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  1. Supporters council tonight guys 7pm with talks from Ross, Garry the sports scientist, Drew the newly appointed SLO and SFA and former FIFA assistant Ref to talk about his role. Hope some of you can make it along in the Purvis Lounge.
  2. Our new theme is looking brilliant cheers @Div
  3. Emergency loans

    Happy to help someone PM the info. Hope you get everything sorted soon and keep your chin up the shite will clear soon @Dindeleux
  4. No doubt my favorite away game and with the pars putting 3 past St Mirren we will be going up to Glebe Park full of confidence but I think we will have to be just as good as we were yesterday to get the full three points from Brechin who will be stuffy and have given the established championship sides a scare.
  5. Pars vs St Mirren

    Really good performance yet again from Dunfermline cutting through St Mirrens defence was almost as easy as getting into the ground not sure what happened to the rest of you? Also nice to see Hawk still can't score. I expected Smith to be decent but he was fairly useless, is he going to be like Reilly and get punted in the summer?
  6. Pars vs St Mirren

    ground opens at 2. I think tickets can be bought from the club shop from 10 not sure when the ticket booths open.
  7. Tipping

    That sort of stuff I would tip but amazon parcels and the like wouldn't tip
  8. Tipping

    I assume all the references to delivery drivers is the guys with food. Does anyone tip couriers which essentially the same job and probably receive even less money
  9. Tipping

    As a recipient of tips, it is genuinely appreciated but being honest so is dealing with people who aren't aresholes. Also where I work we share the tips amongst everyone on including the bakers waiters and chefs. I'm changing jobs at the end of the month though where I'll get more money for fewer hours and weekends off
  10. I actually quite like it prefer the coloured chat bubbles over stars in threads you've contributed to.
  11. well be back enjoy the black and white wall paper
  12. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    hadn't heard Alex Rae before this afternoon is it the guy who was a manager? How did he get that gig he can't string a sentence together.
  13. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    we've been looking like we just switch off after 2-0 so that needs to be addressed we can't just have a good start and sit back, hopefully, it's a big reality check for the players and staff this season won't be an easy season
  14. Quick Question Thread

    I got one from eBay but 'Music Magpie' with a one-year warranty it was great and I got a cheap as chips sim only deal.
  15. How much is your hoose

    I'm hoping to make it till I'm 104 to see in 2100 so my pension will need to be tip top and hopefully, my own house will have a Stenna built in. Might all be up in smoke if Kim and Trump start a fight.