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  1. Never mind the money, where the f**k is the proposed Caballero Arch?
  2. The move is the sensible option but I'll be fucking gutted come the day that we move. Doubt it'll happen to be honest.
  3. Time to move on. The stadium has to have facilities that can make money throughout the week for the club or we're going to forever struggle to survive, this will never happen at Dens. Gutted when we go but it's for the good of the club.
  4. It's a dump but magnificent all at the same time! Some atmosphere inside the Derry.
  5. How do you know the budget is gone and how often McCann looked at the players?
  6. The Derry juggernaut starts here. 2 nil the Dees. Deacon and Ciftci.
  7. Creating chance after chance and not taking them. We all know that's the major problem with the team and not the easiest to rectify. Injuries taking their toll. A wee lesson for the board in not selling a quality striker for peanuts or at least demanding a larger buy out clause. Hardest part of the team to replace.
  8. A clean sheet might be pushing it!
  9. Yes you are correct. Easily disposed of a lower league team. Buckie Thistle was a tougher game than Wednesday.
  10. Just checked. It's definitely 50k.
  11. The guilt is weighing me doon. I hold myself personally responsible for the owners spending £13million of the bank's money Im sure you have the same guilt about Utd not paying back their debt to the bank either. Was it £5million?
  12. Oh it's correct. Gate money split in favour of the home team. Prize money for reaching the next round (50k I think) 3 televised games, 3 lots of sold out hospitality. Cheers guys.
  13. Why would we sign shite like that?
  14. Oh it's definitely caps lock level. Thank you