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  1. Very interesting. 4th tier must be a "cheap" option then get the team up the leagues. It also puts the SRU in the door of the Celtic league with Glasgow and Edinburgh, English league with the exiles and the French league now with this nice based club. It makes me wonder if the SRU are trying to set up a similar set up in one of the super rugby nations.
  2. The new Glasgow prop surname is a mouthful
  3. Yeah I was getting a bit carried away
  4. Where have you seen or heard this?
  5. Nah he play himself wide left like last season to work the channels. Stick Jacobs at LB this time and recall antell between the sticks
  6. I think this would be a sensible option. However do they have a smallish stadium in Rome. Stadio Flaminio? Is probably too big and won't be filled most weeks. Be better for traveling fans and get more sponsorship deals in the capital. The Italians have to change something though because they are struggling domestically and internationally
  7. Thing is zebre aren't really the problem for me. It's Italian rugby in general. As it stands the Italians don't have the money, player depth, fan base or modern history for two franchises. They have been struggling for years both in the 6 nations and pro 12. They might be better off running one franchise for now and look at second franchise in a few years and see where they are. It's only what the SRU have done.
  8. I'm looking forward to it I actually like the idea of conferences but there are so many questions that need answered. How will European qualifications work? How will fixtures work? Will teams do mini tours for away fixtures? And so many more. come on pull your finger out and tell us what's going on
  9. I know Rankin is the club captain however just seems that Tapping and Jacobs is the better combination. I look forward to seeing Naismith next signing and what area he choosing to strengthen
  10. Great. We can lose that one too if it comes to that
  11. Well we were in the English domestic game a few years ago in the friends provident trophy I think but we could rarely compete and I think it would be worse if we were in the t20 blast. that said Cricket Scotland would do well to push for a place in that competition along with ireland. That would be the best bet for Scottish Cricket to get good coverage and generate interest. That new T20 competition would be good if we can attract good players but the biggest problem for Scottish cricket and always will be is the weather.
  12. I agree rovers will be a tough game and for now all I can see is another hard luck draw. Someone said it earlier we are unbeaten in 90 mins so far in competitive football this season and yet the two draws sting like defeats. My attention is already turning to the coming league campaign.
  13. Surprised there isn't a competition for the regional teams of Ireland Scotland and Dutch combined. Be a good 8 team (3 Irish, 3 Scots, 2 Dutch) league over the summer. With Ireland and Afghanistan picking up full test status the worry is Scotland being left behind and competing for "best of the rest"
  14. Where can I get more information on Scotlands regional Pro series? For example I know there was the joint venture with the dutch but what happened and are Scotland just doing it solo. I looked on Cricket Scotland site and Wikipedia but there doesn't seem much on there. Any help thanks in advance