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  1. Apparently wearing something "Yellow" is the order of the day for saturday's 2nd place celebrations at Tannadice
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    Well said sir.
  3. Party at Tannadice,canny wait !! Jumpin on the party train at 10 bells in the morning!!
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    TJ is all about himself. Any club/committee daft enough to believe him is aff their heid !!! He's like a drowning man,trying to claw himself to safety and drowning whoever along the way !!!
  5. Junior football, what is the future?

    They look like lithgae rose supporters
  6. Livi v Brechin

    Well done to all at L.F.C What an achievement,League 1 champs last year and now 2nd in the Championship!! Gonna enjoy the last 2 games now,especially Tannadice next Saturday for an end of season party
  7. Fort William tomorrow

    Took in the game on Saturday,may be one of the last games seeing Fort in the SHFL. There was 4 of us up to see the Fort v Formartine game plus there was a healthy Fort young team sitting behind us in one of the wee stands. Apart from committee/board members Formartine hardly had any fans there. Agree with Fort playing in the NCL,makes sense and is more their level.
  8. Will this be Spartans year?

    Cove are desperate for SPFL football. Also as has been mentioned their new stadium will be open at the end of June. All to play for,congrats to Spartans!!
  9. North Caledonian League Expansion

    Well done to Orkney on securing their first NCL title
  10. Champions 2017/18 vs. Livi

    Well done Saints and Livi
  11. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Aye,lithgae are giving it the wait and see attitude while watching the ship sail out of the dock into the distance. To be fair the vast majority of there poster's on here are pro-pyramid and are not best pleased with their clubs stance
  12. John Lambie

    R.I.P Mr Lambie. Thats how i remember him about town,he was a legend to so many,especially here in Whitburn. He played football in the town from an early age and after his playing career went onto coaching and management where of course he went onto even greater things with Thistle and Accies,he also was a big fan of Whitburn juniors. Often would see him,roaring the "burnie" on. My own personal and lasting memory of him was back in the year 2000,one of the guys at my work was dating John's daughter at the time and he said he could get us hospitality ticlets for the Scotland v Belgium match which ended 2-2. So me and another guy from work got the 2 tickets as we're big Scotland fans. Little did we know that John who had got the tickets for us was also driving us thru too !!! We arrived at Hampden with suits and ties on and walked thru the crowds to the front doors. En-route we heard some of the fans saying theres John Lambie with a couple of his players with him... LOL !! To his etrrnal credit,john never said we werent when he was approached then for a blether!! Apart from Belgiums late equalizer it was a great day out,enjoyed talking football with john on the way to Hampden and back to Whitburn. You'll be sorely missed John but never forgotten!!!
  13. Get in there Livi !!! That was a scrap out there today but we got there in the end!! A draw would hav been a fairer result but taking the win all the same!!!
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    Armadale like Whitburn is the road to nowhere,at least the dale voted to be in favour of the pyramid unlike the jurassic committee at Central Park
  15. Junior football, what is the future?

    A lowland league west isnt going to happen anytime soon...,if at all. It may have been possible had tj and his cohorts got involved 5 yrs ago or so but they chose not to. So for big junior clubs in the West like Talbot,its tier 6 in a new West of Scotland league hopefully starting for season 2019/20. Your only one step away from the LL and 2 from the SPFL. TJ and crew missed the boat and now theyre scramblin aboot on life rafts trying to save themselves!! It will all work itself out in the East,2 divisions will be the most likely outcome....an East of Scotland Premier and East of Scotland first Division. The north will take longer to sort out due to apathy about the pyramid. Best of luck to those in the West that grasp the moment and get the ball rolling on setting up a new league for 19/20