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  1. McInnes leaving

    Completely agree. A strange bunch. Can't wait till they are throwing scarves on the park when they finish 8th again when McInnes leaves.
  2. Hibs vs Killie

    I agree that hibs are a very good side. I'd be pleased with a point here.
  3. Hibs vs Killie

    f**k off you alcoholic *** c**t.
  4. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    It was orange barsteward. Dunno why its done that.
  5. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    Again, very weird patter considering your manager is the biggest *********** about.
  6. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    I find aberdeen fans a very stange bunch. A month ago they wanted Mcinnes sacked yet one win against killie and he is the messiah again. Aberdeen, despite what their fans say, are not a bad team at all. Sometimes I wonder what they really expect tbh. Think the game was a pretty meh one, we weren't that bad but two sloppy moments cost us. Shay Logan is an odious wee p***k right enough, on and off the park.
  7. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    Really, really good patter that.
  8. Aye nadroj is tony backwards you fat thick tory c**t.
  9. All the people that make comments like that about him tend to be the one's who never actually see him play.
  10. Chris Burke - Honestly not done much at all, only ever appears off the bench. Played a bit more under Jig where he was tried out in about 3 different positions. He did score the 90th minute goal against the **** tho so thats good I suppose. Expect him to move on/retire in the summer. 6/10 Cammy Bell - Never even played a single minute for us. Pointless signing. 0/10 Calum Waters - A 20 year old 5 foot 3 left back who was signed by Jig and played in a midfield 3. Looked out his depth. Now with Sligo or some other shite. I will give him a chance though but it seems a weird signing. 2/10 Alex Samizadeh - Done nothing apart from occasionally score for the u20s. 2/10 Stephen O'Donnell - Started off poor like everyone and was constantly shunted about by Jig. Is now the best one of the best right backs in the league and probably the best I've seen at killie. So important at driving us forward and has a great cross on him. Also a fucking ride. 10/10 Alan Power - A fucking terrific midfielder. Never gives the ball away and always makes fantastic passes. Almost as good as Mulumbu IMO and quite rightly our POTY. 10/10 Kirk Broadfoot - Started horrendously and I mean horrendously. Seemed too interested in winding other people up and was just a general bombscare. Got punted out the team for a while until Clarke came in and since then he has been superb. A real leader, dominates the air and tackle. Prone to a few wee mistakes now and then but overall a very, very good defender. 9/10 Dom Thomas - Looked good against shite sides in the league cup. He's not the worst and is quite skillfull but he seems a bit lazy and is constantly posting IRA/Celtic shite on Twitter. Clarke has punted him out to Qots which, with no disrespect meant, is probably his level. 6/10 Eamonn Brophy - The Wolf. I fucking love him, He's another one who suffered from Jig being a fucking idiot but since he has been given a chance he's been amazing. Never stops running, links up well and always takes a shot when the opportunity is there regardless of distance. One of my favourite players in a long time. Lack of game time stops him from getting a 10. 9/10 Gordon Greer - Was one of our better players when we were shite. Now we are not shite he is not up to standard. Slow, old and always injured. 6/10 Daniel Higgins - Honestly, f**k knows. Ask Airdrie fans. Stuart Findlay - A very good young CB who has improved a lot since he was last with us. He started off poor (a running theme) but has been immense recently. I really hope he signs for next year. 8/10 Aaron Tshibola - The 6 million pound man. He's good but he hasn't been outstanding yet. He can be very good at times but then also very poor, he's far too casual on the ball and a bit lazy. Would take him next season though as there is a definite player in there somewhere, he just needs to switch on a bit more. 7/10 Lee Erwin - Honestly about a month ago he would be getting a 1. I remember seeing him against Dumbarton the day he signed and I thought he looked brilliant. Same again on the opening day when he came off the bench. After that he turned to utter shite, constantly missing the few chances he got and generally looking like he didn't give a f**k. Even when Clarke came in he looked a bit meh but the last few weeks he has shown how good a player he really is. He has fantastic link up and very good feet. I think he needed confidence and now he has it he looks brilliant. Must be pleasing for him to shut diddies like me up because a lot of fans wrote him off. Gets a lower grade because he was really poor for a while. 7.5/10 Jasko Keranovic - Aye, me neither. Aaron Simpson - Signed in January to offer cover at full back. Has been good when hes played. He's rapid and is very good at delivering balls into the box as shown in his assists v Dundee and Hamilton. He has never really played professional games before so still very raw but he is decent back up. 6.5/10 Leo Fasan - Played twice, been fine twice. 6/10 Brad Spencer - Boy doesn't exist. Yousouff Mulumbu - A real class act. His games against Celtic and Rangers are probably the two best performances I have ever seen from a Killie player. His control and touch are a class above pretty much everyone in the league. He has been a bit quiet recently though and has had a couple of poorer games ( v Aberdeen and Hearts). Would love to see him here next season but I can't see it. 10/10
  11. You seem to use this patter a lot when responding to Killie fans. Again, nae c**t finds it funny.
  12. Your delusions of grandeur get worse every day.
  13. Why do you keep using the airstrike patter? Literally nae c**t finds it funny and it makes you look like an absolute thumper.
  14. You've a chin the size of Hamilton ya fat tory c**t. Wrap yer pish.
  15. Particularly enjoyed the wee gimpy fringelord wae the red jacket getting punted out for being a w**k then seeing him trying to fight a bus on the way out. Wee fanny.