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  1. Andy Geggan leaves Dunfermline after 194 first team starts for the pars
  2. In terms of nostalgia its a real shame he's away but let's be honest there was no way he was going to be a first team regular this season but he was only a handful from 200. However its one of our bigger wages taken away from the club to bring in a quality RB and replacement CM, all the best Geggan!
  3. Didn't realise that if admin wants to delete go ahead. [emoji41]
  4. Guys left or right?
  5. Michael Moffat has joined Ayr United after three years with the pars
  6. such sad news to wake up to, fair few people still missing hope more than anything their phone is lost and they can return home safe and sound. Also since when were kids fair game, hope whoever set the device is found and then they will meet their just end in whatever prison they end up in.
  7. Really looking forward to a right good day out up in Brechin next season hoping to play you early on for a day out in the sun
  8. I'm not yet 20 but have worked in the kitchen of a small business for 4 and a half years and if I'm being honest it's really starting to drag, the guys I work with are starting to really grate with me and I'm probably being paid less than the other guy who runs the kitchen on my days off but I guess he gets more because he has a family and has held his position longer. I would really like an apprenticeship and totally change my working life but I've found little luck despite appearing at least from the feedback I've had to please the interview panels. Are these gripes and grievances normal for being in the same place of work so long I'm sure some guys on here will have a vast amount more experience than me and would be interested to hear how you guys either enjoy a settled work life or need new challenges every so often
  9. Yeh looking forward to the meeting, on the projector duty tonight [emoji28]
  10. Calum Fordyce has left Dunfermline after 2 years with us confirming the news of his personal Twitter account. Livi bound?
  11. Fordyce has gone confirming it on his personal twitter account
  12. I think he'll be fine tbh, must of done something right to end up with a couple of player of the year awards the raith fans make him sound like their worst player they were desperate to off load
  13. to be fair when we played Morton at home your defence imploded the guy is surely steady enough for the bench at this level
  14. Him and Nat strolling around against diddies trying to play long balls
  15. Guys just to be clear there is no way we are taking Gav back on loan please keep him away from East End. Thanks