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  1. Some nice informative responses there. Anyone got anything more substantial to add? I got the impression he was more of a midfield bruiser type but I'm seeing him described as creative as well so it's proving difficult to work out what kind of player we have on our hands. Stranraer fans seem to rate hin which can only be a good thing I suppose.
  2. Slightly concerned that he wasn't a regular starter at Stranraer but I'll trust the gaffers judgement on this one. The fact a few Stranraer fans seem to think he should've played a lot more than he did is reassuring.
  3. Is black and red? Or blue? Or yellow? I'm all for a traditional home top but I'm also all for something a bit different when it comes to an away top.
  4. I can't believe he's only 34, I thought he had long chucked it. One of those guys that was an absolute joy to watch. There was something comical about seeing a 5ft nothing Stevie Murray putting 6ft defenders on their arse for fun.
  5. Loan players also cost money. Thomson is on a decent wedge at Celtic, I know we were paying a fairly handsome contribution towards that for his services. I'd imagine Queens would be paying at least the same if not more.
  6. I really fail to see why we'd ever support it. Less loan players and lower crowds. What reason would we ever possibly have to support it?
  7. Ian Durrant's Sons of Orange
  8. Are folk thinking the colour may be different because of the preview shown on Twitter? I'd be astounded if we reverted back to yellow/gold nevermind orange.
  9. Using a black pen to sign an all black section of the top, when you have a perfectly signable streaky pink section right next to it, completely sums Mark Brown up.
  10. Craig Barr is an absolutely fine specimen. Handsome big bastart.
  11. Wilson expected to sign next week and we have Aidan McIlduff training with us. Ex Celtic youngster apparently.
  12. Surely Walsh oot wide with Stewart behind big Nad would be the more obvious choice?
  13. Pleased with both of them. No one should ever be judged on their time in Paisley. Many a good player has turned to shite there. We seen how well Gallacher done for Alloa not so long ago at this level. Barr's fitness issues are a massive concern. I just hope part-time training will help him get more rest and lead to less issues.
  14. Rid card. Come on now.