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  1. Girvan

    Whats to hate?
  2. Girvan

  3. Girvan

    Basically that he would be interested in the st Rochs job if it was available. Above his standard though
  4. Girvan

    Good man
  5. Girvan

    Sort out your goal difference and you might get a call one day. Keep believing
  6. Girvan

    And stop replying to yourself as well Kevin
  7. Girvan

    We believe you. Its an easy decision Irvine vics or muirkirk. Come on now Kevin, don’t lie
  8. Girvan

    You certainly seem to think you are something. You also applied for the Irvine vics job. Keep your feet on the ground, you have a big season ahead of you. And you lost 7 games for the record.
  9. Girvan

    Your jokes are about as good as your win ratio.
  10. Girvan

    4th bottom. A goal difference of -26. Just what Girvan need
  11. Girvan

    The muirkirk manager getting the Girvan job? Unlikely, he is a cowboy manager.
  12. Girvan

    You seem to know a lot about Girvan.. not again surely??
  13. Girvan

    Ok Lawrie
  14. Girvan

    Hearing today that the management team have been sacked???
  15. ADL Season 17/18

    Hi Kevin