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  1. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Would you change anything about it? If not, it’s a perfect film. In your opinion.
  2. It was deliberate and calculated. What a cower of shunts that family is.
  3. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    7/10 in the Guardian's World Cup quiz. Pretty pleased with that.
  4. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    7 for Thursday. Knew the song, the book and the mountains. Some spritely guessing.
  5. Coronation Street

    I don't think we saw it and we were left to imagine what the two of them in a taxi would've looked like.
  6. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Ocean's 8 What a waste. Great cast. Some cracking acting. But a story that was utterly boring and devoid of the swagger and style of the boaby versions. Rhianna was fab. So was HBC. So was The Bullock. They did the best they could. The writing and the direction was fucking dreadful. 3/10
  7. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    The 7 is Wednesday. Sorry for the It's Not Tuesday in Australia confusion. And I should've posted the link. I'm a c**t. Again. Sorry. Here's the link: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/mind-games/quiz?quizId=9703&sectionId=1
  8. I did some research recently on the differences between the US and UK Immigration processes. There are a lot of similarities but the term Permanent Resident doesn't exist in the UK process. Instead, it's called an Indefinite Leave to Remain, which couldn't be more British if it tried.
  9. Had a similar experience at International Falls / Fort Frances where me and the missus walked across a bridge between the US and Canada. The Canadian border officials couldn't have been nicer and accepted our explanation that "we just wanted a wee nose around for half an hour" just fine, told us to enjoy our stay etc. Coming back into the US, the guy was a total c**t and kept us for 15 minutes while he pretended to type things into his computer.
  10. That's what I thought. But I remember my mate's wife managed to do just this without issue. Albeit, she was an American who became a UK citizen. I dunno. I'd probably be too feart.
  11. Gigs

    Fucking love Belly. Slow Dog and Dusted are among my favourite ever songs.