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  1. Back in training I believe so should be in time for play offs
  2. With hippo banned for two games, McKee and Watson returning from injury and many players having been rotated we surely should be fresh for the playoffs? In addition if we can bag second this weekend we could effectively have two weeks with no pressure prior to the semi
  3. I genuinely don't mind a 2 match ban for diving but if it's not consistently applied it just makes a mockery of the league for everyone
  4. Every team has players that will make the most of contact in the box most strikers do it now. The pars as one sensible fan noted earlier have a few players that like a dive all I hope is that if this precident has been set then the sfa will consistently apply it. I doubt it
  5. Baird has been in my first eleven pretty much all season his workrate is unquestionable . However when Houston says he doesn't drop players they drop themselves and a striker doesn't score, or look like scoring in 8 or 9 games then it's time for him to come on as sub. McHugh came on against st mirren and scored with his first touch and took a minute to do what Baird hasn't done in weeks. I get the start argument but there comes a point when he has to start before baird. Like someone said earlier he's a better finisher.
  6. I'm more interested in goals per minutes on the pitch than goals per starts
  7. I have no issue with players getting a two match ban for diving if that's what happened. What I have is an issue with the consistency in scottish football. What happens now do falkirk start filming our opposition at every game and submitting footage to the sfa? I remember Bobby Madden giving st Johnstone 3 penalties against falkirk thus season in twenty minutes and only one was a pen. We were told this was the new ruling and I've never seen another one this season for grappling in the box. Also refs do make mistakes where do you draw the line? We had a perfectly good winner chalked off against st mirren last week however our equaliser came from a foul on aird which was never a foul.
  8. It's been a strange season. When we list will vaulks and Blair Alston and I looked at the signings I fully expected us to finish 4th or 5th. Vaulks took our team by the scruff of the neck last yeae and drove us onwards with a never say die attitude also chipping in with some important and spectacular goals. So from that point of view it's been good. However when you look at hibs this season compared to rangers and hearts previous seasons there really was an opportunity to do better. I'm really not sure how we will do in the play offs and am loathe to build my hopes up as you say we've been here several times. What I will say is that we have more strength in depth thus season despite having potentially a better first 11 last season and we also have the experience of having been through it which I believe is important too. I don't fear Morton or United, that's not to say they aren't capable of beating us after all we haven't beaten Morton in 5 attempts thus season and while our record is good v United they are dogged and have a good home record. My fear is that it's the premiership side that tends to win out in these play offs and it's weighted in their favour. I know very little about the quality of the teams at the foot if the table. I'd prefer to draw a team with a smaller support like Hamilton than say dundee though
  9. Thompson Muirhead gaspo Grant Leahy Taiwo McKee hippo Sibbald Austin McHugh Miller to come on last 20-30 Other subs as appropriate
  10. As results stand a draw would be a very decent result for us today given we are at home to a team with nothing to play for next week and Morton and United play each other the following week
  11. How often can we offer nothing and put the same starting 11 out? Houston said he doesn't drop players they drop themselves. What does Baird do to get picked then? Another 45 mins without a shot never mind a goal. At half time we are still second as results stand. Here's to a half time change
  12. I didn't think there was any doubt Houston was going to dig in today with the same team. Baird needs to start justifying his start
  13. 1100 falkirk tickets sold still with patg tomorrow
  14. Think we could drop points here, however wouldn't be surprised if United also drop points to st mirren
  15. He's quite right