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    That won’t be many then mate [emoji23]
  2. West of Scotland Cup Semi-finals

    Diffence being last year Colville had an eye on the Scottish and might have been a bit side tracked This year I expect them to be fully focused on winning the west As this is 1 cup that has eluded them for a few years
  3. West of Scotland Cup Semi-finals

    Canter for Colville what a strike by Darren Miller
  4. Colville in the Senior Scottish

    Wow 3rd 2years on the trot give that team a coconut to be blunt you get *uck all for 3rd mate .its trophies were talking about in may . Colville do that you don't FACT
  5. Changes required for Saturday afternoon football

    What team are you with at present Ginger
  6. Colville shortlees tom

    Went to Colville v shortlees game thinking this would be a close affair. How wrong could I have been. Colville far superior in every department Short sharp passing at a quick tempo from Colville had shortlees chasing shadows If not for shortlees keeper who pulled off 2/3 worldies score could have been a lot more Shortlees missing Knapp but on Colville form knapp wouldn't have made any difference Still pre-season but Colville looking the team to beat stand outs on the day for Colville were Craig - Miller and Pearce Shortlees we're chasing shadows for majority of this game Even Das Scooter Boy will agree with this If not the das boy is deluded [emoji23]
  7. Transfer shocker

    No lies - I tell the truth Kind regards Instigator 2 [emoji23]
  8. 9v9 or 11v11

    Yes got to have a competitive edge to it as the next transition to 11's
  9. 9v9 or 11v11

    Trials in Dumfries has proved a success and now syfa having several proposals to transgress from 7's to 9's then finally 11's as the gulf between 7's and 11's is to big a gulf for majority of young 06 boys My personal opinion think it's a great idea [emoji106]
  10. Scottish Final Predictions

    Bad game to watch it . Park looks good from stand but both sets of players found it difficult to play on as surface was too dry and sticky and was difficult to get ball to control and pass smoothly Best team won IMO but poor game for a final HAMPDEN use the sprinklers wen needed wither its Celtic v Aberdeen or Colville v south side the surface needs it
  11. Physio Required - Colville Park

    So did yeez no train this week bcause yeez had a game last night So Yeez only train once a week when ye don't have a midweek game [emoji106]
  12. Scottish Cup

    Colville started the game very well taking the game to girvan as the 1st half progressed Colville were more in command with girvan very lucky to be on a level par due to dogged defending poor finishing and the luck of the crossbar Possession wise Colville were miles in front with ball on the deck short sharp passes with girvan resorting to long high balls which Colville dealt with comfortably so 1st half ended 0-0 2nd half girvan changed shape to stifle the Colville midfield and got more into the game then came the sucker goal from girvan in the end won them the tie but as a neutral you would have thought Colville were the junior team and not girvan So many positives for Colville but if u don't take ur chances u don't win games harsh lesson but that's the facts On a final note I hope the Colville keeper gets well soon and makes a full recovery Night shift Saturday night is nae good [emoji460]️

    I think you'll find it was Edu trailing at HT . Colville were never behind in this tie and if not for the Edu goalkeeper it would have been won comfortably in saying that I feel Colville will be disappointed in there play today as I've seen then play a lot better in the past

    Was pogba there I heard he arrived this week [emoji23]