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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Shankland is the best striker in this league, and Mckay didn't even do that bad. The goal was sold by Thomson playing him on side. He's been a revelation to be honest, done absolutely fine.
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    He hasn't been required to be honest. No point playing him for the sake of it.
  3. The comments from Ayr fans on Matthew Elders tweet regarding Mcall is the definition of rage. Personal favourite was the guy who looks like Joe 90, what an absolute state some of these guys got themselves in.
  4. Don't think it's mind games from Mccall. Think he made a throw away comment and realised that when asked to expand. In any case it's daft, as these types of things are only ever used as motivation.
  5. I don't have any sympathy for either manager over injuries. Both managers have full time budgets available, and have chosen quality over quantity, especially up front. That comes at a cost when the injuries and suspensions kick in.
  6. Stranraer are pretty decent at home so I think this will be a harder game than many think. With Alloa away the following week, we could really do with a win. The draw against Ayr was fine, providing we can take advantage of the games in hand.
  7. Why is Spence a horrible human? Because he celebrated a goal and tried to put the keeper off? The irony of Ayr fans calling anyone else precious
  8. I think Mckay has done absolutely fine, but I can't see Smith dropping Murray and Mchattie will go at left back.
  9. That's a clear pen, but the way Shankland has went down has swung it for the ref. Don't quite agree with the Ayr fan who said our defence was pish. Ayr had scored an average of 3 goals per away game and have ran riot at a few grounds this season, there was never any danger of that happening yesterday. Added to that I don't think any of the defence other than Thomson would be playing in those positions if we had our full squad available.
  10. Strange thing to be absolutely raging about though. Ive seen that happen a few times from a few different teams. I'd say it's being streetwise rather than anything else.
  11. Also, I remember Ayr players giving it big kicks in front of the South Stand in September. Grow up ffs.
  12. Your team came to kick us off the park, and your manager was absolutely seething for no reason at all. The lack of class didn't come from our side.
  13. Tight match towards the end that could probably have gone either way i think.