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  1. I've never been happier on hearing about suspensions!
  2. Cheers El Gringo. I initially thought the ref was booking their forward for kicking the ball out of Ferguson's hands!
  3. Having watched the highlights I am still at a loss to understand why Conroy was booked. Can anyone enlighten me?
  4. Getting a bit personal but I didn't know TBM and Cooper know each other. Do you sit near each other? If so, do you shout abuse at each other during the match? Would be worth the admission fee to see. Where do you sit?
  5. Yes, I thought Conroy was our best player with Ryan and Leitch not far behind. Conroy put in a huge effort. Funny how people see thing differently. Stewart also played well although he has the first touch of an elephant. Once he gets the ball under control he's good.
  6. Our first goal was a treat to watch as was Brown's screamer against the Rovers. We have scored several lovely goals this season and that's why it's so annoying to see the rubbish at the other end of the park.
  7. I think it's too early to write Wilson off. Firstly, he inherited the team. Secondly, I'm sure efforts are being made to improve the defending in training but I've come to the conclusion that some of the players don't have the ability to carry out instructions, For example, Boateng constantly watches the ball rather than the man he is supposed to be covering. What amount of coaching could cover MacDonald stepping out the way to allow the goalscorer a free header?
  8. King K. It's not funny at all. You were 2-1 up because we can't defend for toffee.
  9. DaF. Can't disagree with that. That's why I was disappointed that we only had 2 up front today. Although Russell has been disappointing in some respects in my view he should be in the starting 11 and playing up front together with Brown and Ryan. In a number of matches they have played very well together.
  10. I thought all the corners we got at the start of the second half were all well taken and led to several good chances which we lacked the heading ability to convert. Also Brown had a great shot brilliantly saved. Also there was a chance which Russell (?) should have converted. East Fife weren't in it in the second half until we gifted them their second goal.
  11. Being 19 has nothing to do with it. If's he's good enough to play in the first team he's not exempt from criticism. When the first goal went in the guy sitting next to me(who I don't know) turned to me and said "that goalie's a f....... waste of space" so I'm not alone.
  12. Difficult to know what to say about this match. Airdrie should have won easily. How we failed to convert one of the 5 or so corners in a row was pathetic. Can nobody in our team head a ball cleanly? Didn't really understand the set up. Seemed more like a formation for an away game. Some of the players didn't seem to understand it either. Brown was running about as if he didn't know where he should be in the first half. I believe that starting a home match without either Russell or Mackay in the starting line up is a backward step. Both goals were preventable. Lots of players at fault for first goal with Ferguson (who you're not allowed to criticise) rooted to his line not for the first time this season. For the second goal our defender (MacDonald?) stood back and allowed their guy a free header. Wasn't greatly impressed with East Fife who's time wasting was chronic and ignored by the ref. One thing I feel is that if East Fife have gone 6 games winning, in this league if we can sort out the defence we should make the play offs.
  13. You surprise me.
  14. Not commenting on the suitability or otherwise of Mensing but if he does sign presumably he'll need international clearance? If so, he probably be available from April!
  15. If you go on to the O/S there is a section about sponsorship. It gives you Douglas Alsop's email address.