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  1. This is pretty much my thoughts. More than happy with that starting 11 for this level, but there really is not much else. Pressure on these young lads, and I guess we will get a good idea where the youth system actually is.
  2. I dont know who is in Fifes Finest and who isn't, but in the past few years we've had racist shouts, sexist shouts, shouts about Norrie and now apparently shouts against disabled folk from somewhere within the support. There are some of our fans who are actually not nice people at all. I don't think blaming groups is fair as i don't know who is or isn't part of any group, but there is a problem somewhere. Also not correct to say "that's football" It's an emotive game and we've all got carried away at refs/opposition fans/Davidson, but that doesn't excuse down right nasty and malicious behaviour.
  3. Don't know if it was them, but there were people near the front who were getting on Lennox case after about 5 minutes. 5 minutes!
  4. In this case it's not goody goody. It's condemning people mocking the disabled. That's just basic decency.
  5. Lots to build on, but pretty positive. Thought Robertson was brilliant. Final ball was lacking today and set pieces weren't very good at all. We should have scored though, which is positive.
  6. Osei looks absolutely miles off the pace to be honest.
  7. Not much in the game, but Utd deserve to be in front. Rovers final ball hasn't been good at all today. .
  8. Grim as f**k. Just go 1-11.
  9. Best pub close to the ground chaps? Been to Clep bar before but that's about it.
  10. Difficult to gauge really as that was such a one sided match and we actually played at a very high tempo. nice to see a Rovers team play with some confidence.
  11. We got scudded by East Fife two years ago and then went on to have our best season in years. That said, Pars have been fucking humming.
  12. Yeah it is.
  13. Booing in a friendly... That's a new one
  14. Ooft. Vaughan.