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  1. Robbie Winters is still playing for Pollok at the age of 42, or at least he was when I saw them at the end of last season.
  2. She knew fine that was what you meant and she thought, "aye, ye like Sophie Ellis Bextor do ye, let's see you listen to two hours of her singing."
  3. Why limit it to league clubs? I demand a Europa League spot for the Junior Cup winners! Some of the clubs turfing ours out of Europe are genuinely scarcely bigger than our leading Junior clubs.
  4. While they're learning at 13 years old how to trap and pass a ball, take a pass under pressure and carry the ball at speed, we're playing 11-a-sides on full-size pitches in upwards of 50 competitive matches a year, with mums and dads berating their kids from the touchline if they don't boot it long. Hence our teenagers look pretty good against other countries because we've played hundreds of full-scale matches and know our positions inside out, while they've only played a handful of full-size matches and lack tactical discipline. They soon learn to keep their shape though, but you don't improve technique after your teenage years. So our age grade teams regularly qualify for tournaments and do well in them while our men's side couldn't qualify for a European Championship finals that admitted nearly half of the countries in Europe. A few years ago I watched Scotland U21s beat Azerbaijan, and every single Azeri player had better touch than every Scotland player. We won because we held a nice back line and pressed as a unit, all of that stuff. But their clubs are now capable of turfing ours out of Europe before the end of July. It's a shite state of affairs and I see very little sign that it'll improve any time soon. We're in the football dark ages.
  5. I was there for a game at the tail end of last season, on a hot sunny evening. Honestly, that's the best non-league pitch I've seen. Internationals are regularly played on worse. A massive credit to all involved.
  6. FWIW, Luxembourg has a substantially bigger population than Iceland. But I'm sure nobody in Danny Baker's country has ever been dumped out of a European competition by a team from there.
  7. It was only a matter of time before progress caught up with Rangers.
  8. British football is pretty unusual in Europe in not having youth sides in the senior set-up. In Spain they play in both leagues and cups. I'm still against it but I don't understand where the vitriol comes from, like it's some crazy, dangerous, anti-footballing idea. Countries with a far, far better record than us in developing players do it. Scotland is singularly shite at turning decent young players into top adult players, so maybe we should be more open minded about how to sort that.
  9. It is. http://www.youthfootballscotland.co.uk/gots/item/19101-u20-s-make-debut-appearances-in-irb-bru-challenge-cup.html http://dufc.co/news/irn-bru-cup/ I could go on.
  10. Devil's advocate here, but the point of the colt teams isn't that they're genuine contenders for the cup, or that they bring in fans. The point is to give the young players at Premier league teams the chance to play serious football against grown-ups, to help them develop and progress to their first teams - and maybe into the national team. How far it achieves that, and whether it's an objective that's important enough to risk the sporting integrity of the competition, is a matter for debate. But crowds and results aren't really the point. Personally I'm still against it - I think this competition has a real future as being for those in tiers 2-5 of the pyramid.
  11. Not exactly what I had in mind at the start - "why do Medda have XI in their name" is a daft laddie question; "who played on ash parks in the 1920s" probably qualifies as a tougher question! Brilliant read though, the history of Junior football has so many quirks and tales. Has anyone ever written a book collecting the best of them?
  12. The ball almost always ends up in the net when an attacker rounds the goalkeeper and there's no-one else between them and the goal. 'Probable' is definitely good enough for me. And besides, a higher proportion of those moments end in goals than penalties do, so it's fairer than giving a penalty.
  13. Can't sleep cos of the heat and I stumbled across this work of utter genius. I think I've woken the house!
  14. I don't know why people think the timing thing suits TV. Just now they have a very good idea of when a match will end and can schedule accordingly; keeping count of game time would lead to much bigger variations in when matches end, as has happened in rugby. The France v Wales 6 Nations match this year went on so long they had to delay kick-off in the Ireland v England match following it. It's not an idea I much like, but stopping the clock for injuries, subs and goals would take the sting out of timewasting and be fairer. And if they're doing it they should definitely connect it to stadium clocks. Whether things are applicable at lower levels doesn't bother me. In the Junior league cup early rounds they don't even have linesmen. I watch a lot of rugby and it doesn't seem to cause any problems that non-professional levels don't have access to video replays, etc. Same happens in tennis with Hawkeye too. I've always been in favour of penalty goals, not just for handball, but for any time a goal would probably have been scored. I've seen players taken down outside the box by the goalie, with no defender behind them, denying a near certain goal and it not even leading to a penalty. It works pretty well in rugby and I think it would be no more controversial in football than any other refereeing decision. Taking free-kicks to yourself - imagine that this had always been allowed and we were debating preventing it. That would be mad, we'd see it as creating an incentive to foul. I'm in favour of it, I don't think it would make a massive difference in practice but I think we'd see a lot of tap-and-go free kicks, speeding the game up a little where it suits the team that have been fouled. Goal kicks should be taken from whatever side is closer for the goalkeeper.