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  1. Refereeing Quality

    So if someone calls a player something to do with being black yet they're white they should be sent off? I highly doubt it. Was the abused player a homosexual? The world has gone crazy. Seriously.
  2. Refereeing Quality

    I'm all for standing up against to the likes of his homophobia/racism but come on it is a pathetic decision to send off a player for such a comment directed towards another player. I can understand if it's perhaps the referee but players have tit for tat insults all the time. It's a poor decision at the end of the day
  3. Refereeing Quality

    Were you at the same game?
  4. Refereeing Quality

    Really just an observation because it was such a bad performance. I have to say there have been games I have been to where referees were brilliant but todays showing was the worst I have seen in a long long time at junior level.
  5. Refereeing Quality

    I took in the Saltcoats v whitletts games today and I have to say the quality of refereeing was abysmal. Firstly, the penalty awarded to Saltcoats was nowehere near a penalty. From what I understand a whitletts player was also sent off for calling a Saltcoats player something. To follow another whitletts was booked and sent off but had not been booked prior? The referee had sent off the wrong player. Considering the game was 1-1 at the time I have to say this had a big say in the game. From taking in recent junior games I have to say that the quality of referring in the junior game can be very poor. Taking nothing away from Saltcoats their boys battled hard but whitletts were well and truly done by poor refereeing.
  6. Games on today

    Right in saying that the only game on in ADL is saltcoats v whitletts today
  7. Today's Scores

    Kirkwood couldn't run a raffle.
  8. Games Off

    ardeer v Whitletts
  9. Muirkirk Keeper McGowan?

    that was a genuine opinion. All the best to the boy but he is not good enough to play at this level. He struggled at boys club
  10. Muirkirk Keeper McGowan?

    terrible keeper. Saw him playing a few times last year