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  1. Irvine Meadow X1 v Dunbar Utd

    Great result for medda what a bitter twat darvel legend is stick to your own mob pmsl
  2. West Region summer transfer speculation 2017

    Still got plenty up top 4 strikers if you count andy
  3. West Region summer transfer speculation 2017

    McKenna away to Renfrew for a month's loan n wee Kenny away to neilston for a month's loan
  4. West Region summer transfer speculation 2017

    None leaving milky defo not different type of player I'd keep them all til end of season but Davie might wanna leave might not get best out the legend this season after year and a half out
  5. West Region summer transfer speculation 2017

    Andy Reid re-signs for the mighty welcome back to a club legend
  6. McBookie's Betting Odds Sat 6th January

    Don't see many games surviving the rain in west
  7. West Region Cup Committee

    Not league games
  8. Junior Derby. Who are your biggest rivals.

    Did Irvine vics not stop kilwinning winning all 7 trophies in 98/99 so maybe that's what upsets buffs fans [emoji49][emoji49]
  9. West Region 6th & 13th January

    I cud do it too not hard but weather and Scottish cup makes 70 per cent unachievable
  10. West Region 6th & 13th January

    Did anyone actually think he would achieve this I for one knew he wouldn't and I bet I'm not alone also including clubs who voted for him
  11. Today's results.

    Not since super league days but Talbot did it twice in 80s I'm sure with Ayrshire league and kilwinning definitely did it in 99 they also won the league cup and both Ayrshire cups
  12. Today's results.

    Why would beith be glad i never found the glens arrogant
  13. West Region Cup Committee

    What's this post about
  14. West Region restructuring play-offs - format ?

    Kilwinning came back from the districts as well beith and pollok came back from relegation to play each other in Scottish cup final glenafton have also been relegated in recent times as have cumnock and meadow they are all along with Talbot the bigger teams in ayrshire
  15. Scottish Cup Weekend

    I have no confidence that the league cup and evening times will be scrapped we gotta get the 3 rounds of Scottish played before end November to stop this Scottish cup takes precedence nonsense we have just now affecting the league how many games has glenafton played