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  1. Telegraph Fantasy League

    Stuck a team in. Always find these frustrating with transfers as the rounds go on
  2. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Haha no sweat I stuck a fiver on it as soon as I seen. Will fall a lot im sure. Seen he only has 2 international caps right enough
  3. World Cup Gambling Thread

  4. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Malinkovic Savic 28/1 to be Serbias top scorer. Seems quite generous
  5. RT @photosofootball: Frankfurt fans celebrating winning the DFB Pokal yesterday. https://t.co/IK8fgGDeKB

  6. Question Time

    Diane Abbott does labour absolutely no favours
  7. FIFA 18

    Have done 6 of these sbc's for different tots players so far. Courtois, fabinho, otamendi, mahrez, saul and aspas came out then. Aspas may be the best card I've used, superb! Was hoping for a messi etc but must be nigh on impossible. Not sure what league is next?
  8. @SSiegelll U going down mate?

  9. New kits for 18/19

    Was speaking to a friend earlier. Would you pay an extra £20/30 for a kit without a sponsor. If so how many kits would make up the sponsorship fee... Obviously deponds on size of club. Im sure if it was possible a club would have done it, I'm just speculating...
  10. Peebles v Tynecastle

    I have seen them threee/four times this season. I hope I dont offend anyone by saying they are quite an average side, but they work very hard and IMO deserve all of their points. I feel they treat every game like a world cup final (a good thing). With this they are a very agressive side, and in my experience tread the line between yellow/red/nothing quite barely. ive only seen them have 1 red card(4games) and (from following on different twitters etc) i see they have had more. This message is meant as a well done to peebles, and sorry if it appears otherwise. They've had a great season and the boy up front(think is name is mcmath) have/has done tremendously
  11. FIFA 18

    Otamendi for me. Happy enough as could have got a lot worse. Hard not to be slightly dissapointed after seeing argentina flag and expecting aguero
  12. @SSiegelll No. Middlesbrough. Fulham are bottlers

  13. Bitcoins

    put about 310 in overall and sittng at 350. Thinking I want to just take my money to be honest but struggling to find a way to do so. Suggestions?
  14. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    That is fucking outstanding. Well, 1 quick pint with a paper has turned to 3... so far! It's a hard life