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  1. Didn't manage to see whole of Sunday's show but I did enjoy what I did see. One criticism would be that the first segment with the Aston an Merc maybe went a bit over the top but was still on the whole enjoyable. Can only see this getting better, fingers crossed.
  2. A better than yesterday 6/10. Both Aussie, heir apparent and novel wrong
  3. Evening all. It's cup tiebreak result time. FrankieS v The_Kincardine And LeedsSaint v Eednud both tied their quarter final ties and were asked to guess at the following question In which year were polo mints first produced and sold in the uk? Frankie guessed 1940 and Kincy guessed 1959. Leeds guesses 1901 to Eednuds 1950 The correct answer according to several sources was 1948. Resulting in Frankie being closer and Eednud being closer than their opponents. Unlucky to the losers an well done to the 2 who progress. This leaves the semi final lineup as FrankieS Eednud WillieA Whiterosekillie The draw will take place tomorrow night with the semi final ties to be played on Wednesday.
  4. CUP NEWS So we had 2 draws over th weekends quarter finals. And due to this I've been wracking my brain for a tiebreak and guess what? I have one. Question: In which year were POLO mints first manufactured and sold in the UK? Answers to me no later than 5 pm tomorrow to allow for the semi finals to be played on Wednesday. Best of luck!!
  5. A ridiculous 3/10 to start the week. Didn't even check what was right or qrong
  6. Sorry folks being working all weekend and am shattered but here is the Diddly Dee Jamjar Trophy quarter final results show. So straight to the first match FrankieS v The_Kincardine What a match, seriously this was a cracker. Both sides absolutely went for it. Not a day to defend, this was all out attack. Scoring went to and fro though neither side able to gain an advantage. All square in a high scoring half 6-6. No sign of tiredness in the second half with both continuing to batter away at each other's ends. Another barrage of point but still they couldn't be split at the end. Second half 5-5, 11-11 final score so a replay on this tie. LeedsSaint v Eednud Another match where the teams couldn't be split. Eednud going in at the break with a single point lead, 5-4. If you haven't guessed what's coming next then you surely weren't paying attention. Leeds took the second 5-4 so 9-9 final score and another replay. Cardinal Richelieu v WillieA Tight scoring again in this one though WillieA took a point lead into the second, 4-3. Cardy trying to pull it back in the second and had to go for it. This allowed Willie to hit on the break an he broke Cardys heart with another single point win second half, 5-4 for a 9-7 win. Welshbairn v Whiterosekillie Could Welshie Spring a surprise here? Well he managed to keep it close only behind by a point at the break. WRK leads 5-4 at the half. Second half Welshie gave it everything and the tie was never over till the very end. Welshie unable to gain the extra point needed but managed a respectable second half draw, 6-6. Final score WRK wins 11-10. Tiebreak question will be set tomorrow morning folks so tune in then once I've managed to get some much needed sleep.
  7. Evening all. Just to say am just waiting on his eminence to pm his scores for the full set for cup games. That is unless he did actually post his sores here yesterday
  8. Right messages cleared. As it stands I only have a score from Eednud so please re-PM your new message if needed.
  9. Looks like I'll have to delete some messages hope you're taking the proverbial with giving yer actual score Cardy?
  10. Afternoon folks, hope you're all well. So it cup time again, the Diddly Dee Jamjar Trophy quarter finals. A reminder of the ties first FrankieS v The_Kincardine LeedsSaint v Eednud Cardinal Richelieu v WillieA Welshbairn v Whiterosekillie Usual rules apply, answers to me by 9am Monday. Best of luck!!
  11. A middling 5/10 to end the week. Element, flag and Annie Hall. Guessed president and cricket. Cup News. Just a reminder to those involved that the quizzes will be posted around lunchtime tomorrow
  12. 9/10 for Thursday, seriously I really did get 9/10. Knew 8, guessed Aussie politics. Swimmer wrong GIRFUY Aussie swimmer person [emoji35]
  13. Evening gents. It's time for the Diddly Dee Jamjar Trophy Quarter Final draw. The draw is a s follows FrankieS v The_Kincardine LeedsSaint v Eednud Cardinal Richelieu v WillieA Welshbairn v Whiterosekillie Ties to be played Friday lunchtime. Semi finals will take place next midweek to allow the final to be played the final weekend of the month.
  14. Better than yesterday 6/10. Knew food, Caspian Sea, Wolfgang Pauli, Bruno Mars and the obvious one. Guessed Aussie surfer dude [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji6]
  15. I was reading last week that they've begun the photoshoots for the Han Solo film. Release date expected to be May 2018. A young Han, Chewie, and Lando Calrisian., could b worth a watch. Woody Harrelson also among the cast though no mention of character names other than the obvious.