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  1. ICTFC 17/18

    What is our squad looking like just now, who is contracted until what years? I see here that only Vigurs and Bell are out of contract but are others out of contract and likely to be offered new deals? And by the way, Connor Bell is getting offered a new deal according to NorthStandRising, his source us Fridays P and J.
  2. Inverness vs Dunfermline

    There are Dunfermline fans here in Thurso :O?
  3. ICTFC 17/18

    Some may be shocked lol but here is my thoughts on ICT of late and nobody is getting slated ;). We gave it our all and tbh, we could have gone on to reach the play offs had we won today, that is my thoughts and that comes from our form since winning the challenge cup. As for next season, if we can keep the vast majority of the squad intact for next season plus promote some of the youngsters and get in a few signings then we will be capable of challenging for the title next season. And if we do lose our best players then hopefully our coaches and scouts /chairman can find young gems that are good enough to get us promoted because, imho, youth is the way to go, coupled with a bit of experience. I expect that John and Co will already be eyeing up potential signings. Onwards and upwards to next season but we do still have 6pts to play for so hopefully we can get 5th spot as that would represent a great season imho, from where we were just a couple of months ago. So, I am one optimistic supporter, wonder who goes along with my optimism lol.
  4. Time for John Robertson to consider his resignation!
  5. ICTFC 17/18

    No haha but be honest, our last 2 deserve it as both are utterly shite, this one being old too!
  6. ICTFC 17/18

    I think Mr Robertson should start considering his future because on current form we are going down another division and tbh, he has been a disaster as manager and in the transfer window!! The club can't afford to sack him and tbh, I wouldn't want the club to suffer financially from sacking him but then, they may have to face the financial hit of another relegation if things don't improve drastically asap!! I believe that Mr Robertson has a history of resigning when things aren't going well, maybe Livingston fans can confirm this? So imho, Robertson has to resign then chairman has to appoint either Paul Sheerin or Danny Lennon!
  7. McLeish's coaching team.

    Daily Record saying that Peter Grant is in and Roy Aitken is a contender but no news on Andy Watson who AM had last time round :O. Also, lots of media saying McFadden is interested in joining the team. So I wonder if Callum Davidson and GK coach gets retained.
  8. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    Why are people still saying Malky, he has TWICE been ruled out by Stewart Regan! And in reply to Richie, doesn't Bielsa have a job in France or am I imagining that :-P?
  9. Players worth a look at

    Lewis Morgan?
  10. Realistic foreign managers

    Manuel Pellegrini ;)?
  11. Realistic foreign managers

    In today's Sun there is a list of potential foreigners that Mr Regan could go for, some realistic, some laughable!! The ones mentioned: Jurgen Klinsmann, ROY f***ing KEANE, Marc Wilmots, Louis van Gaal (ffs), Vladimir Weiss (the ex Slovakia manager) and Sam Allardyce. I think its more or less touting guys that have experience in International management or in RK's case, assisting an International team. I'd add Tata Martina or Laurent Blanc to the realistic options so discuss ;)?
  12. Gordon Strachan

    STV saying that the SFA will review his future at a meeting next week but BBC saying that "SFA are in no rush to make decision"
  13. I'd rather that than being shite against everyone bar Brechin!!
  14. I doubt he'd come nor do I doubt Mr Rae and co would even interview him. In reply to last post, I totally agree but you can't sack the board at every failed manager. We need a sugar daddy lol.
  15. As the title says, how long until we start to panic or start calling for Robbo's removal, now, November/December time, after new year or at the end of the season. For me, its now because he's truly lost the dressing room plus going by the courier article which has his post match interview, he sounds like he's really close to resigning. I had backed him until yesterday, losing to a part time team is just pathetic but the players are equally to blame!! Some probably will think, here he goes again, but tough, I am a fan and want my team to succeed and at the moment, we are on a slide, carbon copy of St Mirren last season at this stage, they acted and now look at them. As I said above, I think JR is on verge of resigning, not sure when but he sounds like a defeated man. As to who next, only one man, Paul Sheerin ;).