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  1. Difficult to know what is or is not happening at Airdrie. My understanding is that Ballantyne asked Trust for £10k but they refused.
  2. Totally agree about Aitchison. As a club we are getting a reputation for treating people badly. Anyway, maybe this time next week we'll have a manager?
  3. From the look of the team I think one of the trialists may be a forward. Russell is not on the bench. I think from recent weeks and the timing of his substitutions that he may well be injured. A few of the players playing today won't even know each other!
  4. Help! We've run out of forwards.
  5. The 2 Motherwell loanees have been added to the squad on the official site but still no mention of the second Hamilton guy. Possibly fallen through?
  6. I doubt if that's correct. We now have 3 loan players from Well. If we play all our defenders tomorrow we might scrape a 0-0 draw!
  7. Can anyone throw any light on the fact that Hamilton have reported that we have taken 2 players but 24 hours on we only acknowledge one?
  8. I don't know. If it was only Aitchison my theory is wrong unless different rules apply for different competitions (unlikely).
  9. We have to hope that other signings are to follow. By my reckoning we have to have another coach in the dugout on Saturday.
  10. I think the truth lies somewhere between the two. Stewart's main good point is that once he gets going he can go on exciting runs which nobody else in our side can do. However, at right back he is a poor defender. His distribution is also pretty bad. However, he is worth persevering with. Not sure we know what his best position is.
  11. I absolutely agree with you that communication from the club is terrible. However, it is uncommon these days for a transfer fee to be disclosed at this level and how much TW wants for his shares will never be in the public domain. The worst level of communication is the situation surrounding manager/coach.
  12. The wording of the announcement suggests it is a straightforward signing rather than a loan signing. He was a big strong lad. However, I hope he isn't the last signing. We need signings all over the park.
  13. At last, a signing. Jordan MacGregor.
  14. Just a small point. Mackay-Steven was recovering from injury and only signed till the end of the season. Therefore, we didn't get any money for him.
  15. Some of that is fair comment. I accept that JB puts people off by his manner. You didn't say that TW left because of JB in so many words but I assumed that this is what you meant by saying that JB pissed TW off. I feel that you are being a bit unfair in expecting JB to rumble TW. TW had a history of being involved in sports sponsorship and was not an obvious fly by night. Remember too that as the majority shareholder TW could do what he liked. For example, JB couldn't have stopped the appointment of King if he wanted to. With regard to what affection JB has for the Club, he must have been having the most awful hassle in the last couple of months. He must be hell of a feart of his sister to put up with that if he has no feelings for the Club! Anyway, as often is the case, we differ. Hopefully, this time in a civilised manner.