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  1. My hope is that we appoint someone with a bit of experience and that Dalziel goes. Not entirely hopeful . The suggestion by Dalziel that they take their time seems to be the case but is ridiculous if we are to sign any decent players.
  2. Yes, I agree. Brown must be hoping to sign. Equally, the suggestion that someone (presumably Leitch) refused to play because he didn't have a contract is ludicrous.
  3. You're now saying a player refused to play because he hadn't signed a contract. Sound a bit off to me. Doesn't exactly improve his chances of getting a contract with that attitude.
  4. Brown obviously hasn't signed a contract as he was listed as a trialist.
  5. Wasn't at today's game. No doubt someone will give a report in due course. Worried to see that it appears that none of Brown, Stewart or Leitch appear to have accepted offers yet. There has been much debate on here as to the merits of the 3 individuals which I won't repeat here but the important point seems to me that the fact that none of the offers have been accepted could be a reflection of what we are offering. Does not auger well for other signings.
  6. Team and subs announced on website. No Ryan but this not necessarily significant. More worryingly no Brown, Stewart or Leitch. Fitzpatrick playing. Got surprise to see Russell's name but presume it is the youngster.
  7. One of the most crucial things this year is the extent of the budget. It has been said that TW is continuing to fund the Club but the extent of this has to be open to question particularly bearing in mind that it is presumed Wilson left because he had no money to spend. To be honest I can't see why TW would want to continue to fund the Club unless he feels some moral obligation to fund those who signed 2 year full time contracts last year.
  8. As previously stated no experienced manager worth his salt will work under a DOF. Getting rid of Dalziel is crucial. On a favourite hobby horse of mine why do the Club leave it to the Trust to tell us what is happening?
  9. It's also been reported that on Saturday the players will be wearing masks so the fans won't know who they are.
  10. Yes, I'm aware of the problem of going part time when we have full time contracts. In fact, I pointed it out previously. Reading TW's statement when he chucked it I took from that that he had to spend more than he bargained for. I think that the club is in considerable financial difficulty. I'm sure we'll be part time as soon as it is possible.
  11. There was supposed to be a meeting between the Ballantynes and the Trust. I assume this hasn't happened yet?
  12. Add to that - are we staying full -time, going part-time, a mixture of both or nobody at the club knows?
  13. Again, not trying to fight so please don't abuse me. I totally agree about the lack of news but can you explain a bit more your third paragraph about the fans running the football operation on their own.
  14. I don't think there will be any problems getting a manager. Everybody thinks they can manage. Given the signs, the real problem will be getting any decent players.
  15. Understand the first two parts but what's the bit concerning the players based on?