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  1. Albion v Arbroath

    I Aye all then goals against us really helped you be 8th.....
  2. Albion v Arbroath

    Actually think my beach towel is bigger, You would think part time clubs would do all they could to get games to go ahead on Saturdays, Income well less on a weeknight with smaller crowds and no hospitality and so on
  3. Albion v Arbroath

    Looks like it’s West Ham vs Chelsea in the house then.....
  4. Albion v Arbroath

    Think Henry done ok yesterday, would be harsh to get dropped but would defo go back to back 4, Not even gonna try and guess the team, fully expect McCord to be benched instead swankie and Hammy and Denholm to start,
  5. Lichties v Stranraer

    To much long balls, especially in second half when McCord went off, I agree his booking rule is crap and needs addressed, He gets booked because he gets stuck in and presses the defenders, Thought all the subs were wrong person off at wrong time yesterday, Saying all that Stranraer fully deserved there win, Cant believe we are still 3rd, crazy league
  6. Lichties v Stranraer

    Could of been more, awful today, why swankie starts every week I’ll never no,
  7. Lichties v Stranraer

    Same players for me but even tho we are on a decent run I prefer 4 at the back, If we stayed with 3 at the back I also wouldn’t mind seeing Yule back there and Hammy and Gold as wing backs,
  8. Arbroath v Forfar

    You obviously missed the cheer when Denohlm went off Injured??? Cox is a p***k, Pulled hamstring is the least the wee ned deserves
  9. Arbroath v Forfar

    Couldn’t happened to be bigger Cock....sorry Cox, Wee Ned hardman
  10. Arbroath v Forfar

    Simon can’t do 3 keep uppies so he is wrong and can’t comment, hahahaha Id be willing to bet after a few tinnies he could at least get to 5,
  11. Arbroath v Forfar

    After watching highlights I can’t decide if I enjoyed Bobbys winner or McCallums early exit from the pitch, Think he was down the tunnel before the ref finished blowing the whistle, Agree I liked him before yesterday but time wasting and chasing linesman all day changed that, Also think Davie Gold should of had his own Highlight real yesterday, Think Quigley will be having nightmares for days
  12. Arbroath v Forfar

    What??? As said above, Enjoy your sister
  13. Arbroath v Forfar

    Your used to being in the shadows of the biggest club in Angus, The year you have had I’d imagine you couldn’t have any more rage,
  14. Arbroath v Forfar

    You gotta be fishing for bites, even if we do finish mid table no chance you will, enjoy league 2 again
  15. Arbroath v Forfar

    Amazing, got fully what they deserved for time wasting, McCallum gonna need an inhaler in the dressing room to calm down, running 20 yards to Linesman to cry at end bit far for the fatty