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  1. The Royal Wedding

    I see Elton enjoyed the American preacher, do these folk not know they are being filmed?
  2. 18/19 kits thread

    Ayr could tell the sponsor that they don't want their club associated with such an outdated stunt and the sponsor would have to agree ay Ayr United own their image rights to the strip and the badge. Glad to see that, however it's illegal to prevent a woman breastfeeding and its hardly consistent marketing - which at the end of the day is what it's all about.
  3. Dundee United 2018/2019

    He wasn't by a long shot. I think he was handy but blew hot and cold cant defend but is very good going forward. He's got more of a goal threat than McMullan but otherwise they were quite similar, I was concerned that we wouldn't be able to find a replacement for McMullan, I shouldn't have been, the manager has replaced good players before with equally good players.
  4. 18/19 kits thread

    I mentioned it at the time but Scottish football has first-class marketing all over the place most notably at Motherwell, but also in my biased opinion at Dunfermline. Using a topless woman (and man to add some kind of faux neutrality, although he's in baggy shorts and shes in a thong.) is very 1970's and markets Ayr as a joke club with no interest in getting young families or women to their games. I personally think its an odd to cut your potential customers in half before you start but that the Ayr way.
  5. What is going on here. Aird had a 1 year plus option of another year I assume him and his agent have pulled the plug on that pretty much nothing AJ could do. We couldn't offer contracts before we knew which league we would be in and the players arent going to sign up early when better terms might come along readily enough. Im happy that Ashcroft has signed a 2 year deal he was our best player by some way last year. Robinson and Craigen will no doubt prove useful additions. Lets all calm right down
  6. Arnold Clark Horror Stories

    And if that doesn't work (it probably will) just represent yourself at the small claims court
  7. I take it from that news that Paul Allan and Brandon luke have been offered deals. I liked the look of Lochead but Duthie never looked very good, hope they get a good club soon.
  8. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    If that's the nick of your hob, I'd hate to think what your carpet is like.
  9. Disgrace of Scottish TV rights

    I've had a quick skim through the thread and it's an interesting discussion but I would agree that Scotish football has been undersold to broadcasters and the broadcasters have ripped us off. There is no doubt in my mind that the days of sky are limited and when English football realises it needs cash quickly from somewhere it will turn to online services, Scotland has to be ahead of the curve and get Netflix or Amazon Prime (or our own broadcasting company, this is not something I would go for as the best option) onside, testing kit, building an audience base before traditional T.V. dies and charge them the value that its worth. Amazon only record in 4K so might be difficult to transport that type of kit to every ground but these companies are expanding much faster than BT or Sky are and sport is really uncharted territory for them. I would be really unhappy if we signed up to a deal with BT longer than 2 years and we really need to get the BBC to chip in far more than they do MOTD pay £50 per viewer which is outrageous. We should be insisting that we get BBC one coverage of games in the early rounds of the Scottish cup like in England (broadcast across the UK) as well as the 22.30 slot on a Saturday night, these measure I think would go along way to future-proofing our game and I would increase the prize pot for winning each of the divisions rather than large increases in the Premiership and modest increases in the lower divisions.
  10. Wasps -vs- Sons - The Final.

    to be fair with the size of dressing room the referees are given its hardly surprising that Dumbarton has been relegated. I actually feel for Dumbarton they have been brilliant the last few season in the championship, hope they come back soon and it means that someone else will have to do the transfers threads of the championship thanks @Sonsteam of 08 Welcome Alloa far closer trip away for us at least.
  11. Votes for prisoners

    Brilliant idea, prisons are not fit for purpose because prisoners have no say in what they are like. As long as prisoners have their liberty restricted and are being rehabilitated then anything to help that should be endorsed by all - voting it key to a civilized democracy. You can bet that no prisoner would vote of private incarceration where companies profit from people being locked up. We would also need to look at those deemed mentally ill (especially psychosis), clearly, people who commit murder or rape are not of sound mind but are deemed responsible enough to be accountable for their actions. We don't kill prisoners so giving them the vote is the next logical step of moving out prison systems into the 21st Century.
  12. Who do you want to come down?

    there were 2000 pars supports to serenade but you were as quiet as a mouse, home supports have to make their own atmosphere, as for attendances in general they are going up but we still have the same attendances per capita as the rest of Europe.
  13. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Does it all stem from United voting against allowing Sevco to join the league? Loads of clubs did, although Rangers (R.I.P) voted for Sevco to join the top division, meaning it must be a different team?
  14. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Why are Rangers fans so deliciously obsessed with Dundee United?
  15. 21st Ideas?

    pal-ing/ palling any better?