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  1. Cumbernauld United 2017-2018

    Delighted to have Paul at the Club, top guy and quality player.
  2. Shock Signings?

    I played with him at Tulliallan as an 18 yearold,he must have been 35/36, but still the second best player on the park.
  3. Shock Signings?

    And he played for Cumbernauld United for a couple seasons towards the end of this career.
  4. Cumbernauld United v Newtogrange Star (Replay)

    Apologies for my spelling lol
  5. Currently looking good for this game going ahead tomorrow. KO 1.30pm Club opens at 11am Get yourself along for what should be a cup cracker.
  6. Games 16-12-17

    Pitch Inspection 8am Saturday at Newtongrange. Not looking good.
  7. Scottish Cup Weekend

    We wont be seeing the draw until the majority of the 3rd ties have been completed.
  8. Match arranged at King George V Renfrew Off Deanpark Road PA4 0AN KO 7.30pm
  9. Friday night inspections

    Managed over to Newtongrange this morning would say 50/50 at best. Pitch inspection at 9am but would expect condition will be worse tomorrow.
  10. Scottish Cup Weekend

    Pitch Inspection at Newtongrange 9am
  11. Cumbernauld United 2017-2018

    Our Club will be open at 9am and the bar from 11am.
  12. West Region fixtures for December ?

    Good man Peter,do agree the fixture on the 2nd December is nonsense given we still have 4 teams still to play.
  13. West Region fixtures for December ?

    We as in our Club, am with you all the way regarding the fixtures, we all know the problem and he thinks its his ball to do what he wants with it.
  14. West Region fixtures for December ?

    Every Club will have a gripe throughout the season, we had the chance to change and didn't take it. As for my own Club come end November 9 away games and 4 home, albeit 3 away in the Scottish and 1 in the west. Could have played Glens at home on the 30th Sept (that game we should never have won lol)as Guy's Meadow was available, as it is on Saturday but we are away on Cup Duty. Tbh we just get on with it now, right think am going to watch that Glens v Nauld highlight's again.
  15. Scottish Rnd 3

    Add Newtongrange v Cumbernauld