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  1. Exactly this! He's too lightweight and a waste of a shirt and an utterly liability. Just wanders about aimlessly when we're on the back foot, gets ball, runs looking at his feet, runs into someone, loses ball, ad nauseum. The amount of extra pressure his mistakes put on the defence isn't acceptable! The fact he can only score 25 yard screamers (hit and hopes) says it all. Punt him back to Dunfermline. If we could get decent replacements for him, Haber and Moussa we'd be pretty sound I think.
  2. All things Dundee FC

    Someone who agrees with me! FEB is the most frustrating player to watch and is really boiling my pish this season. He runs about like a headless chicken, gets ball, runs into someone, loses ball and puts pressure right back on us, repeat ad nauseum. He's too lightweight and runs looking at his feet. He can hit a ball, no doubt, but that's not enough. He's a waste of a shirt and we end up carrying him through games. On the Haber/Moussa thing...There's no doubt Haber is a footballer and Moussa is not, but Haber is a big lazy f&@ker and arguably that's worse than just being useless. I'd love to see all 3 of FEB, Haber and Moussa binned, with a strong left sided midfielder/winger, and at least one striker brought in...Santa doesn't exist though [emoji22]
  3. Artistic impression of Dens Park with its new Archibald Leitch Grandstand. Just before the old Provie Road and TC Keay ends were demolished to make way for the Bobby Cox and Bob Shankly Stands. Greyhound track in view!
  4. All things Dundee FC

    Parish was signed as understudy to Bain and has profited from Bain's narcissistic (and inevitable) fall from grace, but that's left us with no back up to Elliot other than the under 20's keeper. I completely agree that the number 1 priority has to be a proven goal scorer, but I'll not be seething if we strengthen the keeper pool. Would be bloody harsh on Parish if he was instantly dropped though.
  5. All things Dundee FC

    Change of subject here but the style of our club badge and it's uses have been bugging me and I'm just wondering if any of you ITK types ken what the score is. We've been using the "60's" style badge for a few years now on the strips but every now and again the laurel crested badge makes an appearance. I'd thought the laurel badge was an 80's "new" design but it seems it's been on the go a lot longer. Seen on Bob Shankly's blazer. Is there any rhyme or reason to its usage? I thought the laurel badge had been retired but you still get goodies on sale in the club shop adorned with it.
  6. All things Dundee FC

    I've just been catching up on the thread and the glaring thing for me is we are all comfortably suggesting a back three out of Meekings/Hendry/Waddell/O' Dea/Julen/Gadz/McPake* (highly unlikely). Just a few months ago the mere suggestion of a back 3 brought me out in cold sweats and had me reaching for the Talisker, as it did most others!
  7. All things Dundee FC

    Best barnets in the league this season!
  8. All things Dundee FC

    I'd like to nominate THE Steve Pittman as my LB/psycho of choice!
  9. All things Dundee FC

    You stated you had to own property in order to have tenants. I corrected your inaccuracy. As for my personal dealings or that of Dundee...who the f**k knows or cares?
  10. All things Dundee FC

    Subletting The leasing of part or all of the property held by a tenant, as opposed to a landlord, during a portion of his or her unexpired balance of the term of occupancy. How many more nuggets of shite are you going to share with us all?
  11. Aberdeen v Dundee

    It's too early to judge, season only 2 games in, we need time to gel and mental fitness will be an issue for those who missed pre-season. Can only judge our real position after the first 1/4 etc. etc.