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  1. Morton aren't really a club that can afford to "rest a few"
  2. What's TurbineTon getting his knickers in a twist for?
  3. Hopefully we continue our unbeaten run, just fucking get me back to Belfast.
  4. If we want to push for 9th or even 8th if we're extra lucky this season, this is a game if like to see us win.
  5. A Hibs fan just called us "Weegie overspill tramps" what a silly boy. You don't get tramps this side of the welcome to West Lothian sign so I hope you regret that statement.
  6. [emoji35] I've put the angry face emoji there to let everyone know you have hurt my feelings. Hopefully you will learn a lesson from this and never be mean again in the future.
  7. I expect this to be a tough match for the Amber Machine. I think our players will find it weird that their town is smaller than our shopping centres and this might put them off their game. We will sneak a 3-0 I think.
  8. Stranraer = Part Time Airdrie = Livi ur pure cheats
  9. Hibs in the League Cup you say
  10. Houston's a fud. Hopkin's heroes were tremendous last night. Bring on the Celtic
  11. "Ah dinna keen whit yous are laughing at, yous may be gaan up but yur coming straight back dooooon"
  12. When the Lions go up to lift the Scottish League Cup sponsored by Betfred We'll be there, we'll be there
  13. The Amber Machine rolls on. No doubt it was Falkirk's worse performance since their formation or some shite like that. Just not on our level. Their fans are wallopers as well proper losing it by telling us to f**k off back to our lasagne stadium Halkett strolled it luckily Real Madrid and Man Utd were in the super cup tonight so Mourinho and Zidane couldn't make it out to come see him play. Byrne was also excellent and was giving it yaldi to the fans after which was superb, what a hero. Would quite like Celtic in the next round to finally decide the age old question of who has the best invincibles in the country Hopking or Rodgers.
  14. Laughable to claim that's a penalty. Not looking forward to playing Dunfermline again because by the time all their first team players are fit they could beat us by 7 or 8 they are that good.
  15. Hippo's a decent lad bought him a drink in erf and he returned the favour later in the night. He then said enjoy the rest of your night Amc13 and f**k the pars to me so he's a good guy.