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  1. I'm having a good bevy on Craig Wighton day to celebrate the anniversary. Champers or Tennents is the big question...
  2. I think game time it was 90+3 when Wighton put the ball in Yeniteds net. Forever known as Beautiful Monday.
  3. Of course you can. That filthy club is phucked from top to bottom, pleasing.
  4. Losing Scottish football on Skysports would be the thing that makes me finally ditch it for BT Sports.
  5. Hopefully they get the kick off times sorted out for the best for Scottish football and its followers, rather than fitting in and around English football. Personally hate these lunch time kick offs especially the Sunday ones. Let's make it the best fit for the supporters. Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night would be ideal for me. Also lets get a deal for once that lets Scottish football thrive
  6. Any chance you Glesgae cuntos can have a wash before coming to Dens. Thank you x
  7. Dundee Yenited went DOWN at Dens Park.....
  8. Tam Rogic to make his comeback only for O'Dea to finally complete the job. RIP Tam
  9. The 1st he would probably have been better staying on his line, wasn't his fault though.
  10. No it wasn't. Horrific from Bain.
  11. I take it the Saintees are staying home to watch the rugby
  12. FANS UNIT DEE Calling all fans. As the match time clock shows 10 minutes in today's game, could you all show your appreciation for Stephen Thompson by chanting ONE STEPHEN THOMPSON, THERE'S ONLY ONE STEPHEN THOMPSON. We will do this for precisely 2 minutes. As the match clock shows 12 minutes we will all break into a ROARING CRESCENDO making as much noise as possible in a way of showing appreciation to the model owner of a model club. Fittingly ending with WIGHTON PUT THE BALL IN YENITED'S NET AND SENT THE b*****dS DOWN Thank you x Yours UNIT DEE
  13. 3 minutes to go, cannae wait!!!!!
  14. 25 hours til the crescendo begins. Pre-match warm up in 1 hour.
  15. As Mixu would say "what's the fUcking point". No one is going to sign for the irrelevant wee cuddly Saintees when the Dees are in for them.