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  1. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Great post. I had a good chuckle. You are of course correct. It's time I left this site to the grown ups. Look forward to reading some good stuff in the coming weeks.
  2. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    I normally let your nonsense go by but this time your arrogant hypocrisy requires comment. You back up a post telling me to shut up and let the 2 new posters speak. However, earlier today you separately let rip with a foul mouth tirade separately at both these new posters in terms which would have got you thrown out of any reputable establishment. What a hypocrite.
  3. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Everyone's getting a bit techy today caused by one or two new posters coming on here to upset people. Calm down. The new directors are being done no favours by the new posters and the more I read the posts they are winding folk up (successfully).-
  4. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    I think SL Airdrie's post was a deliberate attempt to stir people up. Either that or naive in the extreme.
  5. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Give the guy a break. I am as confused as everyone else but slagging him off as soon as he is appointed is unfair.
  6. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Thanks for the info none of which I dispute. However, I don't see what benefit there is to Ballantyne to surround himself with puppets. Power in the company rests with who holds the shares. If the Ballantynes own say 20% shares the new guys will not be increasing Ballantyne 's shareholdings. With TW having backed out Ballantyne makes the decisions and the appointment of two puppets doesn't alter the position one bit. Maybe someone has spotted something I can't ?
  7. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    From my previous post it is obvious that I don't know who these guys are. If they have some money behind has to be potentially a good development but I would guess that it doesn't make the removal of the Ballantynes likely.
  8. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Who is "Blubsy"? Is that a good thing or bad thing?
  9. Ayr United v Airdrieonians

    Really? The home crowds done agree with this.
  10. You'd probably be better off with two or three.
  11. Ayr United v Airdrieonians

    Maybe it's too early to be saying this but is it possible that Findlay is moulding us into a half decent team? That's 3 reasonable performances in a row. I hope McGregor isn't too badly injured. He's become the main man in our defence.
  12. Ayr United v Airdrieonians

    Is English your second language?
  13. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Beat me to it. There's a largish item on the BBC website. Wonder whether this will affect their ability to pay our loanees' wages?
  14. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    A nice theory but good luck in finding Airdrie fans signing to pay 2K.
  15. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    I totally agree with this. As I have previously said although I am as sick as anyone about our situation there is absolutely nothing ordinary fans can do. All we can hope for is for TW to drop his asking price to a level which those waiting in the wings can cope with.