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  1. Where’s the best place to park if you’re expecting a bigger crowd?
  2. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    We are much in the same boat we have players capable of working wonders as the Ayr game showed. We have had our fair few games this season that we’ve played more than disappointing. Play-offs this year is of a much higher standard than last years and although I’ll never write us off it’ll be very hard. Dumbarton always seemed to have the upper hand over us but that swung near the end of our championship campaign. The ex-sons in Taggs, Graham, Flemming, Kev & Kirky are probably some of our best players. If they do raise their game that’d be smashing as the level most of them have played this season has been terrific - Taggs, Fleming and Andy Graham especially.
  3. Still suspended - 3 game. I’d imagine it’d be the same back line and midfield as Ayr game. We might get Smith/Crossan in for Flanny or Kev to give them a bit of a rest. Be silly not to rest a few but can’t see a massive 6/7 player change from last Saturday.
  4. Don’t see us taking all three points here. We will have all eyes to 3 days later in the play-offs. However, don’t think we’ll bow down and make it easy but like said above Raith have the upper hand over us this season unlike Ayr. Can maybe see Flannigan & co. rested for this game as well.
  5. Alloa vs Ayr

    I’d like to see us go near enough full strength in the final two games. Maybe with Raith away we could rest some guys as the first leg would be a few days later, however. Last year, we had so many games that meant nothing and I think by the time the play-offs came round with all the first gear performances and changing the team we weren’t raring to go. Would be good to go in with a bit of momentum, especially if we’re playing Dumbarton as they’ll be going in with a losing run hopefully. Be interesting to see who fills in for Jamie. Robbo and Taggart more than capable of playing ‘out of position’ but saw against Stranraer last week that we miss something when we don’t have Tagg’s runs up that end. Would quite like to see Meggatt alongside Andy. Would give him two high paced games to get fitness back and maybe get him ready if he is to play a part in the play-offs.
  6. Alloa vs Arbroath

    Agree with this. Looks like it could be Raith Rovers/Ayr or Dumbarton and to be honest, probably fancy Dumbarton a bit more. However, got to beat them all & I’d hate the attitude of settling for fourth when we should be pushing as high as we can.
  7. Alloa vs Arbroath

    Did that request not include the away fans chanting “why is this so f*cking easy?” prior to bottling it a belter? [emoji16]
  8. Rovers v Wasps

    Think we’d need Goodwin to go for that to happen, but I’d be absolutely delighted with Jase back!
  9. Alloa v Airdrie

    Eh...? I’m talking about a solo challenge & you’re talking about the outlook for the whole season haha. So I think you’ve totally missed my point or I’m missing yours. Trust me, you do not need to tell us that we’re a shadow of the team of last season. Still in the play-offs & if you’re in them, you can win them as Brechin showed.
  10. Alloa v Airdrie

    What are you wanting for that haha? He’s challenging for the ball in the air, no malice in that. Shame the boy is injured but can’t be arguing for red cards for a 50/50 like that. Hopefully every other club treats Gaz the way you did, worked a treat for us!
  11. Alloa v Airdrie

    Been pretty unimpressed after the glowing report he got from Dunfermline fans. Still time to show his worth though. However, do agree that there’s seems to be some sort of loan agreement meaning he gets game time as he certainly hasn’t warranted it.
  12. Alloa v East Fife

    Typical that it ended that way then eh!
  13. Queens Park v Alloa

    Strange team selection today... [emoji848]
  14. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    You’d think PJ would be good off the bench because of the way he plays but I think the complete opposite. We get the most out of t when he’s on right from the start & can weigh up the man marking him. Every time I’ve seen him that he’s come on as a sub, he’s struggled to get into the game. However, agree with Flannigan coming in. If fit, he should always be a cert. Think having the ‘old guard’ of Cawley, Flannigan & Kirky is our most proven & if they can hit the ground running again would be the best in behind Stewart. No doubting PJ’s quality & he’ll make it a real headache for Goody, Smith on the other hand still needs to show more when he’s given another chance.
  15. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Aye - misread it! Ours is the only one without a decision compared to everyone else’s postponements already. Fingers crossed.