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  1. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    A Beith Juniors fan can't really laugh at anyone let alone the team sitting second in the Championship, unlucky.
  2. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Truth hurt? And to answer your question yes then joined a proper league. The juniors should try the same.
  3. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    A junior fan moaning about the draw. You'll take what your fucking given until you join a proper league. Old people who support one of the Old Firm going to their local village pub team to watch it take on other pub teams in pointless leagues and pointless cups.
  4. Dundee fans are utter fannies
  5. In all seriousness though if offered it right now I'd take us winning the league and United coming up with us by relegating Dundee in the play-offs. Who am I kidding any one of us relegating they c***s in the play-offs would be glorious.
  6. I'm not going to get carried away with a result like this we played well and I'd say the better team won on the day but there's still a long way to go in a season where I reckon we'll have the league wrapped up in march. #GBTAM #Dad #FuckThePars
  7. I also definitely wouldn't take 8th. That would be a disaster if we finished there we've picked up 15 points in 8 games to only pick up 25 points in our next 28 games would be very poor.
  8. I don't know but even if Durrant done nothing Toddy should have done it anyway simply because he's a minging *** c**t.
  9. I'm kind of glad we beat Dumbarton mainly because of their Tambourine, their Fat Jambo striker and that *** Durrant who was being a dick to Toddy who took the ball from him and pretended to chuck it back in his face
  10. I'm buckled at this. Why the f**k did Belfast Celtic randomly win the league in 2000. Considering they didn't exist in 2000 what's that based on
  11. Any Falkirk fans heading to the game hide your colours.
  12. So what you're saying is £1080 more than the **** raised to save their club
  13. The reckon the 700 are pretty interested. Meanwhile no football team plays in Falkirk, how's that for interest.