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  1. Rugby - Union And League

    I was at the principality albeit at the wrong end of the pitch for most of the game. Wales were shocking. Second string or not they should be beating Georgia more comfortably. Unless they have full strength on the pitch they are a gang. That "uncontested" scrum debacle was a joke. Took about 10 minutes of them wasting time and fretting what to do. It was wrong because they robbed Georgia of their advantage. But nothing will go any further it will be forgotten about and Georgia will have to wait longer to prove themselves worthy of the top table. Unlucky for Scotland what a great game of rugby. Should of been a third yellow in that game but I will settle for running them close. Looking forward to oz next week
  2. Montrose v Queens

    I think Stirling should start this game. He brought power and pace to the attack against TNS when he came on. Although I thought James Mcfadden was very good in possession last week as well. Interesting to see him in the centre of the park where he did a decent job of dictating the play. Couple of interesting choices to make for selection.
  3. Highland League restructuring

    Bit harsh RedLichtie86. But your right not the greatest of solutions. Seems over complicated and unbalanced over the course of a season. I believe a team should have to play every other team in the league to call themselves champions. That's why things like Super rugby format doesn't really work practically. One team could face weaker teams while another has all the tougher opponents overall. Hardly fair.
  4. Old Firm Colts in L2

    Would any of the Amateurs move across as well perhaps? as you say its all speculation and until something is officially released that's all it will be. Still though many people on this site alone have called out for a West league to match East and South. Maybe, someday, there will be.
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    Hopefully advance to next round of the Scottish cup and give ourselves a bit more of a budget to work with in January. Who would everyone want though to cut away and who to bring in and keep. I not sold on Scott Mercer or Kane from what I have seen. But I certainly hope we can hang on to Kerr for another 6 months. Will certainly benefit him to keep playing regular football and against decent league opposition. Most of the squad I am happy with and I include Tapping and Dykes in that. I know they are not everyone's preferred squad members however I think they do enough to warrant staying in the team and do have a really good game from time to time. Maybe not enough good games but for me they do enough. Thoughts?
  6. Old Firm Colts in L2

    Yeah seen that in the previous comment. I was just wondering if an actual West of Scotland league (that sits equal with East and South of Scotland leagues) was in the official pipeline, as opposed to the speculative one, and what teams would make up such a league.
  7. Old Firm Colts in L2

    do you have anything to back this up, reference feeder league for West of Scotland?
  8. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Certainly take it seriously and play near full strength sides in games.
  9. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    You didn't have to go Ireland or up to Inverness or where ever else. It's your choice. And as for hoping your team don't equalise or progress further I don't buy that. At the very least you could word it differently to say at least the bairns can concentrate on the relegation battle or similar. To say you hope they don't equalise or win is a bit bitter to be honest.
  10. The Queen of the South Thread

    Just like to point out once again what a fantastic support that travelled to TNS. Didn't stop making noise and represented the club really well. And the flags are a good addition.
  11. Rugby - Union And League

    Any news of the starting 15 against the all blacks? I'm attending Wales v Georgia game on Saturday so would be bloody brilliant if Wales lose to them.
  12. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Probably not popular opinion and I have said before I like the inclusion of these "foreign teams". I would prefer however a Scottish team winning the competition. TNS are no mob though. They have squeezed past Livingston and now us and will give any championship team a tough time. As for the draw I would go for Dumbarton at home to Crusaders and Inverness to make the long trip down to TNS.
  13. I can't believe dobbie missed his penalty. I thought it was a good equal game maybe more us second half and extra time where either team could of won it. Disappointed that we have exited the competition and disappointed with those penalties. I was gutted I couldn't make the game because the fans made it a great atmosphere. League and Scottish cup now
  14. The Queen of the South Thread

    I agree with this.
  15. Pyramid Structure Below Highland League

    Is it possible, that the highland league could split into two regional leagues (at the same level on pyramid) and incorporate the North Caledonian league, due to the possibility of teams "north of the Tay" being relegated from league 2? So essentially two conferences within a league. A team could play home and away within their regional conference playing for the conference title with say for example top 8 playing the other conference top 8 in whatever format for the Highland league title and for the chance for promotion to league 2. Would also keep a reasonable check on fixture congestion depending on number of teams and limit travel for the struggling clubs.