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  1. Canada

    Thanks guys
  2. Livingston v Dunfermline

    He gave an indirect free kick for offside, which was correct
  3. Livingston v Dunfermline

    Well it’s quite subjective as I’m the law states excessive force which you would imagine a silly challenge in the middle of the park over a nothing ball would result in more sending offs and challenges in the penalty box wouldn’t have as many red cards as the force required is greater as the attacked get closer to goal. But tackles are difficult because there are so many variables. However rules were it is clear the punishment such as delaying the restart (kicking, throwing or holding the ball) are all cautionable offences, as is a player following the ball out of play 10 yards away and holding the attacker off when the law states that the player must be in control of the ball, just basic stuff they should know to do their job.
  4. St Mirren to win the league

    @Big Ger Cafferty how much did you stick on your prediction?
  5. Livingston v Dunfermline

    not if they are closer than 10 yards surely? Also its a yellow card for delaying the re-start and a move of the free kick for the player being closer than 10 yards. However if its the SFA's application of the rules then you could be right as they had an odd interpretation of them.
  6. Canada

    Thanks for the advice I'm flying into and out of Toronto in early October and I was thinking of taking a few days in Montreal, are they really big on only speaking French as my French is pretty basic and would struggle if the locals don't like speaking in English.
  7. Livingston v Dunfermline

    The red card is absolute stick on not sure why Livi would waste money trying it get it overturned, another gripe of mine (as the thread seems to be the right place to moan) is players who go to take the quick freekick and then stop because the opposition player is in the way, just play it off them and get the next free kick are yard or so further forward and their player booked, you do wonder if the players have any knowledge of the rules of the game
  8. Livingston v Dunfermline

    I’m all over the place, I’m going back to the pub. Maybe he is but I would of thought there were better players you could bring in than have on loan, I don’t think that Isaac guy at Brechin is too bad just not getting much service
  9. Livingston v Dunfermline

    Did he actually [emoji23] I could of sworn he came on oh well, so it’s 3 goals on 4 starts I don’t think a striker for a team who got relegated marks you out as a team for promotion, which is the same position we find ourselves in
  10. Livingston v Dunfermline

    Why didn’t he start today? I thought that boy from Hearts was far more useful in the games earlier in the season, however I’ve only seen Livi play 3 times this season
  11. Livingston v Dunfermline

    I also hate how much protection keepers get because leading with the high knee is far more dangerous than the elbow, however, that is the modern game and for the Livingston player to react was silly. I thought the referee was hopeless today giving fouls for pretty innocuous stuff but missing out blatant infringements on both sides, how no action was taken for their 11 shoving Williamson over when he was nowhere near the ball Ill never know, this was all part of the games mismanagement by not giving out yellow cards and speaking to the players things got out of hand and some of the challenges today were outrageous. I think we should have got a penalty before halftime and my instinct watching Beadling and the Livi players challenges that they were both red cards, if excessive force is all it takes now to get sent off then they fitted the bill perfectly. Another gripe I have watching Scottish football is the referee holding his hand up when the keepers take ages to take a goal kick, just book him the first time and play on, today was a perfect example of that. I'm fairly happy with the point and I really hope Livi overtake Unt now in the league. Why Cardle wasn't brought on for Vincent I'm not sure and Willaimson didn't seem to keen to burst forward which might of cause some issue for their 6 man defense. eta Hardie really is woeful I'm surprised he washed up with you guys as he was awful with Raith.
  12. Thank god he got rid of his beard, hes only 11 goals off our top scorer over the last 10 years
  13. he's right but if he thinks doing an interview will help his cause then he is badly wrong, what a muppet
  14. Canada

    I have the option to go to one of - Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto. It would probably be a 10 day trip so staying in the city with loads to do is all I would be looking for jsut now anyone got any recommendations of the 4 cities, i'll be there late September early October
  15. Eurotunnel - Cars (and bike)

    Same price queue splits in half after security checkpoint, not sure if you can get out of your car in the commercial train