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  1. Squad for Lithuania and Malta

    Yasssss brilliant finish.. great performance so far
  2. The Dee v The Dabs

    All talk mate, nervy as f**k really.. might just keep posting tae piss you off though..
  3. The Dee v The Dabs

    Don't post often but just popping in to say, if we're not humiliating the Jobbie sleeved XI by half time i.e. Full on dayglo tears flooding down the shankly steps, woman's knitting needles launched behind the goal ect.. then I will be gravely disappointed. 4-0 half time score.. double that by full time. The moose with all 8. Thank you.
  4. Premier League 2017-2018

    mintertastic video from Chelsea unveiling Rüdiger
  5. All things Dundee FC

    O'Halloran being linked with us too along with hearts, Aberdeen and a few clubs. Would much rather him tbh.. used to rip us a new one for the farmers, unlikely though.
  6. Confederations Cup 2017

    Half back passes to centre, back to wing, back to centre.. centre holds it, holds it HOLDS IT! Should be a classic then
  7. Confederations Cup 2017

    Pisses me off how Lee Dixon is slagging off New Zealand's number 11 Rojas who their media has dubbed 'messi' f**k sake man it's no his fault he's been named that..
  8. Scotland V England

    If we were able to do the basics right, we might actually have a chance here..
  9. Scotland V England

    Ffs snodgrass is doing my tits in man.. losing the ball every time he gets it. Far too slow on the ball.
  10. Champions League 2016/17

  11. Champions League 2016/17

    Dundee esq defending from juve for the third goal.. must have been watching Kevin Gomis tapes from last season.
  12. Champions League 2016/17

    Immovable object meh arse too easy there
  13. Champions League 2016/17

    Some game so far, competitive as f**k! Just turned it over to sky sports news there to see what they're saying and see Steve McClaren is doing the game.. lovely nostalgia to the last time he overseen a game on sky https://youtu.be/fFLkswU4xBQ
  14. FA Cup 2016/17

    Yasss what a ball from sexy giroud btw
  15. FA Cup 2016/17

    Yasss love it when Hoddle is seething, slavouring moron