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  1. Gartcairn Juniors 2017/18

    Gartcairn take the next step on our journey by appointing local boy Jamie McKenzie as manager for the coming season. Jamie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge both from the league above and with local talent. Jamie’s ambitious plans match our own and we look forward to working with him. The Gartcairn committee would also like to thank Forth Juniors for allowing permission to speak to their manager and wish them the best in there final games of the season.
  2. Gartcairn Juniors 2017/18

    To our supporters, sorry guys we just fell at the final fence, although gutted today we need to realise what a good season it’s been, we’ve got promotion and been pipped by a point for the title, well done the Albert. Just want to thank our small but growing band of supporters , we go again next season and I hope to see you all there, in fact bring a friend. Mtc
  3. Gartcairn Juniors 2017/18

    Thanks to davie, John, willie and Gary all the best
  4. 2nd Division Title Race

    Gutted but congratulations to nizzy dolsey and all the boys at Albert , just not quite at the races today
  5. Congratulations royal Albert west 2nd division champions, deserved From all at Gartcairn
  6. Promoting west region

    Talkin bawd was a semi serious mostly piss rip look at the amateur game, if you can’t have a laugh what’s the point
  7. New Fixture Secretary Post

    Every one is every year
  8. Promoting west region

    The highlights I was on about are already there from clubs, that’s what would use not something that would cost the association, not every club does it at present but we need to start somewhere to grow. Previously I did an amateur talk show on you tube “ talkin baws” wasn’t great but I’m not great at that sort of thing, I’d imagine there are a few out there that know how to do it and may be interested. Start small
  9. Promoting west region

    In the opening post I gave some of my ideas
  10. Promoting west region

    Didn’t speak down to anyone just dont accept negative people who only look one way. Thanks for your input although ideally the discussion about league set up and the pyramid are left for other discussions I’m more looking how we improve our social media side to entice fans to our product,
  11. Promoting west region

    And you’ve not even bothered to answer mine, so to answer your question. Committees work on trust and procedures, certain things were put in place at Tuesday night’s management meeting that’s needs to be put to clubs first and foremost to vote on at agm s not divulged on a public forum first. I’m sure you understand that but I’m also sure that won’t be good enough for you. Maybe you could answer mine or will you still want to play a game
  12. Promoting west region

    With the various match highlights from teams we could do a weekly show maybe out on a Friday night with a sort of scot sport feel, we have guys doing junior radio shows at present so could try to increase that.. need to get better coverage to entice sponsors, we have a great package just needs brought into 21st century
  13. Promoting west region

    So a YouTube channel?
  14. Promoting west region

    I’d imagine that’s the Scottish committee that would’ve been meeting, I’m not on that, no elephant but don’t let that stop you. Anything to put forward how we promote the region or am I wasting my time here? Give you another wee insight to me that way you might realise the questions I’m asking and answers I’m looking for are for the right reasons. I’ve been involved in amateur football for nearly 30 years starting my own team at 16, took over running the Glasgow Sunday Afl in 2002 I think, increased it from 28 teams to 64, became junior Vice President of safa in 2010 by default, chaired various committees, stood against twice but I came thru each time eventually they got rid of my position , mainly because I’m not a yes man and questioned a lot of things, tried to put various things in place which eventually did come in but not with my name on it, five years ago I started the 35s league and have went from 8 teams to 54, this year I started a Friday night league. I’m not a yes man, I don’t have an agenda, I really can’t be arsed with constant negativity . Now again I know there’s a few changes coming that with everything else comes out when they boxes are ticked, that’s how committees work. Now I’m here to try to get ideas from you guys who have been involved in the juniors far longer than I have to allow me to try to take something to the table to help improve our game. Ideally I’d be able to do that but if it’s a problem I’ll wait till after the agm when I imagine all things will be clearer and hopefully the doom and gloomers either piss off or start to help..
  15. Promoting west region

    Not interested in ticking boxes, you any thoughts on how we promote the juniors?