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  1. The Arbroath Thread

    Does swankie get a game to justify the fee we paid for him? If all players were fit I wouldn’t have him starting, Denholm has done fantastic up top, but we need Doris back, Fully agree ToB has been outstanding, Also think Goldie has had a great season, what a find at full back he has been and must be one of the first on team sheet, Few negatives today, ........ Zonal marking at corners is a no no, few boys need to step it up, Whatley swankie, and maybe a bit harsh on time played but Skelly too.... Today’s game was just one to many on our unbelievable away run, was always going to be tough, We had a wee spell at start of Game but Raith were 1 step to much, but if we get our strongest 11 playing regular and up our home form we will be well in contention for a play offs,
  2. Corner went out and come back in again, If we took one of our chances when we had spell in first half could of been different, Defo need Doris back, Swankie and Linn very poor, Thought the ref was a shambles, How did it take him so long to book Davidson , Nice to see we are such a big scalp now adays too, or is that how far Raith have fallen
  3. Arbroath vs Alloa

    1 all fair result, although both teams could of nicked it, felt Hester deserved to get a chance instead of Fraser, Cant figure out why we struggle at home so much? Clearly an issue that needs addressed, Sometimes feel you don't need 2 sitting midfielders at home and one could be sacrificed for a more attack minded player, I can't remember what game it was but swankie played deeper and looked comfortable there
  4. The Arbroath Thread

    Gomes got his chance last season after Mutch got injured last season and deserved to finish and start this season as no1, I have no doubt if he didn't get that injury he would still be no1. I personally hope he stays, I fully believe he will get his chance, but u can't expect just to walk back into a team that's sitting 2nd place and on a decent run. Huttons done ok, yeh he had a shocker against Eastfife and could of been dropped but who knows if Gomes was fit enough to start back then. Of course the club paid for his bill, Wouldn't it be covered in some sort of insurance anyway? The board and the people that run the club get so much shit and abuse it's unbelievable, aren't they all volunteers? I think they do a great job!!
  5. The Arbroath Thread

    DC deserves huge credit, first season after the disaster of lumsden he wins us the league, gone on a superb away run, and signed some great players, I agree I wouldn't of took Swankie back as a guaranteed started as I feel McCord has to play in that role, but he is a good player to have in squad and would rather have that than play against him at Forfar, Its a shame we didn't get the 3 points we deserved at Airdrie and didn't drop points with the 2 home defeats or we could of been comfortable in 2nd place, all ifs and buts but hopefully keep going and push for the playoffs, Looking forward to Alloa next week but actually got more confidence in beating Raith away the game after now!!!
  6. Forfar Athletic vs Arbroath

    I'm very surprised Bollan hasn't gone yet, But who is available with a pretty poor looking team it will be a tough job, I said it last night but I was so surprised and happy to see Easton on the bench, If you got the best out of him and with McCallum Travis Scott and Miller there is certainly room for improvement if the right man was in charge
  7. Forfar Athletic vs Arbroath

    When you get out muscled by Hester it's time for Mensing to retire, Also I can't believe Easton can't get a game from the start??? What's going on with that
  8. Forfar Athletic vs Arbroath

    Absolutely love disgrace we only got 5,
  9. Forfar Athletic vs Arbroath

    I like the 3 at the back idea, think Hammy has struggled at fullback, but Gold has to start, didn't deserve to be dropped a few weeks ago either, and McCord needs to play, Gomes Little. Tob. Hammy. Kader. Yule McCord Gold. Linn. Hester. Denholm.
  10. Arbroath vs Albion Rovers

    We had to start with same team that played so well at Ayr, But changes need to made for next week, Swankie, Denholm, Whatley and Hammy were beyond poor, does Swankie play to justify the fee that was paid? Him and McCord are very similar but id have McCord starting ahead of him, Wonder if we will go in for a striker on loan to cover for Doris? Also would like too see another Defender brought in to keep the current back 4 on toes
  11. Arbroath vs Albion Rovers

    Could of been 6 or 7, no plan B when Doris isn't playing, Could of been a different half if denholm scored before half time, Over all was very impressed with Albion and the way they passed it about, and hopefully Doris makes a speedy recovery
  12. Arbroath vs Albion Rovers

    Didn't think Hammy would of been skellys type, each to there own tho,
  13. Arbroath vs Albion Rovers

    Hopefully same team but wouldn't be surprised to see McCord or Linn start,
  14. The Arbroath Thread

    Wonder if there will be any moves In or out club today? Highly doubtful buy you never know
  15. Ayr United vs Arbroath

    Were you the fat wee guy outside away to batter everyone??? Its ok to be angry...I'd be angry if we were full time and got beat by a bunch of diddies too