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  1. Surely will be looking to win every game from now on. I know it won't happen but capable of beating anyone. Few big players getting a rest on Tuesday will benefit us and they can come back in fresh at home on Saturday. Queens are an organised side though. Tough to break down but we've done it before. Likes of Flannigan, Kirkpatrick have to start. Spence back in also would be good as he seems to have Queens on his mantelpiece this season! Tough game but home win.
  2. Yeah, a lot less first team players playing development games this season. Seem to remember more playing last season. Was a regular occurrence for the likes of Reintam. Even in previous seasons we've used it a bit more with Spence, Hetherington etc. playing there. Good to see how it's worked for those two in particular! Bit off topic but interesting in a way.
  3. Longworth is a good player. Like stated, his goal record is impressive. Hard to make an impact at Alloa when only get 20 minutes a week. He'd start for other teams, he does a lot more than score.
  4. What was up with the ref?
  5. Get innnnnnnn there Andy!!!!!
  6. How's the game looking? Worthy of our lead?
  7. Goody with changes galore tonight. McKeowen first goal. Well anyone will do haha!
  8. He's not going to stick Parry back on the bench either. What's the point of chopping and changing the keeper when you have a keeper of Parry's quality and who's just kept a clean sheet? Neil Parry, if fit, will start every game till the end of the season. And that is not because of McDs ability as he is more than capable.
  9. As if we should really need to defend Goodwin recently but this should do it: League 1 Form Guide Pts Last 6 Alloa 14 Livingston 11 East Fife 11 Brechin 10 Stranraer 9 Queens P 6 Airdrie 6 Stenny 5 P'head 4 Albion R 3
  10. Poor show from some it seems. Unbeaten in 7 now? With Livi winning it doesn't make it the best but like said above a draw at East Fife is a decent result.
  11. Good to see his sign. Heard good things. Wonder if we'll see him get a game before the season is out.
  12. Jack Ross won it and his next game was a 2-1 victory at Queens Park I believe. Goody technically won it last Thursday too & we beat Stenny on Sat!
  13. Point mentioned above about likes of Kirky & Waters moving on this season. That's why I want promotion so badly because if we don't we can expect a lot of this team to move on up to the championship anyway. Really don't want to see another massive squad change over & the team we have just now is one of the best we've had in a while. Exciting players all over the park that with a few tweaks and signings could hold their own in the Championship.
  14. Think Young is holding out for something bigger than League 1. He threw his name into the hat for the likes of St Mirren/QOS and was unsuccessful. Never wanted the Alloa job though once he was at Rovers. You're FT I suppose so that changes it. Can't say I'm surprised about Mensing, wasn't too bad at The Recs a few weeks back but he is very dodgy.