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  1. Road to progression

    I suggest you contact your nearest community/leisure centre. I'm sure they would have knitting classes or a stamp collector's club you could get involved with. At the very least it would help you to connect with the real world.
  2. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    If that was the scenario and they didn't drop into the SoSL, surely it would only be a problem for Dalbeatie or Threave as they would be the ones facing long away trips on 15 occasions whilst the rest would only have 1 to worry about.
  3. West Region Juniors New Leagues 2018-19

    I thought another of the reasons behind the restructuring was to do away with regionalisation to help ensure that the balance of teams in each division was maintained. In your example, there could be 4 teams relegated from the same geographical area, where would you put them?
  4. Tonight's scores 13/06/18

    Oh, look folks, kenny131 has creamed himself again at the thought of another thread he can pollute with his "Juniors are sh!te" p!sh.
  5. Is Junior Football to Cheap?

    You've clearly got a bee in yer bunnet aboot this. So why don't ye just tell us who's at the madam?
  6. Another fixture moan

    I think it'll be down to the new Fixture Secretary, (if the clubs want one that is), how the fixtures will be planned. Plus there is only 24 ex-ayrshire clubs, meaning there will only be 6 group winners from Ayrshire and 10 group winners from Central. So you're not guaranteed an Ayrshire/Central final.
  7. Another fixture moan

    It won't be that next season surely? The job's being split between 2.
  8. todays scores

    Talbot's page. Ye never seriously expected tae get it from SJFA
  9. todays scores

    According to Facebook - Cumnock v Talbot is on Sat 2nd June
  10. todays scores

    It won't be 26th. Talbot's in the Final on Sunday. Evening Times games won't be played on a Saturday cos they don't do a paper on the Sunday.
  11. New Fixture Secretary Post

    So you still don't wish to reveal what you know. Preferring instead to keep it a secret A prime example of some of what's wrong in our game.
  12. New Fixture Secretary Post

    Why don't you enlighten us all then, if there actually is a reason other than what is being suggested. Or is it a case of - "I know something you don't know, doo dah, doo dah, I know something you don't know, doo dah doo dah day."
  13. New Fixture Secretary Post

    Got it - General Secretary - Robert Burns. Assistant Secretary - John Fyfe Fixture Secretary - Kennie Young Advisor to all Secretaries- Scott Robertson
  14. New Fixture Secretary Post

    Are the clubs really going to fall for this? If this position had been created midway through the season when it was apparent that the GS was not coping, then I would have seen it as a progressive move by the management committee. Now it just stinks of cronyism. Would this position have been created if there was no challenge to the GS position? I think not. As it sits, both KY and RB have stated that they are running on the 'Fixture Fiasco' question. So I would assume that they would both have to alter their sights and now apply for the position of 'Fixture Secretary' and step away from the GS challenge. Thereby leaving SR as the sole nominee for the General Secretary. It looks like he still controls the Management and manipulates them to his benefit.
  15. New Fixture Secretary Post

    Last year Robertson and his cohorts didn't think there was a threat to his position. He thought it was a foregone conclusion and he was a certainty to keep his position. He won by the closest of margins. Just enough to retain in power. This year he's obviously shitting himself because he knows his time is up. He's a wounded leader and now being protected by his pack gathering round him. It's quite clear the rest of the management committee have no backbone. If you separate the position into 2, what's the point to the General Secretary and who will have seniority? Will we see the GS overruling the FS?