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  1. The news is indeed that Andy Stirling is due to join Queens on a two year deal.
  2. I'm absolutely dreaming of this scenario. My nerves can't take much more. I want a nice relaxing day with the cigars oot, the baws oot and plenty of mead.
  3. Shame. He's been absolutely shite against us this year.
  4. Couldn't make the game yesterday and just got round to indulging in the highlights. Stanton and Stirling looked excellent, both an absolute joy to watch on their day. Really hope Stanton wins the YPOTY award, he's a hugely influential player for us. McCrorie's tackle to deny Dobbie was outstanding but I'm right aff the ref allowing that free kick to be taken whilst the ball is moving. Quick free kicks in general are a bit iffy for me, the rules I mean, not teams utilising said rules but for the ref to allow that to be taken whilst the ball is moving is farcical stuff. Had we conceded there I would've probably dramatically resigned from PnB in a frothing seethe. Overall an absolutely HUGE 3 points that has given us a real fighting chance. We just need Hibs to do the business against Raith now...
  5. Sky Sports etc were also only listing 6 subs yesterday... We should be awarded a further 3 points for Queens submitting dodgy team lines IMO.
  6. Woulda prob been the biggest scenes in the history of Scottish baw if Marciano's header went in. Even my Mrs nearly hit the roof when he connected.
  7. Na. He's a gid c**t, hates a tory.
  8. Unlucky the Hibs boys. Contributed to a thoroughly enjoyable semi final, was a gutter to lose it to a deflected shanner in the end. God bless yeez.
  9. Cheers brer. Lets hope we can do the job against Dundee Utd live on Alba next week.
  10. Justice for the white Cafu.
  11. We can ill afford to have a player in the middle of the park who is unable to retain possession unfortunately. I don't think he's a bad player but I think Sparky is better in there and I believe he can do everything McCrorie does with a better range of passing. I think he's been mostly excellent for us in central midfield this season. I also feel trying to squeeze Vaughan and Stanton into the same team has involved us moving Thommo from the wide position, where he was on absolute fire, to an upfront position where he is less effective. All about opinions innit, but I'm hoping to see a few changes today
  12. McCrorie out, Sparky in. We require his fight and passion, and McCrorie still hasn't convinced me at all in central midfield. Nade needs to start or stay on the bench IMO. He's not an impact player and we don't benefit from him coming on late in the game. I'd be starting him or Fleming tomorrow with Vaughan or Stanton dropping to the bench and Thommo moving back out wide. Do or die this week, lose this and we're fucked.
  13. Who have the company quoted by Wilson been involved with before? I see from the post in the OS that they were founded on the principle that "every sports club deserves a home". If that is the case why would they even remotely support a project that involves stripping the club of the ownership of a perfectly suitable home to relocate them to a home they don't own? Another utter shan statement from the Lannister of the Shire.