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  1. Various club name issues

    What Kansas City are they from. I’m sure the US has two.
  2. You don’t have to shout we can hear you.
  3. Road to progression

    The clubs that don’t follow the rules and rise to the top would be disadvantaged as within the pyramid all teams could pay their players.
  4. St Roch"s 2018/19

    “We are the boys from the Garngad” have a great season and keep the club at the heart of the community.
  5. 30-week league fixtures ... yes or no ?

    Get the fixtures out for the full season. It’s a no brainer if the grade wants to move forward
  6. Western Super League 2018-19

    Some great observations about stability for teams. Hopefully, that will be seen in the quality of football improving. I watched Petershill on a number of occasions last year and feel they will need to recruit well if they are to push the top 6.
  7. Whitletts v Maryhill Play-off Match Report

    Has iPhone left the building.
  8. Whitletts v Maryhill Play-off Match Report

    My father spoke of a team called Bridgeton Waverley but I’m not sure if they were a Junior or a Juvenile team?
  9. Tonight's scores 13/06/18

    You need to read iPhones comments on the Whittlets thread. He appears have amnesia
  10. Whitletts v Maryhill Play-off Match Report

    Have you forgotten who you are posting as this morning. What an amazing epitheny in 48 hours . Ha ha
  11. Whitletts v Maryhill Play-off Match Report

    Have I missed sometime here.
  12. Whitletts v Maryhill Play-off Match Report

    Good to keep their name alive every now and then on P and B.
  13. Whitletts v Maryhill Play-off Match Report

    Your right I did and if you read the thread you will realise why I did. All 4 teams used trialists and no amount of defending that will remove the bad taste it has left. Junior football in disarray just now. It may be on its last legs and as a fan of the juniors since my first game at Dennistoun Waverley in the early 60s I’m upset at that. Things have to be seen to be done properly and the play offs were an unmitigated disaster for sporting integrity and the reputation of the SJFA. I understand the passions of the supporters of the teams involved but you must recognise it was a balls up.
  14. Whitletts v Maryhill Play-off Match Report

    It wasn’t me who said there was no rules. You indicate you are “quite sure” so you will have no problems pointing me in the direction of the rules for the play offs then, so I can agree with you. Btw are you both iPhone and ayrshireno1 ? Just asking for a friend.
  15. Whitletts v Maryhill Play-off Match Report

    This from the only surviving brain donor in Ayrshire is a fine example of integrity.