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  1. I, for one, welcome the righteous spankin' our Cumbernauld overlords will dish out come matchday.
  2. Jack Rodwell

    To be fair that loan would see him move over these shores, can't fault him for turning that down!
  3. New kits for 18/19

    From the Singapore Premier League, Geylang International (expect a similar design for Yeovil next season) and Balestier Khalsa (fancy tiger); https://club25football.wordpress.com/2018/04/02/geylang-international-2018-home-shirt/ https://club25football.wordpress.com/2018/04/09/balestier-khalsa-2018-home-shirt/
  4. New kits for 18/19

    Hi everyone! After last season's wildly succesful thread (which you can view here), it's time for us to move on to the shirts we will be seeing in 2018/2019. Yes, it is early, and it is April still, but with capitalism and commercialism rampant across all levels of the beautiful game, more and more clubs opt to launch their kits before the holiday period to make mad dosh off punters looking to wear the latest strips on holiday. Discounting leaks, Celtic and Liverpool were the first 'big' clubs to reveal their new offerings and you can expect many more to follow suit over the coming weeks. As things stand, Nike, adidas, and Puma still dominate the absolute top teams, with New Balance and Umbro slowly expanding their portfolio and middle-sized brands like Macron and Joma supplying a fair few teams across the leagues. We're counting on Erreà to turn on the style once more, and hummel might see a resurgence based on their coup in supplying Rangers for the next few years. Further down the ladder, Stanno, Mitre, Pendle and the like will continue to cater to teams that sell limited numbers of shirt, and we might see an interesting new brand or two pop up like FBT last year. Everyone is invited and, indeed, encouraged to post new strips they come across, be they Scottish or from foreign shores, big or small teams! Comments voicing disapproval are welcome too, considering we'll see many a fashion gaffe amongst a few brilliant strips with most every club and brand now changing kits every single season in pursuit of the replica market.
  5. New Kits for 17/18

    Should I make a thread for 18/19 tops already? Bit early for that honestly, but that didn't keep Celtic and Liverpool from revealing their new shirts already. Probably the best look for Liverpool in years and years. If the pattern was a bit more prominent you'd think it was the early 90's again!
  6. Hereford FC

    'Grats to all who hold Hereford FC dear, will be good to see 'em back in Football Manager 2019! Here's to two more promotions in the coming years
  7. Steve Kean

    Kean got the boot at Brunei DPMM, a club owned by the Crown Prince of Brunei and playing in Singapore; http://www.espnfc.com/singapore-s-league/story/3259339/ex-premier-league-manager-steve-kean-to-leave-brunei-dpmm He managed to make them quite a powerhouse, even winning the League in 2015, but things have been pretty shit since. As the article mentions, he only managed 4 wins in 23 games this season, with the team sitting in 8th place (out of 9 teams). Saw quite a few of their games in person in 2016, the side never impressed me but I'm sure he'll land another gig in South-East Asia.
  8. New Kits for 17/18

    I'm just gonna admit it; I rerouted my holiday trip by some 200 kilometers for the sole reason of going to Dekani, Slovenia to get this belter; https://club25football.wordpress.com/2017/09/09/nk-jadran-dekani-20172018-home-shirt/ Had to wrestle it out of the hands of the club president, but boy is it worth the trouble;
  9. New Kits for 17/18

    You can call it clean/smart/boring, it's the home shirt for Fortuna Sittard (Dutch 2nd tier);
  10. Stirling vs Berwick

    Like the game against Clyde, I'd be content with a draw and thrilled with a win here. Morale should still be high, hope that'll go aways in getting a result.
  11. New Kits for 17/18

    So close to being decent, but the black candy stripe kinda spoils it for me there.
  12. New Kits for 17/18

    I'm leaving for a road trip to Croatia on Friday, but have redirected my initially planned course towards the Slovenian coastal town of Dekani, where NK Jadran Dekani play in this absolute belter;
  13. A-League 2017/18

    Finally took possession of the signed Mariners kitty from their championship-winning season, not a bad one to have at all; https://club25football.wordpress.com/2017/08/08/2579/
  14. Week 1 - Ayr United Week 2- Livingston Week 1 was a shoe-in, feeling much less certain about Livi this week but seems like the smartest bet.
  15. New Kits for 17/18

    Better than anything Nike has put out for PSG the past 10+ years tbh. Cercle Brugge (Club's rebellious little brother) going simple with German Erima and Stade Lavallois stealing Monaco/Utrecht's gimmick;