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  1. If he's still not even getting a game at East Fife he'll never be playing for someone big. We should take any large fee while we can.
  2. I think there was very few boos for Mullen far more clapping him on, as for Hippo he left in quite a cunty way and to Falkirk as well. Doesn't matter about the booing though it's never spurred him on he's always been shite against us and I reckon his record against us must have quite a few losses
  3. Jack Ross is a Fanny He wears a fanny's hat He could have went to Barnsley But he said no f**k that Then he went to Livi Thought it would be a stroll Sent back to Paisley crying When Robbo got his goal
  4. ICTFC v Crusaders

    Fantastic scenes at the end, all that scrapping and a sending off for that shit penalty it was a blatant penalty anyway what the f**k were the Crusaders players wanting a fight for that. All to the beautiful backdrop of the Inverness fans singing "Go home ya ****"
  5. Had to rush to Glasgow for my mates 21st straight after the game so this is the first time I've got home. I fucking love this team always giving everything they've got. Yesterday was result of the season. Fantastic. Also hats off to the St Murn support who came in numbers and got behind their team from start to end no matter how bad the shagging got, except from Jack Ross who was a bitter Fanny in the 3-1 at Paisley so I hope Hopkin made him cry.
  6. TNS v Dumbarton

    May I say well done Dumbarton you sexy b*****ds from all at Livingston FC and Scottish football. Great Result.
  7. Deans isn't a village, it's a district/precinct of Livingstone.
  8. Livi south is better because you have the better scenery like Dedridge
  9. That's a blog by a kid, not Livi highlights.
  10. Yeah we absolutely haunt Tam McManus
  11. Cute the Falkirk fans thought they were back and after us putting them back in their place they are being bitter about it. Don't worry pal I'm confident you will get 8th.
  12. I'll bite. 3-1 now get out of the thread.
  13. If your friends went to the game with you I wouldn't exactly call them "neutrals"
  14. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Fluke promotion or not, no wins after 23 games is terrible and in most clubs the manager would be rightfully sacked.
  15. Who will be Brechin's first?

    I have absolutely no idea why Dodds hasn't been sacked. As VT has said clubs similar to Brechin have stayed up never mind win a game, there's no excuse.