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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    It isn't being floated as a serious idea, he's merely paying lip service to the 'Summer Fitba Brigade'. He knows fine well it will not come about. There are far too many problems that have no solution surrounding the Summer Fitba question. It is time however that he started a proper full on consultation regarding the Scottish Junior Cup. Especially with regards to replays, start dates, winter months with no ties etc.
  2. lugar v clydebank

    They've clearly circled the wagons at Hampden Towers. Amazing what a bit of influence in there can do.
  3. lugar v clydebank

    Be nice to see the video then so we can all make up our own minds. But it's actually pretty conspicuous by it's absence. Have the 'anoraks' received an order not to present the footage.
  4. lugar v clydebank

    For what it's worth, I fail to see why Clydebank are getting so upset about it. They won the game by taking advantage of some poor decisions and are fully justified in doing so. I'd have been upset if Lugar hadn't done the same if the situation had been reversed. They were comfortable winners by the way and didn't really need the help that came their way via the ref. What we do have now though is a situation where a keeper is going to be suspended for 3 games for violent conduct so that a ref can justify his total f**k-up of a penalty award for something that happened outside the box. Clydebank will lose nothing through this but Lugar could potentially lose quite a lot if they lose a keeper to protect a referees cock-up.
  5. lugar v clydebank

    I've been patiently waiting on the publication of this highly controversial video, but sadly it looks like the censors have got hold of it and deemed it unsuitable for showing.
  6. Fixture query

    It looks like he'll be re-elected unopposed. So more off the same for next season. Or worse.
  7. ADL Season 17/18

    I'll say again then. Be careful with what you wish for. What's going to happen to you in another 4 years time when you're club's been stuck in the same league and they're playing the same teams season after season? I remember when the West of Scotland Cup was a big event, second only to the Scottish. Buses were booked, pubs or clubs were contacted about booking in for supporters, in general it was a big day out. Now it's just another game.
  8. ADL Season 17/18

    Be careful what you wish for. I seem to recall this same mantra being trotted out when the West Region was being discussed between Ayrshire and Central. Did it work out? The diminishing crowds would suggest otherwise. Once the novelty value had gone, the casual supporters stopped travelling to some away games, leaving the die-hard fans as the only one's prepared to be at every game.
  9. ADL Season 17/18

    I was actually referring to the cups, not the league. The league reconstruction has been passed so we will have to wait and see whether or not it is a good move. The cups are still to be decided on and personally I believe it would be a bad move to lose them.
  10. West Region promotion & relegation - who plays who ?

    If that's the case then the ballot should not have taken place already. It could lead to teams choosing whether they could be better off winning or losing a game to secure an easier tie.
  11. West Region Cup Committee

    So, no feedback for the rest of the clubs. Are they not entitled to know what the Premier clubs are thinking? Or is this all about 'divide and conquer'?
  12. ADL Season 17/18

    Aye. More's the pity. Competitions that have been on the go far longer than the West Region, cast aside without a thought. Competitions that actually have a sponsor as well. And they'll have the cheek to call it progress.
  13. West Region promotion & relegation - who plays who ?

    So the Central District team gets handed an easier tie than their Ayrshire counterparts? Hardly seems fair. Surely the 2 District teams should go into a ballot to see who plays the bottom Super First team.
  14. Games off 20/1/18

    It's not about results. It's about income, it's about expenditure plus it's about wear and tear on the pitches. 7 home games for Kello or Newmains, for example, at this time of year would probably wreck the pitch for weeks. If they did actually manage to get them played that is.
  15. West Region Cup Committee

    Any news on this?