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  1. Assist stats are futile in this argument when Moussa’s our centre forward
  2. If Liam Craig is 1 of your wide players you’d take Deacon.
  3. You do mean looking at the squads, aye
  4. My bad. The monotonous reply fae Tree House Tam had me automatically thinking it was you.
  5. Do keep up if you’re jumping in. Tree House Tam is claiming he would only take 1 possibly 2 of our players and didn’t want Gowser cos he’s telt Tommy the grass to bolt.
  6. Go for it. Just as well O’Hallaran popped in all they goals in August and September to see you’s top of the league.
  7. How many years will we go back surely only right now matters.
  8. So the Saintees are taking this news badly then. Biting like f**k, pipe doon fermers.
  9. All things Dundee FC

    Fat Tommy will be raging. Top boi oor Gowser.
  10. “Hi Tommy it’s Gowser. See that contract offer you made me, you can shove it right up yer arse ye fuckin bellend. Nae c**t leaves Dundee for pishy wee Saintees. Don’t call back.”