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  1. Premier League 2017-2018

    Was just watching Soccer Saturday there and Jeff tells the boys that reports are coming in that Quique Sánchez Flores has turned down the stoke job and Merson and Thompson are flabbergasted.. with the former going 'everybody in the world watches this league' The fucking audacity of Flores (a Spaniard) who's managing in Spain with Espanyol to turn down cannon fodder like Stoke.. what is he thinking eh? The ignorance and arrogance doesn't really surprise me but it's amazing to watch how shocked they were at that report. Like nah I'm not having that.. like everybody canna wait to get home for the stoke game.. piss aff
  2. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Yeah definitely agree with that, very good players. Will always remember the first game of the 2002 WC in Japan/South Korea, Senegal vs France first game an Senegal winning 1-0 against the then world champions, it was the first WC I'd properly watched all the way through. . They had some very decent players then too, Papa Bouba Diop, Henri Kamara, Salif Diao ect.. but think this team could be even better. Jesus, just realised I was 10 in 2002.. feeling auld
  3. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Haha thankfully wasn't around for that.. heard the stories from ma old man though 1978 was it?
  4. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Really looking forward to seeing what panama have to offer, would love it if they could pop up with a shock win or something, unlikely but who knows. Senegal with Mane ect.. could be a good watch. Also peru and Egypt who I've never seen in a World Cup before, should bring a lot of colour and diversity to the tourney.. oh eh and Iceland in their first World Cup too, gonna be interesting.. Love a World Cup!
  5. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Denmark by far the superior football team out the two just for having Christian Eriksen playing for them tbh
  6. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Are Ireland fans actually booing poulson after he almost got knocked out wtf.. ah well great goal Eriksen
  7. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Yassss sparky!! Brilliant finish!
  8. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Midfield is too far away from the strikers.. far too deep..
  9. Squad for Lithuania and Malta

    Yasssss brilliant finish.. great performance so far
  10. The Dee v The Dabs

    All talk mate, nervy as f**k really.. might just keep posting tae piss you off though..
  11. The Dee v The Dabs

    Don't post often but just popping in to say, if we're not humiliating the Jobbie sleeved XI by half time i.e. Full on dayglo tears flooding down the shankly steps, woman's knitting needles launched behind the goal ect.. then I will be gravely disappointed. 4-0 half time score.. double that by full time. The moose with all 8. Thank you.
  12. Premier League 2017-2018

    mintertastic video from Chelsea unveiling Rüdiger
  13. All things Dundee FC

    O'Halloran being linked with us too along with hearts, Aberdeen and a few clubs. Would much rather him tbh.. used to rip us a new one for the farmers, unlikely though.
  14. Confederations Cup 2017

    Half back passes to centre, back to wing, back to centre.. centre holds it, holds it HOLDS IT! Should be a classic then
  15. Confederations Cup 2017

    Pisses me off how Lee Dixon is slagging off New Zealand's number 11 Rojas who their media has dubbed 'messi' f**k sake man it's no his fault he's been named that..