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  1. Cumbernauld United 2018-19

    Cumbernauld United are delighted to announce 4 new signings, all the boys played with Cumbernauld Colts under 20's last season. Dylan O'Hagan Ryan Milne Marc Anthony Byrne Blair Bateman Welcome to the Club guy's
  2. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    Cumbernauld United new signings to date. Connor Stevenson (Petershill) Paul Callendar (Petershill) David Reid (Larkhall Thistle) Stefan Law (KRR) Kieran McAleenan (Arthurlie)
  3. Cumbernauld United 2018-19

    All relevant news will be posted here. Cumbernauld Squad Resigned for this season. David Buchanan Jamie Kennedy Paul Murphy Tony Stevenson Ross McCabe Paddy McCabe Paul McMenamin Martin Shiels Aiden Malone Chris Lennon Alan Benton New Signings Connor Stevenson (25) (Petershill) Paul Callendar (34) (Petershill) David Reid (25) (Larkhall Thistle) Stefan Law (21) (KRR) Kieran McAleenan (30) (Arthurlie) Further signings to be announced tomorrow.
  4. Central League Cup Final,Greenfield Park,Shettleston ko 7.30pm More than likely the last game to be contested for this Cup. Your thoughts ?
  5. Cumbernauld v Largs Sunday 3rd June 1PM

    Yes it was an enjoyable day (other than the result),Largs deserved the win but it was pointed out our keeper had very few if any saves to make,Largs only hit the post/bar 4-5 times lol but we also missed some clear cut chances, anyway as you say good game and crowd which if this had been played mid-week I suspect numbers would have been well down on yesterday. Here's hoping we can get half amount on Wednesday in our Semi-Final v Blantyre.
  6. Cumbernauld v Largs Sunday 3rd June 1PM

    Looking forward to this game on Sunday,expect decent crowd with good following from Largs confirmed. Sure there will be a few travelling from Irvine so hopefully good numbers cheering on the 'Nauld'.KO Ipm and Hat-trix will be open from 11am,forecast looking good and our new beer garden now operational. So if you're looking for some entertainment on Sunday get along to Guys Meadow.
  7. We lost 7 but won the other 6 so a return of 18 points away from home would be acceptable, our home form at the start of the season was the problem 2 points from 12,we have won our last 6 home league games and finish with Largs on Sunday. Looking forward to this game hopefully get a decent crowd,1pm KO.
  8. The game against Largs is confirmed expect it will be posted today.
  9. No,but its not ideal given its a holiday weekend.Our last 3 home games have been midweek so it would make sense for KRR to play at Kilbirnie,that would complete KL league programme at set up our final game on the Saturday the 2nd June, which may still have some significance for both teams but certainly Largs. Our club have requested these fixture be changed as I see this as a win win situation. If our request is unsuccessful we have asked to play on the Sunday 3rd June, which Largs have agreed too. Lets see what develops.
  10. Its a great finish to the league, we just hope results go our way and we can take it to the last game against Largs. Think the 'Glens' need to take a least a point on Saturday as doubt 43 will be enough. Anyway I will be at Kilsyth to see if our neighbours can do us a turn.
  11. Fixture man strikes again

    If the new sectional league cup proposal is agreed the Evening Times as the sponsor would make sense to me, we also need to somehow give our WOS Cup the recognition it deserves perhaps something could be done with the ET here, that way we could do away with this end of season nonsense. Sure something could be agreed with New Coin Automatics, maybe they would be interested in sponsoring the big cup as its desperately needs a sponsor and something is better than nothing.
  12. Think you've missed Cumbernauld.
  13. Crazy,Both Lanark&Bellshill have completed their league fixtures therefore the winners playing Cumbernauld mid week on the 7or 9th would make sense,this would then allow Cumbernauld to play one of their 3 remaining home league matches on the Saturdaythe 12th.. As it stands Guys Meadow will be idle for the 2nd Saturday in 3 weeks, which is incredible given we ground share with KRR.
  14. Central League Cup

    Comfortable enough in the end against the 'Ants' Manager made several changes which included a start and man of match performance from Player/Coach JP McBride who also scored an excellent free kick on the night. Our midfield finished with the 3 auld yins. Robbie Winters (43) David Dickson (41) JP McBride (39) All 3 on the score sheet.
  15. Betting Odds Saturday 17th February

    Our game against them last week was certainly competitive. Should be a cracker, hard one to call.