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  1. I miss Dick Campbell.
  2. And the others went out their way to go to the game and trawl through 12 months of posts afterwards.
  3. On Dick Campbell it appears.
  4. Well they brought around 1200 each time last time, I dont think I have ever seen an Ayr support that big in the past 10 years.
  5. Its a double edged sword and probably depends on how immediate the financial implications are. If we sell these guys then it frees up cash but lessens the likelyhood of promotion. But it all depends on what the club can afford to do. We will have a derby with East Fife who will be foaming at the mouth to finally beat us. That will see us with two reasonable travelling supports at least.
  6. Pretty confident we will get higher crowds than Ayr. Wont be by much but I cant see our home gates dropping off by that much (if we make a reasonable start that is. If it’s a disaster of a season the all bets are off) Both teams were utter rank last season, but when the sides met the other week Ayr looked a good bit worse than ourselves. If both teams keep the core of what they have and recruit sensibly, we will be better than Ayr.
  7. Christian Patino defensive coach IMO. In all seriousness I have it on pretty good authority it's going to be Ryan Blackadder and Karl Hawley.
  8. We’ve reached our new low point. Arguing over where Dick Campbell is. As for any potential appointment of him…very wrong move for both parties. The shortest of short term measures. If we failed to win promotion and still had Dick Campbell in charge, f**k knows where we’d go from there.
  9. Im just going to post this gif in every Rovers related thread from now on. It really does summarise quite nicely being a Rovers fan right now.
  10. Some East Fife fans and some older Rovers fans think the Rovers East Fife Derby is actually a thing these days. I see it on par with Cowdenbeath. I've been supporting the Rovers for over 20 years and can think of one season where we played each other, and those games lost the edge after the Gray thing became boring. Never got why there is a massive hatred from East Fife to the Rovers. It's an obsession for some.
  11. Nor would I, but if we were going down the route of young coach with no managerial experience then I'd look further afield than Easton.
  12. Wouldnt take Easton over Ellis. Ellis has 5 years experience of being assistant manager at this level which Easton hasn't really got. Wouldn't be keen on either though.
  13. Was weird on off the ball last week. He said the contract was sorted just needed to be signed... As though a pen was an outlandish piece of equipment that took weeks to calibrate. I'd guess he's looking for better, but I don't class us as a better option.
  14. Heard it's going to be Jay Stein with Martin Prest as assistant.
  15. Having thought about it, Campbell has more credentials for the job than Young. He actually has a very impressive record at lower league level. It just makes me cringe and I don't know why.