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  1. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    Yeah they have a great signing for the mighty
  2. Opposition required

    The season starts the Saturday before that
  3. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    Considering 40 of the west clubs are out with ayrshire bit perochial to mention Ayrshire and not the west as a whole
  4. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    Also sign Steven noble played previously with Peterhead and Stirling
  5. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    Beith sign John Middleton from Barrhead u21s
  6. 30-week league fixtures ... yes or no ?

    Plenty bad points either way if everyone moves where is the money coming from that the teams get just now if you add another 130 teams to the pyramid how many teams will actually work toward a licence and how many will the sfa dish out staying is pointless as a wosfl will happen sooner rather than later as long as it is not run by current incumbents then it could actually take off I just feel it’s rush rush rush this is an important issue I just hope they get it right or some clubs will fold
  7. 30-week league fixtures ... yes or no ?

    19/20 there will be a complete fracture of the juniors which cud even finish it as a grade how many of the supporters of junior teams also follow an spfl team so there is a chance we will lose fans if teams progress I’d like to see the sfa n spfl or whoever it is organise the pyramid correctly as of now it’s a rush job and for me it’s not my cup of tea
  8. 30-week league fixtures ... yes or no ?

    If it involved common sense there wudnt be a split
  9. 30-week league fixtures ... yes or no ?

    Haha you joking just look at the West and a 12 team league
  10. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    This working group was set up last year the fixtures secretary job stinks of jobs for the boys if mr Robertson is still in charge of the fixtures would the last person out turn the lights out on junior football in the west
  11. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    It shud of been sorted months ago it’s a disgrace nae wonder 121 clubs voted to join the pyramid I’d rather stay junior but the way the fans are being treated is abysmal
  12. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    What a shambles a month before season starts we don’t know what cups are being played for who will be general secretary although SR a shoe in now they taken fixtures of the job and created a fixtures secretary post and who is going to be fixtures secretary impossible for the guys who applied to go in there with a complete fixture timetable as they don’t know what cups are still being played
  13. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    When is the west agm
  14. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    Calderglen afc
  15. Kenny Mclean

    How many players have scored 200 goals for a junior club most of it in the top division you will be surprised what the top scorer is each season