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  1. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Different services have different staking plans but in general they work on the basis of 'expected profit' from the difference in available price and the price determined by our pricing structures/tissue prices. Our structures are impacted by a number of different factors considered by our experts who have many years industry experience and Scottish football insight. But, essentially, the higher the price difference the higher the expected profit the higher the staking level.
  2. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Weekly Results Investment 21.25% Returns 33.23% Profit 11.98% The Scottish Cup has been excellent for us so far this season and so it continued in week 20. Double figures bank growth again. Not our best week by any means but it felt like a real boon as the bookies did all they could to avoid taking a beating. The Even Money Double won for the SEVENTH time in a row. It's best ever run. The Trading service went three from three including a 7/1 single. And the inplay service continues to excel with a winner at 28/5 on Saturday afternoon. With regards to our bankroll management and staking plan we are now showing 98.2% bank growth since the start of the season. This is incredible. We move up to our next notional roll and staking level which means we are basically one winning bet from having doubled our money before we enter December. This is extremely pleasing and an incredibly strong performance. Long may it continue. £500 starter bankroll moves within one bet of doubling our money before December hits. Incredibly pleasing and a credit to the lads on he site.
  3. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Well played Ayrmad that's an excellent week to start with. Keep it up.
  4. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    More than 10% bank growth this week so far which is great. Not completed yet as there may yet be some inplay action tomorrow. Once the week is done and dusted I will update the final results for the week. BTW, all previews open to view now too.
  5. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    A very good day. Bookies can run but they cant hide. Will update results later but very happy. Especially considering the absolute shite bagging the bookies were at.
  6. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    LIVE Inplay session underway here You can get access to all our previews any given weekend for just £1.99 with our weekend pass and that includes the inplay, which is our most successful service this year.
  7. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Thomas has come in with a late trading analysis and another wee moan at the bookies But it's another three tips for the weekend and that's all of our services now delivered for the weekend ahead. There will of course be an inplay session tomorrow too, right from early afternoon. You can get access to all our previews any given weekend for just £1.99 with our weekend pass. This doesn't qualify for the 25% discount though.
  8. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    That's most of this weekend's previews completed. With the bookies not playing ball we are still waiting on our Trading service to be delivered. But with the bookies not playing ball we may see a lay week with that one. The Even Money Double has just been published and it is going for it's SEVENTH WINNER IN A ROW! Incredible run and hopefully it keeps it up for at least one more week. Mind you can get access to all our previews any given weekend for just £1.99 with our weekend pass. This doesn't qualify for the 25% discount though.
  9. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    You don't have to register. All previews, once complete, are available to see to anyone who happens upon them. Although it has to be done manually and I occasionally forget or miss one or two now and again. If you spot any let me know and I'll open it up.
  10. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Yes. All previews are opened for general viewing after completion.
  11. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    The bookies are being total shitebags this weekend. They were hammered in the last round of the cup and have withdrawn into their turtle shells afraid to pop their heads out. Our Lower Leagues tipster, Colin, is raging and let them have both barrels. Hi Guys, don’t have to apologise, time for some more serious bookie slating. 5 very brief points for you guys to understand. 1/ Sunday at 4pm two firms priced three cup matches — Dunfermline 4/5, Arbroath 8/11, and Dumbarton 4/7. 2/ Rubbing my hands in anticipation, I went about my trusted low key methods to get decent sums on all 3. Very limited success. 3/ Couple of other companies followed early on Monday around same prices and I advised my clients to back 1st two teams. Prices shortened considerably by 4pm Monday (only 24 hours). 4/ One or two of my subscribers spoke of the difficulty of getting a bet on at prices (my totals were way less than I had hoped). 5/ By 1pm Tuesday the average prices for the 3 teams across odds-checker were 1/3, 4/9 and 2/5. Absolute JOKERS, guys this is CHEATING punters. Quite simply if they are inaccurate and clueless in quoting the wrong price, then have the bottle to lay the price and suffer the consequences. As I repeatedly say Traders and Compilers at many of the top firms are THICK and ill-informed. FFS, you ass-holes, get it wrong suffer the consequences, don’t make a fool of educated punters. Many of you won’t know that I had almost 15 years as a bookmaker. Fixed odds, meant exactly that, fixed, only on match-days did prices shift, aye and from 4/5 to 4/6 or 1/2 to 4/9. What’s the meaning of 4/5 to 1/3 in less than 36 hours. (anyone with me in complaint to the relative authorities?) Rant over, cannot tip any of my five intended bets as prices all smashed up. The firms took a major pasting in the last round of cup and trying anything to stay under the odds and radar in this round. Every single one of the nine Non league clubs (Broch and Spartans excepted who play one another) are over-priced but handicap odds are ridiculously cramped. Scoured through all the markets and got to say its a struggle. Got my limited few quid on selections mentioned at the top of the piece and they now offer zero value on any market. Nonetheless going to take a fairly confident shout and pick… Not a happy man
  12. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Eh... No. Sorry.
  13. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    We are introducing our new Unicorn Level membership and Learning Zone TONIGHT! This post should give you all the information you need but it will result in some changes to current levels and membership fees.
  14. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Good luck with these. Please do post results as I'm not in position to check up on them today [emoji106]
  15. 25% Discount On Scottish Football Tips

    Funnily enough we are looking at writing an analysis on this phenomenon for inclusion in our learning zone. Danny Lennon is sure to have an effect.