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  1. East Fife v Brora Rangers

    It's Brora's benefactor's cash, allowing them to bring in experienced ex-SPFL pros, that makes them useful - population has nothing to do with it. Nobody at East Fife will be expecting a walk in the park.
  2. East Fife v Brora Rangers

    Yep. We cannot underestimate Brora or how up for this game they will be. They've shown they can beat a L1 side away from home already. I'm assuming this is the furthest they've ever been in the Cup before so the incentive for them is enormous. Same team and performance as last Saturday.
  3. The East Fife Thread

    Can you lot not contain your obsession with East Fife to the match thread?
  4. East Fife V Raith

    No East Fife fans had posted in it for days before McGuigan brought that up. A great example of Rovers' fans fantasy about beinģ obsessed over far outstripping any actual obsession.
  5. East Fife V Raith

    I'm pretty certain most East Fife fans don't give anywhere near as much a shit about Raith Rovers as most Rovers fans seem to like imagining we do.
  6. East Fife V Raith

    You're right. It's time for me to log out.
  7. East Fife V Raith

    That's great Maths right there.
  8. East Fife versus Alloa

    Mark Lamont is also kind to animals. What a guy.
  9. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    Reilly should be a very good signing for Cowden. Got a run in the team for the League cup games at the start of the season and looked excellent. It's been mostly sub appearances since then and I think a lot of of our supporters would have liked to have seen Ben get more of a chance but Darren Young obviously wasn't willing to drop Kieran Millar or Mark Docherty from central mid. I think he can play a few positions but centre mid's his best.
  10. East Fife V Raith

    Keep this P&B steakandgravy. Div will be judge, Ad Lib can defend PoF and a jury of 12 of your peers (L1 posters) will be randomly selected to decide the outcome.
  11. Stranraer FC 2017-18

    Cracking signing for Arbroath. I loved Ryan Wallace from his time at Bayview and would have taken him back in a heart beat.
  12. Blacking up

    You know what 'most' means, right?
  13. Things you want to share with P&B

    Ha. Genuinely didn't see your reply before I posted that. Great minds... f**k knows what they're looking for with these stupid questions.
  14. Things you want to share with P&B

    Obviously "join in" wasn't the answer they were looking for.