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  1. The word "victims" comes to mind
  2. I think after we were 5-0 there is a shout from the back of the stand after Wedderburn plays a ball ever so short "Wake the F*CK up Dunfermline" Think he is .net personified.
  3. Thought the first half was okay, Mvoto was clearly trolling raith vs Brechin and kept Simon murray quiet. I quite like Ashcroft Mvoto and Morris but dont think we played well enough with 5 at the back to justify it. Also no chance we will be up against a team as good as hibs next year. For a friendly i thought it had a bit of bite and was a classic lennon side with folk kicking folk when things didnt go for them.
  4. I think its from Sichuan Edit to add It's almost certainly made with Rice although could be a vodka or rice wine, I would go easy on it, hope that helps.
  5. I've done the Newcastle one, the Hampden one and the Arsenal one the Newcastle one was absolutely brilliant and is the benchmark for me nothing has come close.
  6. I was coming back from Dunfermline and this woman had her kid in a pram and it was going mental crying and screaming and her total reaction was to nudge the pram every few seconds while she played Candy Crush was tempted to ask why she had the kid if she wanted to ignore it.
  7. Lewis Spence has signed for Dundee following out release.
  8. thought Spence would have been sensible to move to Brechin and get the game time to develop like Graham. However wages are key in such a short career. Looking forward to going back to see the hedge, been countless time and always a good laugh up there.
  9. an incredible bit of business by Spence's agent fear though that Brechin would have been great move getting the football he needs to develop like Finn Graham but no doubt in such a short career it's easy to chase the biggest money on offer.
  10. pretty optimistic with Declan coming in, I expect Herron will sign today also.
  11. at least then you could go for a pee and not miss any of the game
  12. class strip, black shorts would be perfect
  13. Terrible idea which does nothing other than pander to the largest teams in Scotland, who continually threaten to leave.
  14. Out of his depth in league one a bit more of an attacking threat than Williamson but an even worse defender. May have got better while at York, however, I doubt it. Would rather have Sandy Clark at RB in the championship than Rooney.
  15. I agree that he's found it hard but I think he's been plagued by injury, really hopefully that a run in the team and a good pre season we will see a great partner for Clark up top