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  1. I absolutely adore Changi Airport in Singapore, passed through there plenty of times to and from the Netherlands and other SE Asian nations, and it's a pleasurable experience every time. Huge viewing zone for EPL matches and replays, huge selection of restaurants and food stalls on offer with food relatively cheap due to the exchange rate for the SG Dollar, and excellent wifi and service. Would never like to have a delayed flight, but if I had to pick a place for it to happen to me, it'd be Changi. Worst airport is probably Abu Dhabi, which was horribly overpriced (even for an airport) with unfriendly staff and few seating accommodations, in addition to a strange layout and some cultural differences I can't overcome. Pudong in Shanghai comes close too, but mostly due to the horrible wifi and China blocking countless Western sites rather than anything to do with the airport specifically.
  2. Hey everyone, I collect football shirts, and have recently started a site about it (see signature, but that's all the self-advertising I'm gonna do); one of my goals is to get a home top from every single League team in Scotland. To this end, I'm hoping some of the punters on P&B may have an old kit or two that they don't want anymore and would like to sell for a decent price (as I also have to pay for shipping to the Netherlands, I can't afford too much). Sizes M and L welcome. I've already attained a kit from the following clubs, so no longer looking for these; Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hibernian, Raith Rovers, Livingston. Think you have something for me? Let me know in a post in this thread or via PM!
  3. The Darren Lavery goalscoring express is to make it two in a row this Saturday with the Borderers taking on the Black and Whites at Shielfield. Berwick have won two of their last three games, with a draw to Stirling sandwiched inbetween victories against Forfar and Annan. Coughlin's gold and black clad boys can rise to fifth in the standings if they win and Montrose lose to the league leaders. Elgin have the same recent record, with a draw versus Forfar separating two wins against Clyde and Edinburgh City. With two games in hand over Arbroath, the Moray boys desperately need a win to stay on the Lichties' heels in the race for second place. Given clashing colours, expect Elgin to turn out in their blue and red change kit.
  4. So what about his son then?
  5. Nathan Rutjes, hardworking midfielder for Dutch Eredivisie club Roda JC Kerkrade;
  6. Don't think he's a real bad guy or anything, but he's also not the brightest if he managed to get caught like this. Bottom of League 2 won't get more exciting if our Cowden friends keep getting embroiled in antics like this.
  7. Does the entire board consist of the manager's family members? Or is he on a 5 year contract that would cripple the club in the event of him being fired? I have nothing against the club or its fans, but the apparent mismanagement does little to endear me to the prospect of Cowden surviving a play-off against EK or the Shire.
  8. Can't quite believe Lavery scored again, in addition to us taking three points from this game. Forfar still comfortably heading to direct promotion with the Lichties only taking a point this weekend, so no real losers in this game so to speak. Who was the trialist that got sent off not long after getting switched in? Was Donkor any good?
  9. Can't quite believe it finally happened, might have to mail him a crate of Heineken for repaying my faith in 'm!
  10. I understand that everyone's heard quite enough about franchises and such when it comes to Livi, but I hope you all understand that it is not my intention to take a few pot shots at the club. In fact, I've admitted to liking it in the article, and I've posted in this thread before (long time ago, but still) so it's absolutely not like I want to smear Livi. However, when you're introducing a shirt of a smallish club to an international audience, you need to highlight what makes them unique, which in Livi's case is a somewhat chequered past. Note that I did not call the club a franchise, but rather used the examples of American teams and MK Dons to create context for readers that are not in the know. I fully understand that it's the same old that any fan will have heard a thousand times before, but nonetheless I don't want to pull any punches as the point is to give a bit of exposure to shirt, club, and their quirks, rather than be as positive as possible even when it's a club I have sympathy for. I definitely appreciate everyone taking the time to read it and the feedback given here, will take it on board in trying to improve in the future.
  11. I hate to be one to self-advertise, but I've been busy building a site called Club 25 for my collection, on which I'm posting regular in-depth analysis and review pieces. Target is to get all my tops on there, but just trying to get some starting content on there right now. Consider giving it a read (only Scottish strip among the ten on there so far is Livi's 04/05 deckchair) and a Like on Facebook; https://club25football.wordpress.com/ Facebook page
  12. Bit of unwarranted self-advertisement here (sorry about that, normally I contribute to P&B in a more constructive manner), but the club's Facebook account shared an article I wrote about the weird yellow-white strip Livi wore in 04/05. Thought it'd might be interesting for you guys to see too; https://club25football.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/livingston-f-c-home-shirt-20042005/ Facebook Post What was the consensus on Xara as a supplier back in the day? I quite like this top I got to celebrate a title with the team in Football Manager, hope to add a second to the collection soon.
  13. Skyrim has a proven track record (whatever you may think of it), Horizon is a new game with plenty of question marks right now. The first foray into open world games and the RPG genre for developer Guerilla Games, which may horribly backfire. Also, the protagonist is voiced by Ashly Burch, that's enough to put me off it.
  14. You're right, I failed to include them in the OP. Will rectify that mistake right now.
  15. Game was absolutely pish, even compared to Mafia II. Where that game was a short rollercoaster ride of high point after high point, Mafia III was an already mediocre story stretched out across tens of hours of incredibly boring gameplay. That's even omitting the fact that the game was rather unplayable at launch.