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  1. Well, there's no major goings on at the club just now tbf, all of it is just focused on the match threads, much prefer like this to this time 4 years ago though. Which has got me thinking, this time 5 years ago we were an SPL club, this time 4 years ago we were in administration, this time last year we were champions.
  2. moan eh ref
  3. how's the title challenge going lads?
  4. Now who is the main culprit for missing loads of good
  5. You're a loser Gav, get back to Hearts ffs
  6. Damn Right [emoji41][emoji41][emoji41]
  7. Shitload of debt, almost died and still 2 divisions above your embarrassment of a football club. git doon.
  8. Not a hope in hell that we are taking anything from this. 3-0 Ton
  9. Cowdenbeath being triple relegated would be a first in Scottish football.
  10. FTFY awkies when the house elf is shite and gets hooked every week.
  11. Nah, Clark is incomparable. That's actually fine as long as it's a fair and accurate comment, in this case it absolutely is. Either way, whether you feel you've "won" or not, as long as you f**k off we'll all be much happier.
  12. considering Clark has scored 3 less league goals than those three put together no, i'd much rather have Nicky, meanwhile Dobbie has only scored 2 league goals this year and hasn't scored a league goal since mid January. You are only 3 points above us you slavering fuckwit.
  13. I'd forgotten about the Dobbie Clarkson or McManus patter though, so cheers for that.
  14. absolute fucking minter.
  15. BRE and Williamson are still good players, but we cannot afford to pay players for lying on a treatment table. you were, and still are, waffling a load of shite, despite how early you spunked your wad on those posts that have evidently been saved on a notepad file for months. While we are remembering things i've previously said, please delete your account.