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  1. Question Time

    They were all absolutely shit.
  2. Berwick Rangers 2017/18

    Certainly need at least one striker in and I’d suggest an experienced centre back, but it’s still very early in the window. I’ve seen a few on twitter saying players are ready to be signed, so hopefully we’ll see something happen over the next week. There’s clearly been issues regarding the clubs reputation and geography in the past and there was plenty thoughts in last seasons ‘post-mortems’ on here which it’s pointless repeating, but I’d like to think Robbie will be able to address a lot of the onfield problems. Despite the poor away record, I actually think we’ve over achieved this season compared to what I was expecting from the squad we have. Hopefully with 11 home games left and some signings, we can start looking upwards again.
  3. Berwick Rangers 2017/18

    I think that’s too harsh on Robbie in all honesty. The frustration of being in this 10 or so year rut cannot be held against him, so for me it’s certainly not Groundhog Day and I’m not embarrassed. The problems with the team are obvious and he’s only had 6 days of a transfer window, with two of them being game days. Expecting him to convert this group of players in to a playoff hunting force in 3/4 months is unrealistic imo. The home record has been pretty good and the away record awful, but we’ve played 11 away and 7 at home. I don’t especially find us awful to watch, but we are toothless and also lack leadership at the back. Hardly a great combination. They’re inherited problems for the manager and he’s barely had a chance yet to correct them. As for financial doom, without cup runs we’re going to make a loss. We can look at other avenues to increase income and reduce costs, like the successful sponsorship process in the summer, but we need to be realistic too. I don’t think there are many easy answers to make a club profitable at this level without someone pumping some money in.
  4. bias in the press

    And the Tories, despite running their worst campaign in living memory got 13.6m votes. They’re still about level pegging in the polls and May is still more trusted than Corbyn, despite being an absolute shambles of a government. Now, it’s generally two hardened camps and I don’t really thing the ‘you’re evil, poor us’ approach is going to get some of those who used to be swing voters across. But back to the main point about ‘boo hoo the MSM’, I hated it from the SNP supporters in 2014 before Corbyn had even come onto my radar or Momentum even existed. Even when there is a bias in the media, I’m not one for the Wings over Scotland type tactics and the constant meme attacks from strange people on social media. Skwarkbox do it now, a poisonous site promoted by the thoroughly unlikable Chris Williamson. It might motivate similar minded people to feed their anger, but I don’t think it convinces anyone else. I’ll actually give that podcast a listen. If they’re discussing things seriously and developing arguments, then I’ll probably enjoy it even if I disagree. There was an interesting podcast and article through Progress by Peter Kellner last week on low paid work and the potential for a tax on data. Didn’t agree with it all, but it’s debate and putting forward ideas and it’s interesting.
  5. bias in the press

    Not really. When Labour are electable, I’m delighted. It’s not going to come from playing the poor us card though. Despite what many in Momentum say, there’s very little actual debate at the moment. Have a quick look at some of the biggest Labour Party Facebook pages where the slightest disagreement with the leader and/or Momentum sees people blocked from the group. There’s far too much hero worship and paranoia about the ‘MSM’. It’s a political party where ideas should be discussed, not some kind of ‘get in line’ nonsense.
  6. bias in the press

    Really? He won it back in September or something and didn’t even announce it or mention it. I bet 99% of the people greeting on had never heard of the award. Paranoid idiots searching for something to feel hard done by about, again. I don’t think the people I visit day in day out who are struggling with Universal Credit give a flying f**k about his little award, certainly not as much as the new middle class membership of the Labour Party do in their little bubble. Not to mention Brexit.
  7. bias in the press

    Hilarious how every paranoid idiot in politics thinks the BBC is against their ‘side’. Skwarkbox is the worst of the new breed of anti MSM media. Pure poison and it’s utterly shameful a member of the shadow cabinet promotes it.
  8. It was actually a really good game, which you can’t say often in League 2. I think we outfought them and everyone played well, especially the keeper. McKenna is on top form at the moment. Another great performance. Let’s hope we can stay on the fringes of the playoffs until January and get a couple in to help us push on. We have our off days which we shouldn’t over react to. Robbie is doing a great job imo. Nobody can feel short changed after yesterday.
  9. Anas Sarwar

    Corbyn is no more principled than the people his supporters, egged on by his henchmen, constantly attack as ‘unprincipled careerist Blairite blah blah blah’. His supporters getting all upset with people like Murray and Umunna now, pretending they’re grandstanding and not looking at the over all impact or knock on consequences is hilarious. When the Blair and Brown governments were delivering the biggest progressive change the country had seen in decades from a moderate/centre-left position, he’d be grandstanding himself, pretending to be principled while conveniently ignoring the overall picture. He spent about 30 years not even bothering himself to be on the parliamentary committees, scrutinising the government, so their stance now criticising others is ridiculous.
  10. Oh Kez!!!

    Not the wisest of decisions and she seems to be in a ‘don’t give a f**k’ mood at the moment. That said, the amount of outrage and abuse aimed at her over this, compared to what Alex Rowley has received is unbelievable. The raging trolls and moral guardians on twitter and on Labour discussion groups need to get a grip. Clearly a lot of who she is, and not what she’s done.
  11. Anas Sarwar

    They were already to the left of the SNP.
  12. Anas Sarwar

    Wasn’t much of a choice by the looks of it.
  13. Question Time

    Terrible tonight. The Scottish woman Val was the only one who seemed to be able to get her words out. That bald guy who asked the last question was annoying me all night. Asked the exact kind of question I would expect him to ask. It was an easy one for Thornbury to hit back at immediately, but she still managed to f**k up her answer and ended up resorting to “Sweden, helllllooooo”. Depressing.
  14. Alex Salmond show on Russia Today

    His LBC shows have been fairly decent. It’s ashame he’s went down this route considering some of the comments he made about Blair.
  15. Annan v Berwick

    Agree with this. Great to see the team so hard to beat again as there were far too many embarrassing collapses towards the end under Coughlin. We’re well placed in the league to kick on and for the first time in what seems like ages don’t need to be looking over our shoulder going into each game, though as has been said let’s not get complacent. From the games I’ve seen, I don’t think there’s too much to separate the teams in this league. A good January could make all the difference.