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  1. Brechin v Greenock Morton

    So is pulling her by the hair is it not?
  2. Brechin v Greenock Morton

    I was know where near the West coast so wouldn't know if you were or if you weren't.
  3. Brechin v Greenock Morton

    I'm sure you were.
  4. Brechin v Greenock Morton

    Was it you?
  5. Brechin v Greenock Morton

    Hedgecutter, not for 1 minute do I agree with the biting. All I'm saying g is in the spur of the moment it may be a natural reaction to what was happening. After all, an ambulance would be at the ground quicker than some of those stewards would respond.
  6. Brechin v Greenock Morton

    I think you'll find the 6ft monkey had the 4'10" female in a head lock. She probably did what comes naturally. What would you have done?
  7. Generic Angus Seaside Team #372 v Dry Husk FC

    This from a fanny that wasn't even at the game.
  8. Generic Angus Seaside Team #372 v Dry Husk FC

    Fck off back to your submarine you half witted fat Dundee Utd mink.
  9. Dunfermline Via Brechin

    Ok hedgeinthesouth [emoji106]
  10. Dunfermline Via Brechin

    I'll tell you what is right though. You weren't at the game on Saturday.
  11. Dunfermline Via Brechin

    Only asking..
  12. Dunfermline Via Brechin

    Slangs and CDH. Two cheeks of the same fat arse?🤔🤔
  13. Oh dear. The unruffled might just be getting ruffled.
  14. I've only helped with the covers a couple of times. I can't believe out of the other guys that help that they would come on here and slag the club of the way 1974 does. Great set of volunteers that help.
  15. Aye I bet you have you even fatter arsed little p***k.