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  1. A Kevin Cawley header in the 94th minute. Hahaha. Special mention to wee Adam Martin for that goal, superb. Roll on the play offs!
  2. Kirkpatrick has chipped in with 16 goals from midfield this season. I'd put a case for him having the most assists out of the 4 too but don't have those stats to confirm. However, think it'll be Buchs. Another good goal scoring season for him!
  3. Awards night this Saturday. Obviously Spency will be picking up top scorer, so I'll put down my predictions for the others; Player of the Year - Andy Graham Young Player of the Year - Calum Waters (However, I'm not sure if this is traditionally given to a reserve player) Goal of the season - Kirkpatrick against QP.
  4. Anything in the fact that Andy Graham had the armband despite Jason Marr playing? Good to see though, natural leader.
  5. Close game today but we edged it. Well taken goal after a mistake but Kirky's finish was class to be fair. Thought the game was never ending. How many minutes did he put on?! Wilson must have had a word in someone's ear. Good to keep momentum going for the play-offs.
  6. Goodwin will absolutely not play.
  7. Yeah. Fair enough. Get where you're coming from. However, think Hoggan is one of the most promising youngsters we've got. Would like to see him involved in some way before the play-offs. Possibly in midfield as he plays there for reserves but then again we have Robbo and Stevie to come in there. Definitely a hard team for a youngster to break into!
  8. Would like to see Hoggan come in for Andy. Andy worked his socks of all seasons, a wee 2 weeks or so rest before the play offs will do him good. Hoggan deserves a crack at it. Either that or alongside Andy for experience but surely he deserves a break if other key players are getting them.
  9. Looking forward to this! [emoji16][emoji16]
  10. Disaster. I'm away the weekend of the final 2nd leg. Got to negotiate my way out of that if need be.
  11. "I will be resting certain key players." "We will certainly be making changes over the next couple of weeks, and I want to give some of the fringe players a run because they have been so patient and supportive of the boys who are getting picked." Goody
  12. A player starved of chances at Alloa doing well in the league below. Anyone take another chance on him in the summer? Definitely got something & not given a shot at Alloa due to illness etc. I'd go for it! Obviously would depend a lot on what league we were in.
  13. Be interesting if Hoggan, Hynd & Martin get a start. Want to keep up winning feeling and match sharp for the main guys but for 3 games that our fate is decided it would be good to get these guys in and give Andy etc. a well earned break for PO. If it's not the likes of them starting I can see Longworth & Robertson who have been out of favour recently getting back in. Guest appearance from the gaffer? [emoji12]
  14. For play-offs, assuming their both fit, who partners Andy Graham? Frank McKeowen or Jason Marr?
  15. Dougie Hill had a mare. Wee Adam Martin out muscling him and showing more desire to win the ball off him as he drove forward summed his day up. Look forward to potentially seeing a bit of Martin/Hoggan in next 3 games but got to keep the main lads match sharp for play offs.