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  1. Man of many clubs at the grand old age of ?? Dec McManus
  2. Need to wait on new signings. It's close season no point in talking about formations etc. Enjoy yer summer and see who joins us then talk about strategy etc. Seasons done. Chill and enjoy it
  3. Can't get logged on to Morton chatter. But I would like to echo Clydeview's comment about youth development. He's spot on. I take it the suits who made these fixtures up don't have families that have to get up at 4am for these units regionalised fixtures. Midday kick offs wtf
  4. Surely by the end of the working week ie bank holiday we should at least get an update
  5. Hopkins knocks back Carlisle
  6. A chance to get closer to livvy with their game being off due to a frozen pitch. Think we have them on Tues as well weather permitting
  7. Celtic v Morton

    Ayrshire ton. The Morton support was halved today. 9 train stations in Greenock alone even a hundred fans scattered over them would have upped our attendance. Everybody was up for it till the trains were cancelled. The club could have run buses in snyc with McGills who could be the future owner and part of our club. Warren Hawke should have got a hold of McGills and ran buses from Cappielow a fiver return which would have worked with plenty of notice. Was in toinlet for 2nd goal But apparently it was outside?
  8. Celtic v Morton

    The sfa guy who decided game was on obviously pressured by Sky and Celtic disny give a shit. He's off in July to take over Scottish Golf. C**T. Correct only about 400 fans tops will be travelling by supps buses and other 70% have been disregarded. Joke
  9. Celtic v Morton

    All trains off today from Inverclyde according to Scot rail website. Hope they check tracks and at least put a Sunday service on. Quarter Final Day FFS
  10. Celtic v Morton

    According to skysports news game in major doubt. Also Duffy snowed in and Morton can't find anywhere to train.
  11. Queens v Morton

    Good have done better. Enjoyed the game yesterday. Great night in Dumfries. Like this weekend forum. Better than the 10 regulars on the Morton Forum who wanted a boycott and the Hounding of Duffy before we started our unbeaten run.
  12. Queens v Morton

    Out our next 7 games we've only got 1 at home
  13. "This is Motherwell first visit here at Hampden since 2011". Commentator on BT Sport. Really? I thought Motherwell played QP at Hampden a few months back in the group section of this season so Leaguess Cup. Covered live by BT sports and maybe by the same commentators.
  14. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    Yip Iain ton. Its only a START.