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  1. Seems to me there is something to say- who owns the club? In my view in the long run more important than individual deals for players.
  2. If TW remains Chairman I cant see him letting Ryan go cheaply. i have to say that I am becoming disgusted by the way the fans are being treated by the club. 9 days on from the end of our season and not a cheep on anything. I don't mind watching a team which plays a lot of rubbish but I'm, at this late stage of my supporting my team, getting cheesed off by the contempt being shown to us by the club.
  3. Pretty gloomy picture but I fear I agree with it. To me who is the owner is every bit as important as who is the manager. If the owner turns out to be someone with no money to spend I fear the club will sink even lower. The deafening silence on everything is pretty grim and shows little respect for the fans. Even an announcement as to who is released would be better than nothing.
  4. No, he's rubbish. Not worth taking a chance on him. Just leave him to score another 27 goals at Airdrie.
  5. Why did you delete it? I thought it was a worthwhile post.
  6. Bring on a chartered accountant!
  7. Alloa, Raith and Ayr in our division next season. Oh dear!
  8. Yes, absolute crap game.
  9. Stu, Destroyed by Madness has a long running feud with me. Recently I posted that I thought Hutton had been ok for us and of course DBM was quick to point out what an idiot I am. A more balanced view is that Hutton has split the fans. Some think him poor whereas a number of people I have talked to think he's been fine. They are probably idiots as well. Andy Ryan has been superb. Obviously I want to keep him but I'm sure he could step up to the Championship well.
  10. I appreciate that this is only yet another rumour, but, if true, it's a step back towards the bad old days.
  11. In my opinion, which is obviously wrong, he was ok . Couldn't shoot but good at breaking up the play. In my opinion, again which is obviously wrong, he was the best player on the park in the first play off game. In my opinion, again wrong, he was a better signing than Schmidt, Bo, Mackay, Leitch, Mensing, Scullion and possibly MacDonald.
  12. I heard at the time that Dalziel set up the Hutton deal. He wasn't everyone's cup of tea but we've made a lot worse signings.
  13. I told you. People whom I have spoken to who I consider are in a position to know what they are talking about.
  14. The rumour goes a lot further than the internet. I personally am not "in the know" but a number of people who I would consider are "in the know" have told me has sold out. I don't want to believe it but I believe that one way or another an announcement on this occasion is justified.
  15. I've not known what to believe since the rumours started. I want TW to remain as I consider the alternatives likely to have less money to commit. If TW remains we may not hear much. It's obvious that he's fallen out with the fans.