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  1. The East Fife Thread

    Darren's maybe just waiting til the world cup's over to make a move for a striker.
  2. The East Fife Thread

    Ross Davidson looks like he's slightly annoyed at being interupted while trying to get some work done in that photo.
  3. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Duggan should be a very good signing for Raith. He's not a target man though.
  4. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Are they planning to split it out into a vertical structure in two seasons time. For example: The top 4 in each section + 5th placed team with the most points make up the 13 club EoSL 1. 2 worst 5th placed sides + all 6th, 7th 8th placed clubs + best two 9th placed into EoSL 2. Worst 9th placed club + all clubs finishing 10-13th into EoSL 3.
  5. Summer Transfer Window '18

    Being a supporter of the only club that have actually had the two of them before, that's an absolutely fucking mental opinion.
  6. The Pelé Podcast - Neil Parry

    Great stuff FF. Listened to both Bobby Barr ones and Mark McGuigan part 1. Will definitely try to catch up on the rest at some point.
  7. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    To be fair, you've not been through in a while...
  8. The East Fife Thread

    Rubbish you're only as good as your strikers. We could sign Cristiano Ronaldo but we'd be fucked if we had a backline of you, me, King Kebab and Yur maw punts cooncil. An extreme case but still, Peterhead scored 19 more goals than Montrose did in L2 last season but Montrose won the league because they had the best defence and saw out the tight 1-0s enough of the time. In L1, Albion Rovers scored more goals than Alloa but they went down because they had a rank defence and Alloa went up because they had a good one. Of course we need a goalscorer or two. I don't think anyone would be happy if this was the squad we finished up with, we're clearly still seriously short in a couple of areas. It could be worse, this time last season we were about to lose our manager and sign Paul Willis.
  9. The East Fife Thread

    Confirmed sighting: Lee Wilkie working on his short game at Wellsgreen before stopping off for a cup of tea and slice of walnut loaf at the cafe.
  10. Early league predictions

    Top 10 threads of the close season: 1. 4. 9. 13. Early league predictions 14.
  11. Early league predictions

    Airdri£ are going bust again.
  12. Early league predictions

    Typical arrogant Rovers supporter. You think you can take 12 points off us even though you don't have enough players for a full team? 10's more realistic in that scenario.
  13. Early league predictions

    Some pretty controversial predictions in there Thomas.
  14. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Oh come on be fair, I'm sure some Clyde fans have memories that stretch back as long as 9 (nine) years ago. Welcome to the new and exciting world of the League 1 forum Montrose fans. Genuinely hope you can make a good go of it this season, unless it's in any way at our expense and in that case yous can get fucked.
  15. The East Fife Thread

    I'd love to keep Pagey but with the signings of Dunlop and Meggat I think we're at a point where it wouldn't be too big a blow to lose him, and maybe that was the thinking behind the Meggat signing. I assume we're waiting to hear about Dunsmore and Watson and that they're seeing if they can get a full time deal somewhere? It'd be great to keep both of them too and if we did, we'd have a very solid looking defence, even if Page moves on, with strong competition for places. (Dunsmore - Watson/Dunlop - Meggat - Linton) is good or we could move Dunsmore and/or Linton up a big and have Kane, Watson or Meggat move to the full back positions. Especially after last season, getting the defence sorted early and building from there seems like a good move. We obviously need at least two strikers to come in and probably need at least one more attacking midfield / wing option but you'd assume the usual 2 or 3 loanees will arrive before the start of the season to cover some of those positions as well. All in all, I'm a lot calmer about the squad for next season than I was a month ago. And I think Young deserves a bit of credit for getting some good signings in early. There were a few rumours about players not getting on well with Young and he's obviously brought in guys he knows so that shouldn't be an issue next year, if it actually was last year.