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  1. Colville v Southside

    In your case a ten bob rocket lol
  2. Colville v Southside

    Paying players to play does so in a sense money does have a part in wining matches
  3. Colville v Southside

    Played at vale of Clyde then went to cp
  4. Vale of Clyde v yoker friendly

    Why not? With the junior international break then do you no want your team to keep ticking away ??
  5. Colville in the Senior Scottish

    Bold statement saying no one will reach that round again .
  6. Colville in the Senior Scottish

    That rules use out then
  7. After 40 mins of game yoker takes whole team of the park . In my years involved in football at different levels it one most embarrassing things I've witnessed . Not a bad challenge in the 40mins yoker shouldn't take freindlies then walk off waste of time
  8. Vale of Clyde

    Vale of Clyde would like to welcome ex Queen's Park . Dumbarton Clyde centre mid Darren miller to Fullerton park . Darren has plenty experience in juniors and scores 3 on his debut yesterday.
  9. Ryan McGregor

    Cmon the lie is a tadger . Was prob Ryan Mcgregor number one fan when he was there now he is a pollok player hw is same as him tadger
  10. Ryan McGregor

    Give us peice ya fool you stick to posting nonsense and stop worrying about an ex player who mackie deemed surplus to requirement maybe it will come back to bite him on the arse
  11. Ryan McGregor

    Guy could spank a grand on a night out dry your eyes surplus to requirement at arthurlie goes to pollok sour grapes I think
  12. Ryan McGregor

    Give us peice maybe if arthurlie gaffer saw what he could offer to them he wouldn't Need to buy himself out. To think pollock gave him it is mad he doesn't need anyone to give him money I'm sure of that. If he wipes his arse with money king henrik7 I wouldn't mind being the toilet pan lol
  13. All central and Caledonian results.

    Larkhall are a gang
  14. Colville in the Senior Scottish

    Mick how use looking this year . With losing a few and a few new faces use stronger you think from last year
  15. Scores 5th August

    Think it was fair result today vale better team only my opinion