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  1. Like the game against Clyde, I'd be content with a draw and thrilled with a win here. Morale should still be high, hope that'll go aways in getting a result.
  2. So close to being decent, but the black candy stripe kinda spoils it for me there.
  3. I'm leaving for a road trip to Croatia on Friday, but have redirected my initially planned course towards the Slovenian coastal town of Dekani, where NK Jadran Dekani play in this absolute belter;
  4. Finally took possession of the signed Mariners kitty from their championship-winning season, not a bad one to have at all; https://club25football.wordpress.com/2017/08/08/2579/
  5. Week 1 - Ayr United Week 2- Livingston Week 1 was a shoe-in, feeling much less certain about Livi this week but seems like the smartest bet.
  6. Better than anything Nike has put out for PSG the past 10+ years tbh. Cercle Brugge (Club's rebellious little brother) going simple with German Erima and Stade Lavallois stealing Monaco/Utrecht's gimmick;
  7. Didn't think it'd happen, but it's a winning start to the season for the Dream Team. Did come against a Clyde side that seems as labile as last year, so no telling whether the squad is ready or just lucked out.
  8. Well, that was pleasing if wholly unexpected. Don't think anyone genuinely believed we'd beat Clyde today. Doesn't stifle the worries of this becoming another dumpster fire of a season, but winning matches like these is what will make the difference between 9th and 10th at the end of the campaign.
  9. What a fitting end for the Lionesses! Congrats on being rid of the Women's coverage, lads!
  10. You just know they'll spin it as being down to home advantage or some shit if England do end up pipped out by our national team. Meanwhile, we'd be stuck with the media milking the tournament for a while longer....
  11. Those are their 2014/2015 tops (own the home one, fine piece of kitty), they're heading into their second season of drab Nike guff now; As for Sheffield Wednesday, a word on the supplier; Elev8 is the club's in-house energy drink brand owned by their chairmen. Fans are saying this move seems to be a way for him to pump more money into the club without running afoul of financial fairplay rules. Finally, I thought Benevento's supplier was called Fag for a sec, never seen it before.
  12. I've a contact visiting Australia atm, she managed to get me a signed Mariners jersey from the Kappa years. Will go nicely with the Jets top I already have (and two Sydney FC tops, come to think of it); https://club25football.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/newcastle-jets-fc-2005-2007-home-shirt/
  13. Last time I'm posting the Bury tops, now with sponsors; only saving grace is that Tappit's logo isn't multicoloured. Crest and sponsors placed too low for my liking, choice of gold and white for the crest on the away is bewildering.
  14. Annan 0-2 Peterhead Berwick 1-1 Clyde Edinburgh 3-1 Montrose Elgin 0-2 Cowden Stenny 2-1 Stirling