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  1. What an absolute minter [emoji38] Our out of contract manager arguing with our out of contract goalkeeper in the Reporter. Our out of contract goalkeeper admitting that him and all the other players have zero clue what's going on. Fuckin Sunday league stuff from us.
  2. At this stage last season we had a manager, staff and were being linked with players. We also had offers on the table and the players were starting to sign on. Absolutely nothing will get done and players wont even consider us until the manager situation is sorted. FWIW I'm not panicking in the slightest but it's hardly doing anything to inspire confidence. And I get the feeling we'll be Aitken's fall back plan if nothing else materialises. Why else would he f**k about and ultimately leave himself less to time to sort stuff? That's a scenario I'm not massively intae.
  3. Reduced budget chat again. That's a sure fire way to reel in the punters after bumping up the prices.
  4. I suppose we could've offered Jazza a deal to be backup/GK coach? He seems to be putting more focus on the coaching side of things these days.
  5. Jesus christ. I agree that it's a total catch 22 situation. Free tickets and all the rest of it are great, but for ourselves it's probably not viable.
  6. Early bird last year was 225, if purchased on certain dates. Early bird this year is 260 unless you snapped up one of the limited briefs on sale during the season.
  7. What were they last season? To go from 225 to 260 is wild. It's the amount it's gone up by that's the main issue. 260 is of course far, far too expensive but my main gripe is the increase itself.
  8. His driving runs from midfield are an absolute joy to behold. What I'd give to see him back in a Sons top.
  9. Up yeez come Brechin
  10. The youth set up issue is down to 'Project Brave' as far as I know. Funding is being cut and it's not going to be viable for us to fund it ourselves. Unfortunately our youth system has produced ziltch. The better players would be snapped up by bigger fish long before they ever reach our first team unfortunately.
  11. Has it been officially confirmed he has to make a decision before his contract expires? I'm not very ITK about how these things work but does the end of his contract date really matter in this scenario? Our offer will still be on the table I'd assume unless we've told him that's the deadline.
  12. How will we know next week? He's contracted until the end of the month. If he's waiting to see what crops up we may not have a decision for nearly another fortnight. We should be setting a deadline. That deadline should allow us time to organise ourselves in the event of his departure. If he decides that's not for him then tough titty, we wave him goodbye, thank him for his efforts and find an ample replacement. Lets not forget the League Cup kicks off on the 15th of July. We need to have a squad assembeled that is able to compete in friendlies half way through June. Naebdy needs to simmer down. The chat has been reasonable and level headed.
  13. Regardless of how tough a job it is for Aitken, we are shooting ourselves in the foot a bit by hanging around waiting. Currently hee haw is getting done. Other than Higgins we've been linked with no one and absolutely no will sign or commit for another season whilst this saga drags on. Aitken is not irreplaceable and IMO we should have set a deadline of this week for him to sign. If he chooses to move on then so be it, we've left ourselves time to deal with it. As it stands we could be looking at not knowing until pretty much June. That would be a disaster with only a matter of weeks until the League Cup kicks off. No gaffer, no players and no time to deal with it. Also, if Aitken does decide to stay at that point will it simply be because there is nothing else available? I'm not sure that's great either. I understand there may not be much out there in terms of a replacement but I don't think hanging about until June awaiting Aitken's decision is benefitting us. We're currently in a situation where other teams around us are strengthening whilst we pussyfoot around allowing Aitken to call the shots. We're taking a huge risk here, and I'm not sure it will pay off.