt out. Anyone who goes to home games in a regular basis will know who they are, they always stand around the same places and - to be fair to them - they seem to be the only ones who regularly make an effort to get a sing-song going. In saying that, 90% of the stuff they come out with portrays them as little more than a group of complete cretins.
  7. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Probably referring to the time you may or may not have thrown your own shit at someone for a laugh tbh.
  8. Here come the "I'm so edgy cause I don't call out 8mile on his bullshit" yer da brigade, showing how little they care about "greenies".
  9. I'm sure Monkey Tennis will be delighted that the homeless kicking, shit flinger has given him the seal of approval. Hint: he won't be.
  10. Consistently pulling people up for swearing seems like a great way to show everyone how exciting a poster you are. Wait, so it's footballing tradition that matters most, then?
  11. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    Eh? I'll give you Firhill, but it takes roughly the same length of time to walk to Hampden as it does Parkhead (and Ibrox for that matter). In terms of public transport, Hampden and Ibrox are by some distance the easiest two to get to, then Firhill, with Parkhead lagging miles behind. There's plenty of things to slag Hampden for, but saying it's the hardest to get to from the city centre is a load of shite.
  12. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    It's easier to get to than Firhill and Parkhead. Don't be a tit.
  13. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    Not in general, just a few on this thread who are banging on about Murrayfield for the sole reason that it's easier for them to get to. No offence was intended xo The rest of your post is sound.
  14. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    The only reason you think it's a joke is because you're (presumably) from the east coast. Glasgow is the biggest city and far more of a football city than Edinburgh, there's nothing laughable about it. The east coasters championing Murrayfield because it would be easier for them to get to forget - or don't care - that it would just put the burden of travel onto those on the west coast. Solving one problem by creating another doesn't seem to be the best solution.
  15. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Creating a bit of marketing to try encourage more people to attend. The shame!