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  1. Alloa v Rovers

    I don't really see it in the Fleming case, it wasn't bad abuse he was getting. Way he has been playing and the team as a whole, he should keep his head down and get better. It's been pretty woeful from him recently and should be embarrassed. I'm a fan of Kris Renton. He gets pelters but he works his socks off and it's kind of coming off for him now. Fleming, who has plenty experience, should take a few notes from him.
  2. Alloa v Rovers

    Is that who he head butted last season? Hahahah, brilliant. No time for that sort of stuff to the fans, especially the way he's playing as well. Was fully expecting him to get hooked at half time from Jim to show he's not any bigger than the club & that is bang out. He didn't get that, no word of it in interview & a warm embrace when subbed off. I may be overreacting but I wouldn't tolerate that, fans are getting enough pish with the football itself on top of your own players giving you that.
  3. Alloa v Rovers

    Graeme Holmes oozes class, miss that. Top man.
  4. Alloa v Rovers

    The defence was woeful today I agree. They were the worst part. We had chances to compete & stay in the game, some good saves from the keeper and some luck on their part. But you can't say much good when you're losing 5-2 at home.
  5. Alloa v Rovers

    Aye, abuse has a line. I'm not one to shout too much at the game compared to some others. However, a players got to block that out & get on with it. Especially if his whole Alloa career he's failed to do much good.
  6. Alloa v Rovers

    I don't mind players playing bad as long as they are trying. Fleming didn't that first half & how he thinks he has the right to give it back to Alloa fans in that style whilst 2-0 down I have no idea. Renton was given abuse last home game, he responded with a last minute winner & a wee bit in the celebration. You do that. If you've been playing pish, keep your head down & do your talking with the ball.
  7. Alloa v Rovers

    Can we go for a doubler & add Fleming to that list too? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Alloa v Rovers

    PJ back fit is a bonus even if it's just giving us a bit of pace & life off the bench.
  9. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    I'm not sure. Maybe not of Bens quality & wage bill but Jim was knackered on Saturday and probably doesn't want to play that much, Hoggan is injured, Andy facing 4/6 weeks out. Even a short term deal to get him on his feet again. Back four of Taggs, Frank, Ben & Meggs.
  10. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Ben Gordon released ... ? [emoji854] A move that totally makes sense with injuries & Jim playing. Would the budget stretch though?
  11. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    That is a cracking header from Wee Kev Cawley. With the size he is, who knows how he's won that so well in a packed box!
  12. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Goooody. Gooooody. Goooody.
  13. Any highlights for this one coming up, Leodhas?
  14. Only one way to find out if Martin is capable is to go for it & start him. He has earned the chance and should be given it. I'd love to see Goodwin back in our team but just don't see it. He's a player we'd benefit a lot from but with him being manager I just don't think it'll happen regularly & for dual roles, the probably the best.
  15. Missed another game yesterday through work. Brutal! However, delighted with a much needed win. Anything but a win at home to Forfar & I would have been disappointed, no offence. Delighted for Big Renton who has taken a fair amount of stick, warranted some of the time however. A wee boost like that can change a teams mentality so let's hope it does in this case. We seem to be back again with the same point "Good subs from Jim, changed the game" & again it seems to be the likes of Martin. How about instead of making them good subs, stick them on from the start! Martin must be getting really frustrated seeing Cook start ahead of him. Also, out of interest, how did Goodwin play? Considering he has been out a long time.