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  1. A little known curiosity that. Like more than half of the SPFL are closer to the Clyde than Clyde.
  2. Bankies nxt season

    I'll not post on general pyramid stuff again here, just one last thing to say. I'm neither for nor against a pyramid. I really like the idea of breaking down the barriers between seniors and juniors, but I think Leagues One and Two are highly unappealing. I wish nothing but good things for all but two Scottish football clubs and whatever non-league clubs like Clydebank choose to do, I hope it works out how they want.
  3. Bankies nxt season

    IIRC Linlithgow Rose have only once lost to a pyramid club below League One (Deveronvale after a replay). They've never lost to a LL, EoS or SoS club.
  4. Bankies nxt season

    That's not a pyramid. It is, at best, a column.
  5. Bankies nxt season

    Oh and FWIW, the South of Scotland League is a sideline. That's why clubs who could join it are all choosing not to do so.
  6. Bankies nxt season

    Relegation makes a pyramid? Aye, ok.
  7. Bankies nxt season

    By that logic there was a pyramid 1949-55, because the bottom division was regionalised. The fact is that there are many bigger, better and more successful clubs outside the pyramid than in it. There are entire leagues that are clearly of a higher standard outside the pyramid than in it. So it's fair to say it doesn't really function as a pyramid. What we have is the skeleton of a pyramid structure. The English pyramid evolved over decades, with difficult decisions taken on how to slot in various regional leagues, and there were overlaps and irregularities until fairly recently. We're in the early stages of that. If a WoS league was set up I'm sure it would progress more quickly. Though why anyone would prefer the experience of following a club in League 2 over following a club in the East or West Junior Superleagues is a mystery to me.
  8. Coefficientwatch

    I see this was adopted by UEFA. Another nail in the coffin of my interest in top level football.
  9. Let me count the number of f**ks I give.
  10. Couldn't agree more. That's me done.
  11. And I really, really, really hate the intolerance of some Scotland fans towards 55% of their compatriots, based on their views of the constitution. How do you block people on this message board?
  12. On many levels you could not be more wrong. For one thing, I wore out several pairs of shoes leafleting for Yes. I took two weeks off work to campaign full-time at the end. Since 1999 I've delivered hundreds of thousands of leaflets and made tens of thousands of phone calls for the SNP. Griffiths' goals are overwhelmingly against Scottish opposition. He's not very good, and two incredible free-kicks don't change that fact.
  13. Footballers who point at things

    It's not a new thing. I was sitting near the front of the main stand in St Etienne, just right of the camera position, when Scotland got humped by Morocco. There's a moment frozen in time in my mind at which a Scotland player - Christian Dailly, I think - is looking to play a pass and every Scotland player nearby points to someone else. I think Billy McKinlay was one of them, but that may be a misremembered nightmare. If I could summon the strength to watch the game again I might find it.
  14. Judging People

    People who don't pick up after their dog should die. People who don't indicate at roundabouts should die. People who ask "so what are you driving?" should die. People who let their toddler annoy total strangers should die. People who say "there's nothing worse in the world than..." and aren't talking about genocide or something should die. People who belittle others based on their taste in clothes, hair, music, decor, food, comedy or pastimes should die. Many other people should die, but that'll do for now.