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  1. Budge spillage doesn't show on her maroon shawl.
  2. As shown last night. Stokes and Davy up top and we will murder most sides.
  3. If you're on about the boy on loan from Juventus then I'm gutted, would far rather have Don Cowie or Prince Bauben
  4. Dillinger Zayn Charlotte Nakamura Usos Cena AJ orton Hype Bros Tamina Lana Natalya Becky Yes
  5. In unrelated news, what a fucking date to start a thread
  6. Half the ground was empty at that point. Fucking sickener that match. Worst ever in fact.
  7. Gen up is a massively underused class peice of the Scottish language. Fucking love Stokesy. You forgot Whittaker too, they fucking hate him for ripping up his contract.
  8. Na na na na na na na.....
  9. Loudest I've ever heard Tynie was when Hartley scored a peno against the sheep shaggers.
  10. Stokes was a lot better than people give him credit for imo. He will be the main goalscorer again this time around and he will score goals. His technique at times is incredible too. When Stokes gives a shit he is unplayable, as the **** saw in the final.
  11. Fair and good points. My fear is they are putting their trust in Lennon though and like the arseholes on .net they can't see it.
  12. I'm surprised that people are surprised that Lennon hasn't got a fuckin' clue or a plan.
  13. No as bad as your ma m8.