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  1. I get what you are saying here and they might even hold some money back and see how we sit January and throw a bit more at the squad if needed then
  2. From what I can see Dundee United had about 28000 more fans than us through their league gates this season. If they paid an average of 15 per head that's an extra 420000 over the season. Of course they will have larger overheads and debts but it's not insignificant
  3. Just one of these years I'd like to get really excited about a signing BEFORE I buy my season ticket. When was the last time anyone was really excited about a signing? It's depressing reading the st mirren thread 're how happy they are about the squad being built
  4. Won't Inverness and Hamilton have large parachute payments meaning larger funds than their size would suggest?
  5. That's not far off the mark for me too. Maybe McKee in the centre though.
  6. I could take or leave Baird up until about half way through the season and admired his workrate. However a grand total of eight goals for our first pick striker isn't good enough. Compare that to Cummings dobbie Murray who all scored double that. He hasn't scored I think in about 14 games now and these were arguably our 14 mist important games of the season. If he's chipped in with even 4 or 5 in that period we might have gone up. Next season he'll be another year older. If he's used for cover and isn't chewing up too much in wages then I could get it especially if he's coming off the bench and not going a few but as a first or even second pick striker I think we need someone much better
  7. I hope we get some decent signing news earlier this close season especially prior to early bird offer. Appreciate our season ended later than most however rivals like st mirren already confirmed decent signings.
  8. All the very best to luke Leahy a player I liked to watch. Good in the air despite not being the biggest scorer of a lot of great goals and especially that thunderbolt against hibs which gets in my favourite top 10 falkirk goals ever. Will miss him as much as vaulks I feel. At least we have gallacher. Good luck to Bob too scored so.e really importa t goals. Agree that list could be longer would like to see Kidd and Baird on it too.
  9. Marshmallo mentioned getting a stainrod latapy type player to gel the squad and motivate the fans. Not as many characters and big game players about these days but who realistically would get you rushing out to buy your season ticket and excited about the season ahead? For me I don't think he'd leave qos for us but it would be dobbie. He scored loads this season in a team not as strong as ours imagine what we could do with someone as composed as him? He and Austin anyone? Failing that someone mentioned loy and I'd be keen to see him with Austin too.
  10. Thought again the stadium had a great atmosphere. Maybe it takes time to create a "soul" and connection. Wonder if it will get better again with a fourth stand or lose something in games like these as it definitely adds when there are no spare seats available
  11. That's what cheesed me off last year
  12. I'd be pretty disappointed at buying 3 season tickets to watch the likes of Baird and kidd again. I've always been an admirer of Bairds industry but a return of 8 league goals when he's played all season is nowhere near good enough to get out this league.
  13. Dobbie if we could get him
  14. Assuming Leahy and sibbald both go (Hope not) then I would want following squad Thompson New right back (Muirhead for back up) Centre halfs - (between Grant Watson muirhead) Left back - gallacher Holding midfield - McKee taiwo Attacking midfield - hippo craigen sign another Strikers - Austin ohara sign two others Let go wage wise McCracken (retire) Kidd Gaspo (decent but have 3 here) Kerr (Good but not the future) Baird McHugh Shepherd Miller (retire) Sibbald (Will leave) Leahy (Will leave) That's a lot of freed up wages there. We will be one of the biggest clubs next year so no excuses about budgets
  15. Baird isn't good enough