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  1. Only in your world. All bailed out as quick as possible.
  2. A big Angus derby to look forward to on January 2nd
  3. No they don't, they all left through choice.
  4. FFS lads is that 14 players that have bailed on the filth now
  5. Give it time, administration doesn't happen whilst MMJ has the season ticket money stashed away.
  6. Is that the best you can come up with, pish attempt at bait.
  7. Tom Aldred and Kyle Lafferty appear to be the latest rumour.
  8. I think there's very few people outside Nelms, Keyes, McCann and the board members that know which players are close to signing. If there is a so called marquee signing to be announced on Friday, I'm pretty sure he'll be getting touted to most teams in our league and the lower leagues down south to get him the best deal possible before Friday. I wouldn't be surprised if this particular deal falls through. That's if there is even any deal in the pipeline DC Thompson's coverage of our signing targets have been absolutely farcical.
  9. A good bit of business by the board as the deal runs out when he's still 23 meaning the club will receive a fee one way or another if Cammy continues to progress the way he has. Well done Cammy.
  10. Ludo, that sounds like exacly the type of centrehalf we're needing. Out of contract so no fee involved, not like we'd have any money for a fee anyway!
  11. Tom Aldred of Blackpool the latest to be linked with us. 6ft 3" centrehalf. It must be up to 15 players linked with us so far.
  12. The rumour appears to have been started by your media guy on twitter.
  13. From what I recall Scobie's a left back who occasionally fills in at centrehalf. Keatings only got starts at Hibs last season because Lennon fell out with Cummings. As for Billy King, the fact he started about 9 games for the relegated team last season is all you need to know.