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  1. The time doesn't bother me, more drinking time after. Decent capacity, not the worst for atmosphere. Not the most difficult place to get to. Would have rather it had been Easter road but hey ho. Plus it's on the Saturday, the correct day to be playing.
  2. 5/10. Think I need to stick another 50p in the guess meter
  3. Cheery, happy with time and venue. Sanity prevails!!
  4. Hello again peeps. Well here it is, the cup semi-finals. Usual set up as before, 2 quizzes of 7 questions to take. And here they come onto the park, the 4 sides looking to make it to the Diddly Dee Jamjar Trophy Final for February 2017. The first tie is The_Kincardine v DeeJ Quickly followed by Whiterosekillie v FrankieS Scores to be submitted to myself no later than 5pm tomorrow and in the event of extra time the subsequent tie-breaker will be posted by 6pm tomorrow so that the final can take place as arranged on Friday. Best of luck chaps and I promise something special for the final.
  5. Knew 5, got 5. No guesses. Far too many Aussie questions [emoji20] but I guess that's half the fun eh. Food, facinorous, capital, House of Lords and flag correct
  6. I'm happy with it if true but Alba are to show it, and they can't do that at 3pm on a Saturday as I understand it. Happy to be wrong tho [emoji6]
  7. Right Div, where you getting yer info from? Utd site, bbc and spfl pages have no mention of this news [emoji848]
  8. Sorry Granny but I have to correct you on this. Should have read, the greatest and only thing they have witnessed!
  9. I said I'd keep shtoom Alan. But I did revert to my original AlanG from alang [emoji106]
  10. A magnificent 7/10 for me tomorrow, lake Victoria, Aussie national anthem and album wrong. Guessed Maisie Williams and correctly 50/50'd nobel
  11. Evening all, hope you're all well. Well the time of the Diddly Dee Jamjar Trophy semi-final draw is here. A quick reminder of the teams for everyone, Whiterosekillie DeeJ The_Kincardine FrankieS. The first name out of the hat is........... The_Kincardine Who will play....... DeeJ Next out is........ Whiterosekillie And he will take on FrankieS That concludes the semi-final draw and the ties will take place on Wednesday 22nd February. The quizzes will be posted around lunchtime and the players will only have 24 hours to post their scores so as to allow replays to be completed prior to the cup final quiz being posted on time on Friday. And that's it from downtown Dundee for tonight, so please drive carefully and remember to place the toilet seat in the down position.
  12. A final on a Friday night is just crazy but it would not surprise me what with our ruling bodies record of calamities. If it so happens they do try to hit us with the Friday, hopefully both teams will be making a stand against it. I would hope that both teams were consulted on this before making any announcements anyway. There's no reason it can't be played on the Saturday teatime as there is no schedule of Alba showing a game at that time in place as of yet. As for the venue? Plenty of good suggestions made, but surely something between 12-15000 if not more could be achieved from both teams. That's my thinking on the matter anyway [emoji6]
  13. A generally pleasing 6/10 to start my promotion push. Sculptor, interpreter, umbra and song (somehow [emoji33]) wrong. Guessed boxing and twilight (honestly [emoji15])
  14. And here is the score from the last quarter final. DeeJ v Jagfox99 Jagfox looking to prevent the clean sweep of home teams progressing here. Fairly even first half with no nothing spectacular happening tho DeeJ sneaked ahead at half time to lead 5-4. Jagfox unable to get any momentum 2nd half as DeeJ piled on the points and safely secured a semi final place just as the hosts have in the other 3 ties. Second half score 6-3. DeeJ (5+6) 11 v 7 (4+3) Jagfox 99 So the semi final line up is a follows Whiterosekillie FrankieS The_Kincardine DeeJ The draw will take place tomorrow evening.
  15. So it appears home advantage has been useful but can Jagfox upset that and take the last tie away to DeeJ. Well we'll have to wait till I receive scores from both o them.