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  1. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    Wow Clyde have more chance of gaining a top 4 spot than Cowden have of staying up though we play each other twice and that will have a huge bearing of at least 1 unlikely event at one time coming to fruition so its sit tight and pray for both teams
  2. Edinburgh City v Clyde

    Ally love to come back
  3. Top of the League Thread

    Just need to win it then,
  4. Top of the League Thread

    Pretty much agree Jake, though no way will stenny go up via play offs.....not near good enough
  5. Top of the League Thread

    Peterhead, Montrose and stirling pretty much nailed as top 3, so just the 4th spot in question will stenny hold fast or Elgin or Annam to sneak it very much doubt that Clyde can make IT now
  6. Clyde v Elgin.

    We're due a win over Elgin so hope this is 2 in a row so far
  7. Ally Love

  8. Stenny v Clyde

    Not had any updates on kipre, even on how much weight he lost (if any) don't think we'll see him either till we. Can't gain a top 4 place officially
  9. Clyde v Elgin.

    Cumbernauld must be an oasis in the snow, don't see how anyone can even think about traveling anywhere
  10. Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    While relieved not to be part of this years drop out process, I wish cowdown all the best on survival..... Honest lads
  11. Stirling v Clyde

    Best player for stirling was the No,2 not hard to see why McNeils position was taken over
  12. Stirling Albion Thread

    No means No!!! Ohh no to a league tittle and no to promotion...... Same old Montrose then
  13. Stirling Albion Thread

    Fed up saying this but ANYONE. Could have signed (goal) Willie from lower SPL down.....
  14. Stirling v Clyde

    We have better players than those who played way back last September and better manager too, Clyde fans all well up for this bring it on now
  15. Stirling v Clyde

    You must be on some promise to miss this game Jake o'll pal of mine