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  1. Well, a draw's a draw (and I was bricking it after the 1-0) but the real disappointment today is Forfar. Way to job it and ruin what would have been the best possible end to the season for both Clyde and Berwick.
  2. Off-topic but that image is the saddest thing I've seen in quite a while. Not much to say about this game, EK probs gonna win with a two or three goal difference.
  3. I'd like to thank everyone at the club and in the stands for the hospitality they showed us when we came to visit Gayfield for the match v. Edinburgh City last week. Was a pleasure meeting some of you, divvying out the stroopwafels, and the overall experience was unforgettable (hot damn those steak & black pudding pies, were those made locally?). Raided the club store at half time and snagged both the home and away tops for this season. I've done a little write-up on them and the day itself on my design blog, do give it a read fi you've got time; https://club25football.wordpress.com/2017/04/24/arbroath-fc-20162017-home-away-shirts/
  4. Forfar win next week + gentlemen's agreement at Broadwood = Cowden play-off bound after all, despite 11 points in 8 games under Locke (plus three v. Berwick right after Fox was booted.
  5. Reaching safety before Berwick, Clyde, and Cowdenbeath do, who'd have thunk it during pre-season? 'Grats to all my City friends, way to show that the club (and the play-offs) are a good addition to the SFL!
  6. Would love to know what the bookies are offering for a 0-0 on this match. Forfar seem to have regained to have regained their form, so a gentlemen's agreement at Broadwood is about as big a shoe-in as you can get in this league.
  7. Starting eleven: Brennan, Hamilton, Spark, Notman, Scullion, Fairbairn, Thomson, Lavery, Rutherford, McKenna and Phillips. Cautiously optimistic, happy to have Lavery back in the lineup.
  8. Win this and we should be safe, really don't want to go into the last against City on our current point tally; they've got a good fighting spirit. Hope Kessells gets a full game; at least he proved to be something of an improvement to the squad, unlike Donkor.
  9. Was happy to trade him a FCU pin for a Blobby one, and some ever-present stroopwafels for a Blobby biscuit. Best part was the photoshoot of course!
  10. Nae, I got on the City supporters bus to visit the game at Arbroath! Was the most convenient for the gf as we were staying close to Meadowbank. Got the Shire top at their suppliers' store in the city centre.
  11. Such a beaut, isn't she? Had the lad at Football Nation rummage through the back to find me the last L sized top;
  12. With a succesful trip to Edinburgh and Arbroath, we've added Arbroath, Hearts, Edinburgh City, and East Stirlingshire to our stable of teams. Kits of these and other clubs still welcome!
  13. Don't usually like to double-post, but finished my write-up on City's strip for this season for my football shirt site. Give it a read if you like (and if you run the club's Facebook page, do consider posting a link to it and my site's Facebook page *hint*hint*nudge*nudge*); https://club25football.wordpress.com/2017/04/19/matchworn-edinburgh-city-20162017-home-shirt/
  14. We're back in NL after a mighty fine Easter Weekend in Edinburgh and that beautiful four-seasons-in-one-day trip up to Arbroath. Have to laud everyone at the club for their hospitality and genuine kindness to two complete strangers who wiggled their way onto the bus. Hope everyone enjoyed the stroopwafels, and hope to see you all back at the new Meadowbank one day. No doubt that it'll be for League football as I have no doubts City are staying up. Missing my bff Mr. Blobby though (Credit for pic goes to the good people at Abroath FC)
  15. Had a feeling Annan would make me eat my words, fair play to them for stepping up to the plate. This season has been horrible and I wish it over ASAP. Still doubt Berwick'll end up in the play-offs, but there has to be more to life than this.