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  1. Astonishing that pictures of human shit and bedsheet signs are not the low point of our banter with rival fans in the past year.
  2. Barr is a winger so that'll take care of itself, and I'd imagine we would see Vaughan in a more midfield role playing off the front two.
  3. We have the core of a team who have both finished 20 points clear in 4th, and were utterly horrendous last season. Granted there were other players supplementing both of those runs of form, but the point still remains that we shouldn’t be certain about what we are going to see. We will have a light squad and injuries could absolutely f**k us. If everyone stays fit the whole season and plays to their potential then we would probably just about be favourites, but that isn’t going to happen. Plenty teams get relegated into the league below and toil. St Mirren almost got relegated and had another indifferent season before that, Dundee Utd weren’t very good and Falkirk are still there after what seems like forever. Add to that Dunfermline in League 1 (And ourselves a decade ago). Im delighted with Spence and Buchanan and will be equally so if Vaughan/Matthews remain…but this will likely be a tough season and I certainly don’t harbour any thoughts of us romping this league. For Vaughan also there is a bit of pressure on him. He hasn’t consistently performed over any real period of time so we may need to be patient with him. That said, Im absolutely delighted to see the back of Skacel, Mchattie, Jordon Thomson, Roberts, Johnston et al. Skacel I felt sympathy for as I don’t doubt his professionalism, the legs had just totally gone….the others I certainly would doubt professionalism and they will be lucky to be playing League football in a few years time. Some like Hardie, Mcmanus, Stweart etc I don’t harbour too much ill feeling for, but we did have a squad with some absolute c***s in it. I also rather ashamedly don’t know too much about the rest of the teams in this league, other than Ayr. I would expect to finish in the top 4 given we are full time and some slight element of quality in there, but as to how close we are to the title I don’t know.
  4. I miss the days of booing Davidson before the teams had been announced. Just need to see that number 6 on his shorts and we knew he was starting.
  5. No idea what the f**k is going to happen. Bulk of a squad who finished 20 points clear in the Championship playoffs, then had the fucking disaster last season. Anyones guess. We are in the strange situation of having been relegated.... Yet vastly improved our striking options. More confident than I was in May, but that will change.
  6. Declan Mcmanus was absolutely fucking shite for a large part of last season. He has a good turn of pace, but nowhere near good enough for Championship level. To get rid of Mcmanus and Stewart and end up with Buchannan and Spence is very good business for ourselves. Signing poor players who played for one of the worst sides in the league last season is a strange strategy, it has to be said.
  7. October time he scored a few games in a row. By immense, I'm comparing him to our other strikers
  8. Im not a fan. Has 4/5 game spells a season where he looks immense, but not good enough over a whole season. Loves missing a one on one. Pretty injury prone too. Certainly think we have upgraded our striking options that's for sure.
  9. It was the Raith TV guys who mentioned it. Something like Hughes told him under no circumstances should he go back beyond the half way line, and within minutes of going on ended up back in the 6 yard box.
  10. We don't, but from purely a footballing perspective we didn't/don't need that. It was perplexing that he didn't feature again, but we didn't see nearly enough of him to make a call as to if he was good enough or not. Certainly wouldn't have kept him at all costs.
  11. We didn't see enough of Coustrain to know either way. Guys who give up and go home, regardless of circumstances, aren't really who we need right now though.
  12. It’s a difficult situation to find ourselves in, as we are between a rock and a hard place. We are bottom of the pile for full time players, and not enough of a draw to convince the best part time players to go full time. We are fortunate in that we have a relatively solid foundation already signed up. If we don’t go up though, will be an even more difficult situation to be in.
  13. He is a centre back who's entire game is based around being strong in the air and keeping it simple. We lost 3 goals against St Mirren and Brechin at such a crucial time.... due to him fucking up in the air and not keeping it simple. Being our player of the season last season really is no endorsement.
  14. Have Alloa got a new pitch?
  15. Spence scored the goal for Alloa that meant Ayr dropped points when we beat Queens Park. Was 2009 we left this league.