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  1. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    No changes this week with Rossvale and Benburb still way out there in front. Interesting game coming up this Saturday when second placed Benburb at home play third placed Neilston. Forth and Wishaw are still waiting to play out a Scottish Cup tie and then go up against Yoker in the same competition. Both Forth and Wishaw have eight games in hand to Benburb. It will be an interesting couple of months considering if Wishaw win those games in hand they'd be top of the league!!!
  2. ICTFC v Crusaders

    Politics section for this pish.
  3. The DUP

    Can you get BBC Alba in N.Ireland? Asking for a friend who supports Crusaders.
  4. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    I'm forever blowing bubbles Pretty bubbles in the air They fly so high, nearly reach the sky Then like my dreams they fade and die Fortune's always hiding I've looked everywhere I'm forever blowing bubbles Pretty bubbles in the air
  5. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Firstly, congratulations to Glasgow Perthshire on a fine win today at Keppoch Park and for getting the game on when other games were off. As for St Roch's that must be one of if not the poorest displays in the last few years. What seemed like 75 minutes of the game was spent in the St Roch's half. A couple of shots on goal and two corners seemed about right. And of course a player sent off in the dying minutes. Take it was for dissent to the referee. Saddest part of all was off the park. The Candy must have a 100 punters there including international visitors and what was served up was a team of shadows wearing green jerseys that drifted right out the game. Hopefully that was a one off bad day at the office.
  6. THE advantage of 4G pitches

    Benburb in second place behind Rossvale.
  7. Weather disruption

    Claims at the time certain Senior clubs who's average gates were about a third of Pollok's got £13,000.
  8. Weather disruption

    Gave all clubs £1000 I think one year? Juniors got a grand. Best not to know what some of the basement clubs in the seniors got.
  9. Maybe James Kelly was there in 1980.
  10. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Only a couple of game this week and you've guessed it, it's Rossvale and Benburb with another two fine homes wins. Rossvale now on 36 pts from 15 games. Although to be fair if i'm reading next week's fixture list correctly, Rossvale have a free week. Benburb with 31 pts will looking at that to edge closer to Rossvale next Saturday in the run away with promotion stakes. Wishaw and Forth with only 8 league games played each are still waiting to start an outstanding Junior Cup tie while some of the big guns are figuring out who they might play in the semi final. I'm sure the result the two teams must dread when they eventually play must be a draw.
  11. Weather Watch for Saturday 9 Feb

    What about next Saturday? Freezing fog, snow or rain?
  12. Freebies for the committee

    I totally support committee members getting freebies and new blazers. And oh, a tie.
  13. Plans today?

    Labour Party in Scotland?