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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    very fair and accurate summary id say
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    one of the worst draws we could have got team from same league likelihood of defeat high no real money for club
  3. The big Falkirk relegation/administration thread...

    i honestly can't believe we are talking about relegation. 3 months ago I very nearly put a wedge on falkirk winning the league, thankfully something stopped me. we had an experienced manager who had taken us to the playoffs twice and a forward line of loy Sibbald hippolyte and Austin. we had cruised the betfred league stage including beating comfortably 2 teams from the championship. it's utterly bizarre how such a strong squad on paper can play so poorly. I can't see a win at all and still haven't seen us win in the league since the 1st April!
  4. I was, like many, delighted when he signed for us, however for what reason I don't know he's barely kicked a ball for us outside if a few early betfred games. he hasn't scored hasn't looked like scoring and when he does play cuts a very frustrated figure. maybe he will be happier elsewhere but one things for sure our money, to date, would have been better spent elsewhere. hindsight is a great thing though
  5. I'm going to this and the very least I'm looking for is for one player in our side just one to play really well and grab the game by the neck. I don't care who it is. some shots on target and pressure on the goalie would be nice too please Santa. I've given up on expecting wins...
  6. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I empathise with moanthebairns. even after a couple of decent seasons I thought long and hard about renewing my season tickets this year and eventually did so. my issue is not just with the way we are playing and our position in the league it's with scottish football in general. I've always been a football guy and never a rugby guy but you watch the Scottish rugby on tv at the weekend and can't help but be impressed by that sport. there's no diving timewasting or cheating. only the captain speaks to the ref. you get to hear the refs thought process on decisions. video replays, moved back for dissent. also the way doddie weir carries himself with such dignity and humility when he has a terminal illness. we have players getting banned for timewasting and abusing people with disabilities. every game you go to the refs don't clamp down on timewasting. you watch the higginbothams cardles and yes some of our own players and think I can't be bothered with this anymore. my seasons went up the programme went up (still no league table or fixtures in it despite contacting the club). on a bigger scale our game is monopolized by the old firm, we don't treat clubs that go into admin hard enough so they come back better than those that stay liquid, there's the academy project brave thing, the hampden fiasco, the inconsistency with the likes of the ohara ban, the colt teams in the challenge cup. my brother and dad were long time season ticket holders and walked away a few years ago and haven't missed it. I kept going through blind loyalty but am sorry to say next year at best I'll go to the odd game on a pay per view basis.
  7. The Falkirk FC Thread

    quite amazing that we've only won one game this season and it was away from home and smiths only game in charge with the very same squad sandwiched in between 6 games each I think managed by Houston and Hartley. Smith win % = 100 Houston and Hartley win % = 0
  8. Utd v League One Favourites Falkirk

    36pc possession and not 1 shot on target. possibly the worst stats I've seen. where do we go from here?
  9. Utd v League One Favourites Falkirk

    jim Spence saying he's never seen a side so dominated and we could be worried about relegation
  10. Utd v League One Favourites Falkirk

    3-0 down is bad enough at half time but not to have one shot at goal in 45 minutes is unforgivable. even a free kick at goal?
  11. Utd v League One Favourites Falkirk

    didn't think it was possible but we've got worse under Hartley. Miller up front on his own supported by lightweights longridge and Harris. 41 minutes 0 shots at goal only 35 pc possession 3 goals down 8 corners against embarrassing. feel sorry for travelling fans
  12. Utd v League One Favourites Falkirk

    too many lightweights in Harris gallacher longridge
  13. Utd v League One Favourites Falkirk

    following on Twitter and text which isn't easy but looks like a 15 minute mauling so far. 23pc possession 0 shots for and United have 77pc possession lots of shots one off underside of bar and 4 corners!
  14. Utd v League One Favourites Falkirk

    looking at that line up you can see why we score much less than a goal a game. we'd need to keep a clean sheet to get a result. would be shocked if we won this
  15. Utd v League One Favourites Falkirk

    ...and yet one win in twelve, yes twelve games shows we are not exaggerating