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  1. Defeats, no matter how heroic, are useless at this stage. Hence why we need to pick up something in some some tough ties, which is putting the fear into me.
  2. We need to pick up something from this, which is a shame as I see that as quite unlikely.
  3. When the manager himself comes out and says "That was brutal" and apologies to supporters for the quality on display, I really doubt that. I dont think these players are doing what they have been told on the park. Whether they dont have the mentality or confidence I dont know, but theres no chance Hughes set us out to play that disgusting shite we did at the weekend.
  4. Challenge accepted. We have the worst away form in the league, have lost 5 away games on the spin, and have 4 of our last 6 games away from home.
  5. Im sure Robinson tried to clutch his head or insinuate Mcmanus had hit him. Could be wrong though.
  6. Fair enough, doesn't explain the play acting by Robinson with Mcmanus though. Anyway, we didn't deserve to win and we really need to pull at least one away win out the bag.
  7. There is a absolutely nothing conclusive with that video. Strange to see Dobbie gesture to the Rovers support given that nobody shouted anything towards him. That along with Robinsons antics was very strange.
  8. Aparrently when he came on against Ayr he did the complete opposite of what Hughes asked him to do.
  9. The ref gave fouls like that all over the park all afternoon. Robinson really didn't cover himself in glory yesterday at all. Poor show. Our best chance of three points between now and the end of the season. Dissapointing.
  10. We have 4 away games left, and we've lost all of our last 5. We need a few wins, and lord knows where they are coming from.
  11. For me, having given so much fouls elsewhere in the pitch for similar, he had to give the pen.
  12. What today shows is that it's utterly ridiculous that players at this level and clubs of our size play football as their main profession. Two teams playing utter muck.
  13. Some atrocious football on show from us today. Absolutely horrendous. Yet again we have been completely unable to build on a decent result. Didn't come close to winning that today. Devent pen shout I think. Would have been soft, but the ref had been giving fouls like that all over the pitch. Still, absolutely devoid of any quality there and our run of fixtures is quite scary.
  14. Weve been quite poor really. Got a goal and done f**k all else.
  15. Pic posted on Twitter makes it look like the ball was over the line.