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  1. The Arbroath Thread

    If we are lucky enough for scullion to sign then we can move ToB into midfield, Scullion pretty much like for like
  2. The Arbroath Thread

    Hard to judge him on just what I seen but he just didn’t ever seem to do much, Always remember Thomson though, Linn seemed to struggle against him, hopefully they make a good partnership down right tho, Have absolutely no idea what way dick is going with team this year, Still won’t be surprised to see Hester and Kader leave, although he seems to like Kader and can’t imagine he will be a massive wage
  3. The Arbroath Thread

    Happy with Thomson, Hopefully he is here to play in a back 4, Although I still think we will start with back 3. If we are going to a back 4 do we really need another midfielder like Roberson? Didn’t look up to much against us and doesn’t really have legs and dig like Martin did.
  4. The Arbroath Thread

    Hill is only 36, I thought he was older, will be more than capable back up, A full fit Doris would be fantastic so hopefully he gets back to his best soon, Would also be very happy with Thomson signing,
  5. The Arbroath Thread

    Is Thomson the boy with reddish hair and quite solid looking, he seemed to do well against us, sure he scored as well, would love to see us go for players like this, think we got bullied in some games last season so a bit more physical presence in team would help, Im also not overly fussed with McInotosh moving on, If we get a fit Doris to replace him im delighted, and add Spence in mixto replace Hester and we are looking good for options up front
  6. Wasps -vs- Sons - The Final.

    Whatever happens over all the play off games Dumbarton can count themselves lucky to still be in with a shout of staying in championship, The least Alloa deserved was extra time,
  7. The Arbroath Thread

    Hester should be away, if we are gonna push on again in this league he isn’t quite up to it, Spence Doris Wallace and McKenna would do me nicely, We 100% need some dig in the middle of the park, Martin will be near impossible to replace but hopefully dick has someone in mind, All the talk of McCord leaving is a bit of a shame, If he was fit if have him over Swankie but Gav has knuckled down and deserved his place in team towards end of season, Can’t see us changing from back 3 but hopefully we get more cover in this area next year, We had to many forwards wingers and midfielders to finish season and the squad was a bit unbalanced
  8. The Arbroath Thread

    Wallace needs to stick what he is good at and play more in around the 18 yard box and not drop to deep, he is clearly a good finisher, In his defence I don’t no what he is expected to do with high balls when he is giving away about a foot in height, would also liked him to be taken off set pieces today, he wasted to many today. Id love us to go to a back 4 next season but I fully expect us to start with the 3 centre backs, I’m sure Dick will have a few signings in mind, A fully fit Doris would be immense. Would expect a few boys to leave, Kader and Skelly, Really unsure about Denholm, he has really struggled last few months, Also heard a few whispers that McCord will be away and also even though Hester has signed he will be gone too
  9. He won’t get your point, They didn’t get any points of us all season so it’s not gonna start now
  10. Apart from the last 15 minutes on Wednesday and first 15 minutes today we were better team. Only gripe today is we took no advantage of all the corners we had, Great support that backed the team from start to finish.
  11. Gaffer has to take most of blame, he is standing on touchline ans surely he can see the danger, should of went to a back 4 and got support to fullbacks, 1-1 would of been a good result to go down with on Saturday, Also think the subs just didn’t work, the midfield was over run and outfought and he changed the strikers, when McKenna went off we lost all fight and the ball just come back to easily, Still all to play for on Saturday, more than capable that winning there,
  12. How Dick never seen the danger coming down the flanks for last 10 mins is beyond belief, draw would of been fair result
  13. The Arbroath Thread

    Hopefully today is quickly forgotten about, All that matters now is getting behind the team and getting a result on Wednesday, Hope there is a decent turn out and everyone gets right behind the team, Dumbarton have had a tough season so hopefully their heads are down, Also being part time they won’t have any advantage on the day, Can’t imagine a big support will be up either Midweek while we have the opportunity to travel down on the Saturday,
  14. Queen's Park v Arbroath

    Agree that fringe players should have played if we weren’t going to put in the effort, But it will keep the fitness levels of the players up for going onto Wednesday game, don’t blame anyone not wanting to pick up injuries or bookings, Us loosing today didn’t relegate Albion, Queens picked up more points over the season so Albion deserve to finish last, Dont no much about Dumbarton but there is nothing to fear, Start of season the target was playoffs so need to forget about today and get behind the team on Wednesday then hopefully a big traveling support goes down next Saturday
  15. The Arbroath Thread

    Agree Id rather play any of the other 3 over Alloa, they seem to have the edge over us, I don’t think anyone actually criticised McKenna, Was just a surprise signing when we had a lot of options in these areas but he has kept working hard and fully warranted is place in the team, only 1 tiny moan is he is far more effective up top opposed to wing but that’s not his fault