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  1. Still can't believe Clyde will leapfrog us with a win, but that's what it has come to. Looking at the schedule ahead, a Cowden loss here is likely to put the final nail in the play-off coffin (with only three of their remaining games against bottom half teams, including a Clyde side that may have kicked their ass two weeks earlier) Best of luck to both teams; regardless of the outcome, there's gonna be one certain loser and that'll be Edinburgh for losing ground to either side.
  2. Big win for Clyde, congrats lads. Can''t believe you lot may very well leapfrog us by winning v Cowden.....
  3. Hoping Hamilton is alright and that this proved to be a jump-scare with extreme caution exercised on the scene. Congrats go to the Lichties for what appears to have been a relatively straightforward win. Going to be an exciting conclusion to the title race this season for sure, and Arbroath look up for it. Mildly comforting to see Cowden back to losing ways, and what a masive win for Clyde! Bully Wee looked out for the count for quite a while, but now they can leapfrog usi n the standings by winning the midweek game ffs. Don't see the Dream Team taking any points against Forfar and Elginso we ccaan only keep our fingers crossed the coming weeks.
  4. As @LiviLion remarked, there's the issue of different sponsors for different kits (Raith has been doing it for some years I think, and Clyde and East Fife have it as well this season), but I suspect it's mostly just so the clubs can sell more replica shirts. Look at Hibs; they almost never need a change but still wear their away garb regularly. Overly commercial, but understandable given the decent revenue kit sales generate.
  5. Saturday afternoon sees Berwick's Dream Team square off against the Red Lichties from Arbroath at Shielfield Park in the 29th round of the 16/17 Ladbrokes Scottish League 2. After playing two midweek fixtures over the past fourteen days, Berwick have little momentum coming into this match; Coughlin's side have failed to string together two wins all season, with 7 points from the last 5 games being a meager score considering that three of those matches were against Edinburgh (draw), Cowden (loss), and Clyde (win). With 10 scored and 11 conceded across past month, the black&gold are looking to Thomson to keep racking up the goals (a midweek punt having elevated him to third in the goalscoring charts) while the leaky defence will hope to record its first clean sheet since a 0-1 to Cowden in January. If Berwick win and Montrose lose, Berwick will leap to 6th, whereas a defeat and a win for Edinburgh at Clyde will see us slip to 8th The maroon-clad visitors from the North will be looking to bring the pain, hopefully alongside some smokies, with three wins and two draws from their last 5 league fixtures. With no midweek matches under their belt, the Lichties have been quietly chipping away at Forfar's lead over them, which has now diminished to just three points. If Arbroath record a win and Forfar lose to Elgin, both teams will swap places in the tables which would be a favourable position for Campbell's boys to be in ahead of their match against the Loons on the 8th of April. The last time these two teams met Arbroath wiped the Gayfield pitch with Berwick in a 4-1 win (Jan. 14th), with the last match at Shielfield between the two teams resulting in a 1-1 draw. That match saw the Lichties run out in their home kit (considering their navy/yellow away effort clashes with black and gold), so expect maroon to be back on the field.
  6. Bricking it after last Saturday, Elgin is gonna gives us a clue whether Cowden's result in Berwick was a fluke (or a direct result of us being very dire) or a stronger revival than Clyde, City, and ourselves are hoping for.
  7. Right you are, still had the schedule with the match v. Clyde in my head.
  8. Can't really say anything until after tomorrow's match with City. Cowden was a piss poor result and the end of the faint glimmer of hope we had regarding the promotion play-offs. We'd do well to get a draw from the Lichties after the congested schedule the team had, but I'm fearful. I'd rather see Arbroath going up than the Loons, despite Gayfield seemingly being a bangin' away day, so good luck to yous lot in the remaining matches after the weekend.
  9. Big fat bump for this thread ahead of tomorrow. Still reeling from what Cowden did to us on Saturday, this match has become a must-win now.
  10. I like Naval 1ยบ de Maio from a good run I had with them in Football Manager back when they were still in the second tier - not doing quite so hot nowadays unfortunately. Don't feel quite as much for back-up team Penafiel.
  11. Cheers for the FB shout out lad, much appreciated (being a start-up is hard work). The moment I get my grubby mits on a Hereford kitty it's gonna get featured, hoping the club drops the 40 quid price tag on the eBay shop some time soon. By the by, I only just realized Sherjill MacDonald played for the old club. Funny coincidence, he played for my home town team too. Not so funny coincidence, they went bust as well (in 2013)......
  12. I don't know what Bioware has been doing, but for some reason Peebee is holding her gun in the wrong direction; EDIT; I was unsure of the context (she could have been handing it to someone), but she actually shoots a flying drone. With the wrong end of the gun.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_dPTprFWiw&t=1566s
  13. 'Grats to Cowden, outclassed and outshined us on the pitch. Remains to be seen whether this turns out to be a dead cat bounce, but Berwick should look down rather than up for now.
  14. Well, this is embarassing....
  15. Line-up for Berwick today; Brennan, Hamilton, Scullion, Spark, Phillips, Notman, Thomson, McKirdy, Lavery, Kessells, Rutherford. Bench; Goodfellow, Donkor, Fairbairn, Orru, Verlaque, Watt, Murrell Excited to see Kessells in the starting 11, looking forward to see what he can do with more than 5 minutes in a game. As for the visitors from Cowden; Sneddon, Mullen, Pyper, Ramsby, McLauchlan, Rutherford, Hederson, Ross, Buchanan, Renton, Carrick Bench; Moore, O'Brien, Glen, Johnston, Muirhead