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  1. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Got to say, no cover for Rose fans when we come isn't great. And every ground for a club of Bo'ness' size should have some seating, even if just for the old boys.
  2. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    People should stop saying Juniors is a lower grade of tier than LL, EoSL or SoSL. It's not in the senior set-up, so it's not above or below. It's parallel.
  3. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    Stranraer have only broken the 500 mark twice this season - both time against Ayr, who brought a big travelling support. Last month I paid £15 to watch Stranraer play Albion Rovers in front of 3 men and a dug. I couldn't believe the dozen or so Albion Rovers fans were segregated behind a fence and two stewards. There's no need for that shit and you don't get it in the Juniors. Stranraer have a nice modern stand, but only because of generous grants thanks to their league status, and from D&G Council. It was built in the mid 90s and they only had to chip in £150,000. Clubs like Linlithgow and Talbot built their stands without that help.
  4. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    The 10 SPFL clubs you're regionalising there, plus the clubs above them at risk of being relegated to that level at some stage, are strongly opposed to regional football at that level. They'd rather Tier 5 was national than Tiers 3 and 4 were regional. Until that changes there is precisely 0% chance of a integrating Juniors with Seniors. The only way integration will come about is if enough Junior clubs for whom the set-up isn't working drift across, weakening the Juniors enough to make the rest want to jump. If any two of Bo'ness, Bonnyrigg or Linlithgow go it would probably start a stampede in the East. Personally I'd rather stick with what we have than sign up to the current pyramid. Good luck to Dalkeith, it's sad to have further division between the Midlothian clubs but in the absence of organised structural change they're right to do what's in their best interests.
  5. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    I hoped he would be an upgrade on Kelbie. He's actually been worse. Poor touch, little game intelligence, doesn't cover much ground. I've no idea how he got to play league football.
  6. Community Club?

    Ah, I didn't realise Edinburgh Uni had any regular fans. I played against them at Peffermill when I was at Glasgow Uni, but obviously that was inter-uni football and only the saddest of the sad watch that.
  7. Community Club?

    I don't think Cumbernauld are particularly trying to get the locals to come along and watch the big teams - helps that they have a women's team too - but it's a team with the same name as the one the kids play for, in the big stadium beside the pitches where they play. Who's driving from Partick to Alloa cos their kid plays for BSC Glasgow? I don't accept BSC can't find a pitch in Glasgow. What's the sticking point, their massive home support?
  8. Community Club?

    That's dodging the point entirely. I'm asking you to explain why Edusport belong in the pyramid and Celtic U20s (not 21s) don't.
  9. Community Club?

    Four clubs in the LL play closer to Glasgow than BSC Glasgow. Sorry, but it's ridiculous to claim they can't find a suitable ground closer to Broomhill that Clackmannanshire. Scotstoun, Renfrew, New Tinto Park, Petershill, Greenfield, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow Green, Lesser Hampden, Maryhill, Barlia, Holm Park... that's all off the top of my head. I'm sure I could come up with plenty more with a bit of research. Are you honestly telling me not one of them is available? Even New Douglas Park, K Park, Broadwood or Dumbarton would be better. I don't care how many play for BSC "Glasgow", that doesn't give them a community. That makes them a children's sports club. If the answer to "what is your football club for" isn't "to give our community a football team to support" then it can't be more than a really good youth club.
  10. Community Club?

    "they belong at whatever level their on-field performances take them to. that's how it works." Explain to me how that applies to BSC Glasgow and Stranraer Reserves but not Celtic U20s.
  11. I was there for a pre-season friendly, no bag search IIRC but I was very late. Couldn't find the damn place, tucked down a lane with no sign! Have to say I like Ferguson Park immensely, good sized and comfortable stand (very welcome on a ludicrously wet afternoon) and lined with very handsome mature trees. Why are there so many good non-league clubs in Midlothian?
  12. Community Club?

    The only home fans the uni clubs get are friends of the players. Besides, you're comparing Tier 5 clubs, theoretically placed 43 to 76 in the national pyramid, with smaller Junior sides. I'd be amazed if there were more than three or four clubs in the East and West Superleagues than didn't get more fans every week than all but three of four in the LL.
  13. Community Club?

    The people who set up EK wanted to provide a decent level of football for the people of the town. There's deliberately an attempt to create a club as part of the community. They're trying to get locals to come and follow the team. They're more like Livi. The other two were only established only to give regular football to the boys who've outgrown the youth set-up and not found other clubs. Cumbernauld are accidentally developing a bit of a community because they have loads of boys and girls throughout the age grades involved, and their families get interested too. My niece plays for them. They're also more rooted in Cumbernauld than Clyde are. As for BSC "Glasgow"... if they were playing games in the west end of Glasgow, then fine. Playing in Alloa shows they have no interest at all in being part of a community. As a big guy once said, football without fans is nothing. When you're not even trying to attract any...
  14. Community Club?

    Premier League Colt teams in the pyramid then? You happy with that too?
  15. Junior Club allegiances (Or lack of)

    I grew up in Glasgow as a Celtic fan with a soft spot for Queen's Park, and I moved to Linlithgow in 2000 when I got a job in Edinburgh. I started going along to Rose games fairly soon. Rose immediately started on the most successful period in their history, such was the effect I had on them... After being in Linlithgow for only 4 years we moved to Bo'ness for a bigger house, but the connection was already there and although I watched Bo'ness a few times when Linlithgow were away, my loyalty stuck. In any case we moved back to Linlithgow only 4 years later. Over time I grew more and more annoyed and disappointed by all the Old Firm bollocks, and more and more attracted by the Rose, Junior football, the community and the fine little ground at Prestonfield. For the past 10 years or so they've been my number one club, and for the past 7-8 years I've had absolutely no interest in Celtic at all, to the point of being happy when underdogs beat them. I don't go every week by any stretch but I go to maybe every other home game, and maybe one in five away games. I've seen all but two of Linlithgow's Scottish Cup matches home and away since they first gained entry to the big cup, glory-hunter that I am. I'm now indoctrinating my kids in the club, big girl comes with me to lots of the matches (I think she's mostly there for the daddy time, the pies and the dogs), wee fella got a Rose top for Christmas. I wouldn't have thought it was possible to transfer loyalties so completely as a grown-up. You live and learn.