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  1. Ruitenbeek Williamson Skerla McGregor Morrison Nicholson Dempsey Paton Gibson Faiss Brewster That team would get bullied out of every game but they'd play some lovely fitba
  2. The way their going it seems like they're banking on getting promoted. Hopefully they do because otherwise they could be in serious shit.
  3. It just all seems a bit backwards from Ayr tbh, going full-time, shoring up the defense and resigning Geggan and Moff should surely have come after promotion to the championship, not after relegation from it?
  4. In 6 months this thread will be discussing whether or not Ross needs to go.
  5. Geggan is fine at right-back if you're looking for a no nonsense guy to keep things ticking along without any major calamity. But if you're looking to dominate the majority of your games, as Ayr must be looking to do, he can't be played anywhere other than midfield, not only is it a tragic waste of his talents but it also means you miss out and a full-back with a bit of attacking prowess.
  6. sad to see him go, a true club hero
  7. Geggan is a weird one, he absolutely strolls it in midfield in League 1 and looks a class above, but looks out of his depth in the Championship. He's disastrous at RB in League 1 but looks solid there in the Champ. Would love to see him stay though. Wouldn't seem right not being able to give him a fitting send off.
  8. Ross did more in 6 months for St Mirren than any other manager did over the course of the season tbf, with the exceptions of Gary Locke's services to the mighty pars.
  9. Should surely have been Jack Ross or am I missing something?
  10. Would definitely be completely disappointing if we signed him, really not worth the risk for the "diamond in thr rough" effect either imo
  11. There is something seriously wrong with our scouting system if we are signing a 6ft 3, 26 year old striker from the team that only didn't get relegated out of the league system entirely by the grace of a penalty shoot out to partner Saint Nicholas Clark as we try to push for promotion.
  12. scottydog [emoji23]
  13. Your avatar looks a bit silly now chief.
  14. Are you not the alcoholic, bigot *** c**t? If so, kindly f**k off, ta x