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  1. Too early for Mccall to be under any pressure. 6 points at this stage of the season isn't any real gap at all, one set of results can shake things right up.
  2. Happy with any win. Always wary about feeling confident etc.
  3. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I agree that our current free scoring run won't continue, we certainly didn't deserve to win our past two games with 7-1 aggregate score. We have been playing well all season though even before this purple patch. Don't buy this poor Ayr nonsense. You can't concede 5 goals in your last 2 home games and starting looking elsewhere for blame.
  4. Barr missed a sitter at 2-1, we hit the post and forced the keeper into a save first half, that's 3 chances straight away. Absolute seeth.
  5. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    Was strange to hear Mccall say that as his proudest moment with Ayr. If playing some decent football, creating not very much and having a dreadful back line and goalkeeper is his proudest moment then that's absolutely bizarre. Ayr played some really lovely passing football, but it really didn't lead to much. Also for as much as we were second best first half, we had about as much good chances as Ayr. Ayr held on to the ball much better but I think how well they played is being overstated a bit. I'd put the inability of Ayr to score down to some really good Rovers defending. Not much glaring misses at all. Defend like we did in the 2nd half all season we will be absolutely fine. Tricky one without Benedictus.
  6. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    Not a huge amount of sitters there, more down to really good defending. It's part of the game and we did it well, happy for Ayr to have plenty nice possession if we defend like that. Looked like stonewaller of a pen shout too. Red card was the right call, it was a foul but the dive from Zanatta was daft.
  7. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    It was a foul but he made too much of it.
  8. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    That's more like it.
  9. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    Flip side is we were miles off it today and still won and in the end managed to see it out pretty well. Early days but Ayr look good value for dropping points against the other sides in the league. And for as much as Ayr dominated at times can't think of too many great chances.
  10. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    I don't know what he brings that Brian doesn't to be honest.
  11. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    1st half I thought Ayr dominated and deserved to be ahead. 2nd half was more even and we got a bit of luck with the goals but they all count. Ayr were quite "robust" with their challenges, but that turned to indiscipline in the 2nd half. They are a tidy side but acting like a bunch of cloggers won't do much for them. Also think we kept them at bay pretty well in the 2nd half, and whilst they had some really nice passages of play we did well to keep them out. At the back though they are honking. Not hard to see how they have lost against Arbroath and Montrose. Thought we did well the back considering and Davo was superb. Will need to do something about the Bene situation though, absolutely massive loss for us. Nothing won yet at all, but it's not a bad place to be. Still unbeaten and Vaughan scoring for fun. Hilarious to see Ayr fans running down the fron for a non existent pen, and there were some absolute seething messes walking about after the game. Also a bit misguided for the Ayr players to be goading fans 40 mins into the game. We we will miss Callachan badly. I'm not one of the "get it forward " brigade but we missed him driving the ball forwards today.
  12. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    He was fantastic this season for us. Ayr are playing some lovely stuff. Very good footballing side.
  13. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    Ayr miles better than us. Callachan is an absolutely huge miss.