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  1. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Youre probably right. Thats been my thoughts all along before the weekend. BUt you can call it frazzled or you can call it fed up or you can call it a different approach. Makes no odds to me or any of our followers. I may be frazzled on here but on here is not where it counts.
  2. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    We could lose our next 50 bets in a row and STILL be turning a profit. What you're waiting for is an apocalypse. Good luck with that.
  3. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Why would you want a spectacular downfall? You'll be waiting a long time. We're smashing it.
  4. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Updated weekly betting diary Wk 33 Betting bank growth = 108.57% You see that lads? That's what your spite won't let you see. That's what you're trying to discourage people from thinking about. All because your wee egos took a bit of a bruising. Genuine skill, expertise, endeavour and success. But crack on. Downvote away. We are very happy doing what we're doing, infuriating as your intransigence may be.
  5. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    It reads like that because that's exactly what I am doing. No harm meant to anyone who bets whatever they want. Entirely pointed towards those who have the gall to then sit on a high horse when it's plain their own betting gives them no right to be there.
  6. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Can you imagine being so sad as to take time out of your day to down vote posts about winning money? Keep cracking on with your 'tips' lads. Those 'suggest a bet' /'build a bet' acca thingmys are the way forward alright. Carry on.
  7. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Weekly Results - Week 33 Weekly Results Investment 20.25% Returns 20.85% Profit 0.6% One of those weekends when we hit the post all over the shop. Profit done to a few inplay winners in midweek.
  8. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    We have changed what we do with our Scottish football previews and have written a post explaining the changes.https://www.scottishfootballtips.com/introducing-new-scottish-football-previews/ If you get a chance we would appreciate any feedback on the changes. For what it's worth our Previews service is not part of our premium tips package. It is designed to be informative for games (mostly SPFL Prem) allowing people to make their own decisions. Any tips that arise from the new stats oriented posts will be included in other sections of the site.
  9. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Weekly Results - Week 32 Weekly Results Investment 32% Returns 37.39% Profit 5.39% Considering it was such a quiet weekend I am delighted to report more than 5% growth. Enough to take us beyond 93% growth for the season.
  10. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    The weekend so far with the even money double still to be played out tomorrow. Small profit GTD not taking inplay sessions into account. Another quiet weekend but another winning one. Plenty happy with it.
  11. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Weekly Results - Week 31 Weekly Results Investment 34.58% Returns 37.77% Profit 3.19% An unusual setback for the inplay service ruined what was an otherwise excellent week. Thomas' trading analysis smashed it this week including 4 winners from 4 one of which was a MAX bet. Still happy with some growth. January worked out as an excellent month. our second best month of the season and falling just 2% short from eradicating the disaster of December. The EMD and the trading service were the main standouts in january but Colin's Lower League service also did well. Again, the inplay fell a bit short and only for it... Month Investment Returns Profit Growth Jul 85.97 99.56 13.59 13.59 Aug 115.86 138.28 22.42 36.01 Sep 102.77 129.1 26.33 62.34 Oct 90.13 98.9 8.77 71.11 Nov 103.33 124.32 20.99 92.1 Dec 52.24 26.46 -25.78 66.32 Jan 126.41 149.84 23.43 89.75 Feb 0 89.75 Mar 0 89.75 Apr 0 89.75 May 0 89.75 Jun 0 89.75 Jul 0 89.75 0 89.75 676.71 766.46 89.75
  12. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    After an excellent batch of midweek fixtures the key word for today is discipline.
  13. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Weekly Results - Week 30 Weekly Results Investment 43.5% Returns 52.75% Profit 9.25% Our biggest weekly outlay of the season again. A lot of inplay action but that will taper off once the mid-season friendlies have come to a halt. But all in a good week slightly spoiled by a poor Sunday. Our big bet came in this week, praise be. Unfortunately though the even money double good run came to an abrupt end. No matter, can't for a moment complain about it losing once in a while. Seasonal growth back up to 84.9% which is pleasing but still a wee ways to go to get back to pre December levels.
  14. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    That's more like it. Much more like it.
  15. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    All of today's betting tips are raring to go. We have another big stake today. A five star selection from our trading service. The big stakes haven't been kind to us in the last two attempts so hoping for something better. Not to late to join up.