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  1. It's done. He was down East Mains Weds and signed the afternoon.
  2. And a dog!! Couldnae save the Accies..
  3. Neil took him to Norwich. Best of luck Dundee Hibernian. Be fantastic to have you up with us instead of this Weegie shite.
  4. Undoubtably the correct decision. He's doing a great job. Well done Duff Jimmy
  5. That's what was said about Hughes and the other pish brought in January.
  6. True, one of them was an aging injured cart horse who got a new deal and another was another's player who rejected one though. Berra and Souttar sound a good pair though.
  7. How do you work that one out?
  8. It will be very good money to a player who at times looked past it down South over a 3 year period. Hear you boys boys are in talks with Whittaker too.
  9. Aye Shinnie will sign for St Johnstone or Dundee and be decent, I personally wouldn't waste a wage on him and there's surely better out there. Simon Murray for Graham is no-brainier either.
  10. Almost won the league, last day of the season at Ibrox IIRC?
  11. Berra's wanted up the road since last year and handed himself to Hearts of a plate. Hardly, sorry - wonderful strategic planning from Cathro and Macphee. Exciting times to be a jambo
  12. See Gary Bolan being mentioned. Surely a backwards step?
  13. I'd quite happily see the back of Shinnie. Commons would be a massive bonus.