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  1. Yes, all last night's nonsense started from your innocuous question!!
  2. In an attempt to change the subject Sir Elton has been seriously ill and is cancelling appearances all over the place. Stadium owners must be getting anxious.
  3. Have you been drinking or are you just trying to be funny? Either way, have a lie down.
  4. Although I had no idea what it was about at the time a number of people around me laughed. Now that I know what it was about I'm all for it. It's a bad day when humour is frowned upon. Most of the fun in watched Airdrie was taken away when Bo was dropped!
  5. I think Wilson is poor but what else can he say at an interview? He can't swear and he couldn't possibly say we were good. "Disappointing " is about the only non rude word he can use. He must dread the interviews but hopefully his ordeal will soon be over. If he gets retained next year maybe he can swot up some new words.
  6. I have tried to remain hopeful against the evidence of my own eyes but yesterday was as depressing as anything this season. A big game but no atmosphere. Alloa strolled around going through the motions and all we could do was run around like headless chickens chasing shadows in the first half. Maybe on the balance of play we might have got a draw eventually but what does it matter? Promotion with this lot and the present management team would be an embarrassment. Is it too much to hope that TW is getting a new manager in place for an overhaul next season?
  7. Apart from the goal, Ferguson played quite well today. The only other player I would give pass marks to is Mensing! Everybody else was rotten. I really don't want this team to get embarrassed by reaching the playoffs.
  8. I never take my car but there is a charge. I think you can park across the road for nothing.
  9. Alloa, having qualified for the playoffs, will probably rest some players. Difficult to know how this will affect them. I think it is more how we will play that matters. We can lose to anyone in this league and win against anyone (apart for Livi). Toss a coin. Surely by the law of averages our defence is due a reasonable performance some time.
  10. It was another seriously poor attempt at humour. If it gets you to make an abusive post I count it as worthwhile. You seem unable to resist the temptation.
  11. I don't know how good a goalie coach big John is but he certainly had a unique style as a player. I wonder how this would translate into coaching. How many goalies would react well to being told to dive and get kicked in the head and to come out to the edge of the penalty box to collect crosses? !
  12. Did he not have injury problems at Hamilton?
  13. I think there may have even a touch of irony in Diamond Oracle's post. The clue was in the last sentence.
  14. Probably mostly rubbish. However, I won't be surprised if Ryan leaves. Bound to get an offer for him. Would be bad to lose him but if we got sufficient money to sign a few decent players might be bearable. Anyway, that's why TW started a full time team.
  15. Apologies. Read it differently. However, the general principle of what I said applies. Hope your gran has a happy Easter.