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  1. Just to be clear, my post was a joke. I sincerely hope Redandwhitearmy's was as well.
  2. Yes, I heard that too. With Big McLeish as assistant.
  3. Possibly, but Gorman's recent displays have been so bad that he had to be dropped. His performance against Livi was just awful.
  4. We played some real rubbish last year as well. Lost 4-0 at Stranraer. We also had some overly defensive set-ups. I remember losing 1-0 at home to Ayr when notwithstanding the score we played with only Lister up front and nobody else crossing the half way line. I had rarely been so depressed at my team. The difference this year I suppose is that going full time we expected better. I believe that we might have got it if management issues had been handled competently.
  5. I wonder how our current team would cope with MacDonald's man marking system. They'd probably end up trying to cover each other instead! Happy memories. I remember the day at Fir Park when Davie Cooper was so fed up with Sandy Stewart's presence over 85 minutes that he turned and kicked him. He then waved to the ref and ran off the park without waiting for the inevitable red card!
  6. I'm in a minority and will get slated but I'm entitled to my opinion. I'd keep Ryan, Russell, Brown, Conroy, Leitch, Stewart and McIntosh. Possibly Mac Donald if he could learn to tackle. Between them Ryan, Russell and Brown have scored 39 goals this season which is exceptional. Russell may have scored a lot of penalties but he would have scored even more goals is he wasn't played constantly out of position. Brown has scored 8 with about 10 assists and is the best passer of a ball in the team. Sure he craps out of tackles but why can't folk see the good points in his game? Conroy is excellent, Leitch good in patches and worth persevering with. McIntosh and Stewart are promising. Out of step with most people I know, but I'm entitled to my view. One thing I do agree with everyone is that we won't get anywhere until we get rid of Dalziel.
  7. I think that apart from Ryan there are a few good players worth keeping. At the start of the season we looked like a good attacking team which was held back by a bad defence. Thinks have disintegrated since then because of the management goings on. When this happens players (particularly young ones) lose confidence and instead of playing nice football a lot of the players treat the ball like a hot potato. I am concerned that we might slip back into the relegation fight but as I have posted elsewhere I don't think we'll get rid of the management team this season. Depressing times.
  8. You've touched upon a taboo subject. You're not allowed to criticise Ferguson. In my view he's as bad as the back four in giving goals away. Based on a good display in a cup tie last year I think T W say a £ sign and we've had to pay the price. Now just wait for the abuse!
  9. They shouldn't have been appointed in the first place but sadly I think they'll last out the season. I hope I'm wrong but their sacking now would leave TW thinking he would be admitting he's made one mistake too many.
  10. I'd agree with that line up except if we're going to have 2 genuine strikers it must be Russell instead of McKay. Russell's totally wasted on the wing but I'm sure he still have goals in him as a striker. McKay is out of his depth just now although he may be a good player down the line.
  11. Boateng! Agh! I heard he is injured which may well be right or surely he would have been on the bench on Saturday, unless he's gone in the huff. All I can say is to keep fingers crossed that McGregor is fit!
  12. This is worse than the Airdrie v Livi thread and that takes some doing!
  13. Amazing how people see players differently. Brown has had 4 "assists" since the Rovers game including 2 superb passes to Ryan which I doubt if anyone else in our team could do. Worth having a player like that as it's goals that count. If we have 2 up front it must be Russell ahead of MacKay. Russell can't play as a winger any more but I'm sure could produce goals as a striker. I've no doubt MacKay will be a good player some day but at the moment he's just a big laddie a bit out of his depth.
  14. I would find it embarrassing for the pair of them to be at a Q and A. What can they say which will assure anyone? Much better to wait for them to be sacked and TW can bring along the new manager!!