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  1. So are we still meant to be panicking about the new season or not? I'm confused.
  2. I think we're all in agreement that the vast majority of our squad is playing at a false level and would walk in to any premiership side.
  3. Been on a desperate wind-up for almost a week in this thread now. #awkies :-/
  4. If Roman Bairn isn't 15 years old he genuinely needs medical help imo
  5. That's great petal x Re: signing shiels.
  6. Personifying the word relentless. Give it a rest you boring b*****d. Not you stella obvz xx
  7. The confusing with Wedderburn is simply a matter of spelling rather than dislike. He's phat, no fat.
  8. If it is not wind-up then feel free to drop yourself into the first category on offer rather than the second. I hoped it was a wind-up rather than thought, for your sake.
  9. We signed higgy last season on the 18th of July, Clark in august. Resigned cardle and Murdoch on the 20th the year before. We signed Reilly in early June. I think AJ might be right in waiting for better quality players. You'd almost think everyone realises friendlies are meaningless except zoomers who like getting their knickers in a twist over f**k all and shit wind-up merchants.
  10. I sincerely hope the last two pages everyone is taking the piss. If not, i'm not sure if pars fans getting seething over a friendly or rovers fans genuinely thinking it matter is worse. I barely counted the challenge cup game a few years ago, never mind a friendly. Pre-season is dreadful, gets all the absolute gimps in a frenzy.