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  1. Alloa v Airdrie

    You don’t like me do you? You’re always picking my posts. Macdonald was primarily responsible for the goal but the ball did go between Muir’s legs. Even if it was going quite fast I reckon most keepers would be disappointed at losing a goal like that. I haven’t seen enough of him to disregard him but I thought the 2 incidents on Saturday were disappointing
  2. Alloa v Airdrie

    I was impressed by Muir v Stranraer but not so impressed yesterday. Second goal was through his legs and then there was hesitation in coming out which nearly gave Alloa the winner. Early day, but maybe the quest for a decent keeper continues?
  3. Alloa v Airdrie

    There was a thread about this game earlier today. It seems to have disappeared.
  4. Airdrie v Stranraer

    A difficult watch tonight but at least it’s 3 valuable points which on another night might have gone against us. Not many players were great tonight but on the positive side I thought Muir was calm and assured in goal. Scott Stewart had the worst game I ‘ve ever seen from him. Touch of an elephant tonight and quite rightly substituted. Let’s hope it’s a one off. i thought that substituting Carrick with MacGregor at the end was unduly negative.
  5. Airdrie v Stranraer

    Well, that’s the team announced. As far as a I can see only 5 changes from Saturday!
  6. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    I don’t think Findlay went as far as saying he wanted to sign Watt. I think he said he would be keeping an eye on developments at the end of the season. Now that we have more players, it is inevitable that some will miss out. Everyone will have their ideas as to who it should be. For next season I don’t rate either McGregor or Brownlie and hope that we strengthen there. Like most people I was surprised as to the extent of the changes on Saturday which to me was more than squad rotation. I was surprised at O’Neill and Duffy being left out and gobsmacked at Adam Brown starting. I agree that Findlay doesn’t rate McIntosh. I have mixed views on him. He has good basic skills but is too easily brushed aside. But is he any worse than the centre backs we have? I sincerely hope our home form brings a win tomorrow.
  7. East Fife v Airdrie

    I think our defending looked pretty poor all round. It seems to me that panic sets in. We need a couple of experienced heads but I’m sure the manager knows this. I’d still like to know the reason for all the changes.
  8. East Fife v Airdrie

    Absolute sickener. At least Forfar and QP lost again so little danger of relegation. It’s too early to be throwing the good feeling away. We have 9 games left 6 of which are at home so hopefully we can pull ourselves up the league a bit. The big test will be the signings made at the end of the season. Several of them are needed! Will be interesting to hear Findlay’s reasons for the major changes in the line up today.
  9. East Fife v Airdrie

    Just seen the Airdrie team. That’s what I call a shake up! I reckon 5 players dropped.
  10. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    At the Q and A Findlay said that an experienced central defender was due to sign for us during the widow but went elsewhere at the last minute. So certain we will be targeting that area for next season. In fact I would be looking for two. I don’t rate either of the existing ones if we are looking to improve.
  11. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Happy that Conroy has signed up. Struggled a bit this season with young team but if we strengthen elsewhere I’m sure he could be a key man. Like the last poster not excited about MacDonald. A poor defender. Quite good going forward but final ball is often poor. Maybe we were influenced by the fact that left footed defenders are thin on the ground.
  12. Airdrie v Stranraer

    You can’t win with some people. Don’t know what it’s like in Stranraer but it’s murder up here. Snow was above my wellies in the garden this morning! It’s not just the pitch that has to be taken into account. It’s also the approaches to the stadium and car parks. Absolutely the correct and inevitable decision and in my view the Club have to be commended for the early decision.
  13. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    I listened to Findlay's discussion of the goalkeeping situation last Monday and saw some sense in it. He said that Ferguson was playing well enough to be selected. However, there is another side to it. Ferguson won't be here next year and we need to find out how Muir performs if we are considering extending his contract. Given Ferguson's mistake yesterday I'd give Muir a couple of games now. I don't think we're in any serious danger of relegation now.
  14. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Great news about Stewart. Will be interesting to see who else of the existing players follow. Will be a good pointer about how high we are aiming next season. There are several positions where there is room for improvement.
  15. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Were you there? If so, why didn't you ask awkward questions? Granted it was a bit of a "love in" but I'm struggling to see what awkward questions there were to ask. I have not heard any suggestion that the people now running our Club have anything other than the good of the Club at heart. The reps of the Club were clear as to their plans and seem to me to have done all the right things so far. Until they mess up surely they deserve our support? With regard to the reference to social media, the only thing I can remember was Findlay saying he was an Airdrie supporter although he was beginning to wonder having read social media. I presume he was referring to the suggestion on here that he was a Celtic man.