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  1. Meggatt gone, if so why? Was a quality championship defender for us. *apologies if you've spoke about this, had a glance & couldn't find it.
  2. Was thinking that, wouldn't drop him for Waters. However wouldn't mind in a back 3 at centre back with Jase and Andy. Would be a bit unfair on Frank though but with Meggatt coming in Jim would be able to completely take himself out of the playing picture.
  3. We're hardly in a crisis that needs chopping and changing every position. Parry has started all 32 or so games and has been a stand out IMO. Last season we chopped and changed keeper every week and it was disastrous, I know we have two better keepers but still. Consistency & confidence is needed.
  4. Time out lad. Read that post again! Drop Neil?! He made numerous great saves today & the second goal I suppose he could take some blame but one of the three defenders should have hooked that away rather than leaving it for the next person.
  5. McCluskey has start next week alongside Spence. When him and Jammer came on we were so much better. Kirky came into it & I thought Kev was our best player. We weren't at our best today but credit to Parry - made some big saves. Major errors need to be cut out asap though. Dunfermline just too fast, movement brilliant in first half. However, glad we got it back and posed a threat for a respectable score line.
  6. McCluskey & Goodwin in the starting 11 tomorrow? Wouldn't be surprised.
  7. What's Stefan McCluskey like lads? Just signed for Alloa.
  8. Is he a striker? I always remember him playing in behind but not too sure. Is he cup tied?
  9. Stefan McCluskey signs! Very pleased with that.
  10. Is that who it is signing today, Turner?
  11. Signing today!
  12. It was the article on McKeowen signing, when he said he'd like one but he's happy with the squad now and wouldn't be too annoyed if he didn't bring anyone else in this window.
  13. Think Jim is kidding himself on if he doesn't think we need another striker.
  14. Just listened to it. Very impressed. He doesn't gloss things over & is right down to the truth. I like it! Very respectful to JR & refusing to take any credit and plaudits from other panel members. Passing the compliments to JR and to his players.