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  1. Central league division 2

    Maybe time to say goodbye and best wishes to the folks at Dunipace as they head out towards pastures new. One of first Junior away games i taken to 50 years ago. Can still remember waiting with the old man across from Woolworths in Springburn and getting on the Midland Bluebird bus to Falkirk via Kirkintilloch and Kilsyth. Will keep an eye on how Dunipace get on in the years to come. Good luck lads.
  2. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    Certainly playing 15 miles away from Shawfield has put of me off going along to see Clyde. And the price for a product just slightly above non league.
  3. Southern Ireland WC 2018 thread.

    What a strange thread.
  4. Heroism

    Lot of heroes came out of Hollywood. I know because i've seen a lot of them on film.
  5. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Really looking forward to this game on Wednesday night, a big match for both clubs.
  6. Super 1st division promotion

    4 up plus 2 play off places. For Cambuslang Rangers to fail to get a top 6 spot they would need to go into complete meltdown.
  7. Super 1st division promotion

    To quote lang on another thread, "has the bubble burst".
  8. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Maybe a step too far for Wishaw tonight at Shotts Bon Accord after the semi final. With a run in of 20 games Wishaw can afford to lose a few and still look at a top four place. Talking of Rossvale, for the first time in months they've been knocked off top spot as Benburb move into the No.1 position. Wednesday night should be interesting with Neilston at home to St Roch's and Wishaw at home to Rossvale.
  9. Scottish Junior Cup Final 2018

    Like a diddy cup?
  10. I used to remember Rangers fans singing "go home ya ****".
  11. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Shotts Bon Accord v Wishaw, Monday night. A long wait for Wishaw to start a league campaign. 20 league games and 60 points up for grabs. Last season with only two places i'd have said it's beyond them but 3 places and a 4th play off spot it's have a go time for Wishaw. Even a few straight wins to start with would see them jump up the league.
  12. Scottish Junior Cup Final 2018

    Interesting point just what would happen and when to the Junior Cup. I'll take a guess and say it will be around for a few years yet.
  13. Scottish Junior Cup Final 2018

    Maybe Hurlford will prove me wrong. Can't see it though.
  14. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    Tbf, i didn't realise the Derry had benches put in that early. I knew the Provost Rd end didn't have benches at the last league game of 1979/80 coz i was standing in there under the shed the night Dundee were relegated.