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  1. The daily deals and flash sales disappeared when the refund policy was implemented; people could just buy a game, then wait with playing until a deeper discount was applied during one of the aforementioned, and then refund and repurchase at a lower price. It's a shame really, as these deals added a lot of excitement. Still, I suppose the refund policy is in the consumer's best interest so we shouldn't really complain.
  2. Xara is an American brand that still caters to amateur sides in their domestic market, but saw their last contract in Europe expire when Norwich ripped up their agreement to pen a better deal with Errea. I own two fo their Norwich tops and one from Livingston (the infamous deckchair design), good quality, if a bit heavy in feel. Masita is a Dutch sports brand with a long history of going bust and rebranding themselves, who have finally figured out how to make decent kits and not go bust; two clean tops for MVV Maastricht ruined by the most effortless corporate mascot ever;
  3. A signing's a signing, but I would've preferred someone with a little bit more experience to them.
  4. I missed the memo where most of the Premier League and Championship decided on bringing shady Asian gambling conglomerates onto their tops. 'Fans will complain less if everyone else is doing it too!'. And even if it's not Asian betting firms, it's shite like LeoVegas on Norwich and Brentford. This is how St. Mirren's Twitter account 'lrevealed' the home top. Looks really nasty to be honest, Joma has been hit and miss this season;
  5. Oldham doing their best to channel their inner Barnet with their new away kit. Home is blue as usual, in a simple template. Really preferred the previous crest the club had;
  6. Barnet going for a simple look, love how they implemented the badge into the kit;
  7. Obligatory (Rogue One spoilers I guess); https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fA2yV2i04c
  8. Love these, Kappa is great (away would be decent for Watford I reckon);
  9. The S.League has a peculiar policy of forcing teams to play 'home' games at the former national stadium; teams have to play at least one 'home' tie per season there to give the league a bit of sparkle (much bigger venue). Brunei plays most of their home games in Brunei (in a 28000 seater stadium with average crowds of maybe a thousand?), and is forced to use the stadium in Singapore a bit more often; out of 16 home games, 12 or so will be in Brunei and 4 in Singapore. Albirex Niigata Singapore has its own stadium in Singapore and would be mad to play in Japan; there's a decently sized local community of expatriates that shows up in reasonable numbers, and the squad would be second fiddle to their parent team if playing in Niigata. On a final note, teams from across the ASEAN region are invited to compete in the Singapore Cup; a Thai team won it in 2010, a team from the Philippines got third place last year, and there's teams from those countries and Cambodia present this year. A complete clusterfuck, but endemic of football in the region (that is, until this decision to send a Chinese team to Germany was made).
  10. Not entirely without precedent; Singapore has the Garena Young Lions, a club that is essentially the country's under 21 side, who compete in the professional S.League. They are joined by Albirex Niigata Singapore, which is basically Albirex Niigata Japan's junior side and Brunei DPMM, which holds all of Brunei's international players and is trained by Steve Kean. This makes for very mixed results looking at the table; In the past, Chinese teams have also entered their junior sides into the Singaporean league as a means of exposing them to a higher level of play; now that I think about it, Malaysia also sent its under 21 national team as Harimau Muda. These teams, like Albirex, Brunei, and Young Lions now, couldn't qualify for Asian continental competitions but could win the title and cup competitions (Albirex won the community shield, cup, league cup, and league last year, Brunei won the league in 2015). The move to actually send a Chinese team all the way over to Germany is new in how far away from home the youngsters will play, but by no means unparallelled within the context of Asian football. I wouldn't be surprised if Chinese teams playing in Europe will become a semi-regular occurrence; their league system and youth setup is dire, so moving young sides abroad is the easiest solution (the more 'difficult' one would be getting sensible about foreign player wages and investing all that money in academies).
  11. It's that time of year again; the Steam Summer Sale is upon us, due to start tonight (6 PM GMT)! Perhaps there is less excitement to be had than in previous years as the refund policy has been the end of deep flash and daily discounts, but there should still be plenty of savings to be had (along with a load of proprietary Summer Sale Trading Cards). Post your wishlists here, rate others' tastes, and get advice on that one game you're not so sure about. Suppose this can also be the place for organizing trades if the need arises. Here's my top 10 heading into tonight (yes, I have horrible taste);
  12. As much as I like the game, buyer beware; being Early Access really does mean that it's nowhere near finished or polished.
  13. First two levels of the game are now free to play on Steam, PS4, and XB1. I highly urge everyone to give them a try, possibly the best AAA title to come out in 2016.
  14. New kits, courtesy of FootballNation and FNteamwear. Very understated, but kinda wish the sash was kept in some shape or form;
  15. Not a kitty per se, but the latest club to fall back on the 'too hard to reproduce' excuse in implementing a new crest is Hartlepool; I much preferred the old one; history be damned it was iconic and easily recognizeable. Now it's a non-descript stag like so many other teams. Edinburgh City, meanwhile, released a very classy and understated new top. Will miss the sash from last season dearly though;