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  1. Very surprised by Coll Donaldson being looked at as Utd fans didn't rate him, I'd rather a couple of loans, McKenna (Aberdeen) and possibly another from Celtic instead of going for rejects from other clubs, or even better, give our youngsters a chance, that was the message by Robbo before season started. I do think Lawton will join Trafford in signing so that leaves the defence and, possibly, not crucially, another Striker.
  2. I see Ivor Lawton is playing in that friendly plus 2 possible trialists, Donaldson and Harper. Is 2-0, Big Phil and an OG.
  3. If I was John Robertson I'd be demanding ALL of Drapers wages or a couple more defenders, even if they are short term loans until Tremarco and Warren come back. I still am not worried about another relegation battle as I do sense improvement sometime soon but its certain that a massive rebuild is needed, and its doable, Dundee U have successfully rebuilt from a couple of seasons ago and now St Mirren have too, from their relegation season. Still expect some more activity before beginning of September, hopefully the board hand John some money for that, probably once OFW leaves that will happen.
  4. Another tough game, away at East End Park against a Dunfermline team that drew Living and also cost Ian Cathro his job at Hearts after knocking out Hearts of league cup just last week. If we play as we did today and somehow manage to score goals then I say 2-1 ICT. I can't see any new signings before this game, I'd go with same again with only changes being Seedorf for Chalmers unless Seedorf still ill/injured and Mulraney for Polworth. Ridgers Seedorf McKay Elsdon Raven Calder Draper Vigurs Mulraney Oakley and Baird. Subs: Esson; Chalmers; MacDonald; Bell; Cooper; Polworth and Zschusschen.
  5. I can show you the Tweet because it says Robbo is interested. If it hadn't said "Robbo is keen..." then I'd have discarded it but the part saying Robbo is keen got me thinking that there may be something in it.
  6. I heard it from Northstandrising Instagram , I asked the guy and he says that he is away from ICT but Robbo is keen on him, I've got it here on my phone so can fb mail it to you sir?
  7. Here we go again, being written off just because we're playing Utd, ffs, we are at home so need to be winning.
  8. That is some loyalty after missing out on a move :O. I did want Kevin but now that provides funds for Lawton possibly and for positions we need, not sure what though as we seem covered in all positions. What do you peeps think, a centre half or attacking mid maybe?
  9. I hope some of youngsters get a chance this year, guys like Foy, MacRae, MacDonald and possibly Mackay the GK. To be honest, if we get in the 2-3 that Robbo wants (Fraser, Bell and Lawton) then I think we are all good for season ahead, then its a case of holding on to Draper plus trying to get OFW and Raven (sounds to be away going by Northstandrising Twitter) off wage bill. Any chance someone can post our squad as it stands just so I can see the number of players in the squad (I'd imagine it is about 20+) and If we're covered in all positions?
  10. Yet in today's it says "Robertson claimed Buckie's demands for a transfer fee would scupper any proposed move, but Stewart has hinted there could be more than one way of brokering a deal, if his club directors agree". Wonder what that means, any ideas lol.
  11. I really don't want us to miss out on signing Kevin Fraser :(, surely Robbo and Graeme Stewart can get something worked out regarding a fee of £30,000+ otherwise we may end up having to sell Draper in order to get him. Anyway, on STV news, Robbo was saying that board are willing to allow 2 new players in regardless of out goings so I expect Connor Bell in soon.
  12. I can't believe loads are writing us off already, we are good enough for at least the play offs and, despite Sat, can beat anybody on our day plus cup games mean nothing especially with our new guys needing to gel. So for me, its a 3 horse race for title (us, Utd and Falkirk) with St M also in the mix but maybe fading away near end of season. Can't see Morton having as good a season as last so 5th or 6th for them.
  13. Sounds promising so can see him and maybe Fraser (if his trial is successful, which Buckie manager AND assistant think it will be) being signed up once Raven and OFW leave :). Also, I see Keith Watson has been told he's free to leave St J on loan or a contract so, is he worth loaning? Also, what about Bjorn Johnsen on loan from Hearts, he's out of favour so he'll be available I'd imagine? Get Raven and OFW away and sign Fraser, Keith Watson and Connor Bell and get Johnsen on loan, sorted ;). Oh and the other trialist was apparently not a trialist but Under 17 player, Logan Johnstone a centre half.
  14. You'll be eating your words come August 6th!! To write us off already is crazy, for me its Utd, Falkirk, us and St M that'll be fighting for the title. PS. Pre season means nothing, its the league that matters!
  15. Think.we've signed Alex Cooper peeps.