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  1. West Region play offs.

    Arthurlie are in freefall and the players don't seem to have the stomach for the fight. They have a few players who wouldn't cut it in the lower leagues and any of the teams they meet in the playoffs will run over the top of them. Quite a few people baffled by Ogilvies tactics and they are starting to turn against him. Girvan , as someone has said are a stuffy outfit and wont be as easy to beat as Arthurlie but i still see both going down.
  2. Rossvale juniors fc

    Superb stuff from Rossvale. Lets see you win the league now. Good luck.
  3. Tonight's Scores

    And therein lies your answer.
  4. Tonight's Scores

    Strange that . Ladeside played some excellent stuff on it. So did Kilwinning. So did Perthshire. So did Saltcoats. All very recent. Why isnt the question " Why cant Clydebank play on that pitch?" I think you know the answer.
  5. Arthurlie Fire sale

    You are making an awful lot of assumptions about me. I don't like what is happening at my club but struggling to cope, no . Far more important things in my life. I find it hard to attend a lot of things at the moment as i am working away in another country. When i'm home i support everything my club run . The tractor story sounds good. The supporters trust fund even more so . As i have already said to your better educated friend, if these rumours you refer to are found to be true then i will hold my hands up and admit to being wrong. Don't think i can be fairer than that.
  6. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Oops the village idiot has the community computer again.
  7. Arthurlie Fire sale

    If thats true its an absolute disgrace. They cant afford to have that attitude even if they were humping teams from lower divisions.
  8. General Secretary of the West Region

    Living up to your name there old chap.
  9. Arthurlie Fire sale

    You made accusations and then watered them down. Thats you being proved right is it? Team Xmas bonus . Eh sorry one player xmas bonus. Which has been pointed out could well have been something else. Im not going to get involved arguing again as it just keeps going in circles. I believe questions will be asked at any future AGM/EGM. If you are proved correct i will be on here apologising.
  10. Arthurlie Fire sale

    You had a clear out. By your own admission you had a clear out because we needed to freshen up. I agree we needed that but you brought in players who weren't up to the job. Its my opinion that very few of the players you signed were worthy of being in an Arthurlie team. Im not privy to what you spent on these guys but suffice to say Arthurlie wont recoup much of that because none of them are worth it. Is it true that at the AGM you said you were bringing in players you felt could win the league?. Id just like you to clarify which league you meant. I reckon no more than 4 players you bought were/are of superleague standard. The proof will be when Arthurlie try to sell them. I cant see the Talbots, Beiths, Polloks, Glenaftons of this world lining up at the gates of Dunterlie with an open cheque book. The club is a mess. you bailed out but you helped create that mess. I have absolutely no axe to grind with you personally. The committee took a big gamble on you , it didnt pay off. You took a gamble on those players, same result.
  11. General Secretary of the West Region

    Thats exactly what will happen. In my opinion Kennie had his crack at it. He should possibly step aside and encourage his supporters to vote for Robert. If he doesn't do that then Robert has to stand down and let Kennie get on with it. If they both run its going to be more of the same
  12. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Worst i have ever seen mate. On and off the park. Big shake up required. We have players starting every week that wouldn't get near even last seasons Arthurlie team. Mackie chased out better players than we have just now.
  13. Arthurlie Fire sale

    I reckon you are just an Arthurlie hater. You resurrected a thread that had more or less died hoping to stir more shit. So you read the local paper, cant be too many outside Barrhead or Neilston who do that. Come on who is your team lookingforshit? To be fair i think you have hit the nail on the head with your question and i reckon the answer is definitely a bit of both.
  14. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Now thats one of the most predictable posts ever. Incoherent as it was, its exactly what i expected.
  15. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Then who was the committee member who told you? I don't believe you will have an answer but thought i would ask one last time.