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  1. What makes you more informed than anyone else on here? They are as entitled to criticise or praise as you are, you footballing and business expert.
  2. It's a football forum for fans. Fans are perfectly entitled to name individuals for criticism, and praise for that matter. If players decide to read a forum that's their problem. Shouting abuse at them during a match where they can hear you should be discouraged but they are open for criticism on here. I don't understand the attitude of 'we're here in the Championship, we should just accept it if we are shite and get pumped most weeks and enjoy the experience'. Fans are quite right to expect to be able to compete with at least the bottom four teams, regardless of budget. We've managed it for 5 years. It's up to the manager to use the budget wisely and play the right tactics to get results. The odds are against you and theres a high chance you will go down but fans are quite right to call out shite individual and team performances where they see fit IMO.
  3. I'd be surprised if there's a better looking human being walking planet earth TBH.
  4. f**k sake He's perfect in every way.
  5. They also beat Helsinki 1-0 a mere 3 weeks ago...
  6. Someone done a headcount after kick off and claimed there were roughly 113 in the home end. Was the 300+ from an official source? I seen a pic of the stand and there's nae chance there was over 600 there. I've seen attendance figures look off in the past but for us to claim there was half the actual amount would be odd.
  7. I was actually going to ask about that. I vaguely remember watching some shitey round 1 colts tie last season.
  8. Welsh mob at home for us. Conagh or whatever they are called. Pretty sure one of the colts got an NI team away.
  9. As has been discussed, it's quite obviously a springboard to having them added to the league setup. It's been hailed as a success when it quite clearly isn't. It's also hurting clubs financially because no one wants to go watch a match involving colts. There are literally zero positives. It has devalued the competition to the point I don't even give a f**k who we get in the next round.
  10. Anyone know what the official attendance was?
  11. By the sounds of things, and judging by Bet 365 stats, we've been fairly shite with Rangers Colts well on top. I await us fucking it up.
  12. Just as I say that they go up...
  13. Don't think we're even posting the team up for this
  14. It should be remembered Fleming was on a decent wage with ourselves after winning our player of the year award in 15/16. Add to the fact he has a young child and had a few issues off the field last season, I really couldn't see him signing for Brechin for peanuts with the travelling etc involved. He'll be on a reasonable wage at Alloa I'd imagine, and is geographically better suited for him. Aitken also confirmed at our meet the manager event that at times last season he couldn't actually play Fleming, even when he wanted to, because he wasn't physically fit enough.
  15. Donaldson turned in one of the worst centre half performances I've ever witnessed against Dumbarton, and I've seen us compete at the arse end of the 3rd divison for a fair whack of time.