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  1. Girvan

    Which committee member has resigned, does anyone know who the trouble maker was?
  2. Girvan

    Is there anyone local who could take it on & which players have walked? come on lineo, fill us in!!
  3. Irvine Victoria 2018/19

    I only said it could be a disaster. I agree it might not be and what you have said might be the case. But what if it isn’t and they have no players in or lined up to come in. Panic then starts to creep in and signings of players that aren’t actually good enough start to be signed. I hope this isn’t the case but when you here of players leaving and no replacement being mentioned it does make you wonder!
  4. Irvine Victoria 2018/19

    Still no updates on players either in or out, what’s happening? Could be a disaster of a season!
  5. Girvan

    Fair enough, it’s your team. You will know better than me. Is there anyone in particular you would like to see as manager?
  6. Girvan

    I’m not saying that a change wouldn’t be good but most of the players there at the moment are Peters players so unless the playing staff changes then surely they should play to their strengths and what the players know? Or do you mean get new managers and players?
  7. Girvan

    Why a change of direction, they have never been as successful than over the last 3 seasons. 2 league wins in a row was a great achievement, the first of which they never lost a game.
  8. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Cheers, I think I know who they are. I think they were involved with a Calley boys club team for a number of years if its who I’m thinking of...
  9. West Region League 2 2018/19

    What’s happening at Annbank this coming season with the Ayr Utd link over? Have they got a new management team in place and players coming in?
  10. Girvan

    I wonder who the local business is?
  11. Girvan

    Where should Whitletts spend their cash?
  12. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    It looks a tough league so I think teams need to get off to a good start to have any chance of promotion. Teams will need to have everything in place for preseason starting.
  13. Girvan

    Why where is Barbour going?
  14. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    I certainly wouldn’t believe any of the money quotes that he or his dad are saying. He has been coming out with stuff like that since he was a boy playing pro youth & boys club...
  15. Girvan

    A lot of good players at Girvan but I don’t think that there is many in Girvan that Whitletts would take/want after wee Rab & Paul Cameron. I think the boy mossie would be a sub at Whitletts unless Buchanan’s age or injuries get the better of him but he’s not playing before him for any other reason.