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  1. Tuesday it is then....,no danger any game was getting played tommorow,just had another whiteout in W.L there. Shame but this is winter in Scotland,think some folk have been spoiled with the past 2 years mild winters!
  2. As i mentioned in an earlier post,livi sits at the foot of the Pentland Hills,ala it sits on reasonable high ground. Currently snowing in West Lothian again,with temperatures to be below minus tonite and tommorow nite❄ No chance this game will be on,was out for a stroll there and its absolutely baltic !!!
  3. This game is not going down on Saturday......,more snow forcast tonite and tommorow,freezing temperatures there after till sunday
  4. Put this game in the doubtful category for Saturday already.....,snow coming tonite,tommorow and wednesday with sub zero temps there after to the weekend. Livingston sits at the foot of the Pentland Hills and gets blasted more than most with cauld weather when winter arrives.
  5. Derek Lyle would be a good shout at least until the end of the season,a good striker is all we're needing now unless we lose any more players over this transfer window.
  6. Livi Lions v Doonhamers

    Just above freezing just now in West Lothian,been damp most ot the day and with a slight freeze overnite forecast,this could be doubtful.
  7. Livingston v Dunfermline

    West Lothian still lying under a few inches of snow,life on the high ground is not easy
  8. Tannadice Terrors v Livi Lions 23/12/17

    Aw well,good day out in the "City of Discovery", arrived off the train bang on noon and a few pints later was feeling the buzz!! Unfortunately the game,our first at Tannadice for 12 years,was a blip on a class day away,United were in front in every department and a massive improvement on the team we beat down here earlier in the season. Thought we played well from 70 mins on but couldnt apply a finishing touch(again). Feel United will go on to clinch the title but Saints will make them sweat for it.
  9. Catalonia

    Long queues being reported at polling stations in Catalonia with turnout being predicted at 80%+
  10. Tannadice Terrors v Livi Lions 23/12/17

    Been lookin forward to this game since the fixtures were announced!! Away trip to Tannadice just before Xmas perfect!! Onto the chuff chuff for some pre-match festivities on the tracks then a few pints enroute in Dundee. As for the game feel United will edge it,they were always gonna be the team to beat this season,they are the biggest club in the Championship this season. Like most livi fans not bothered about finishing top 2,just pleased with how this season has so far went and a top half finish is a good outcome for us. Lookin forward to Saturday's trip
  11. AVERAGE CROWDS in Lowland League

    Why go back the way?
  12. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    What a great set up Duns have now!! Great pics HJ !!! Would love to see Duns back in the EOSFL,their set up is LL standard !! Think their problem is more to do with atrracting good enough players
  13. Livingston v Glenafton

  14. Livingston v Glenafton

    We don't do "orange" down almondvale way
  15. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Great performances from the SHFL sides today,especially Cove and Brora