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  1. McKenna wasn't even on the bench at the weekend.
  2. Definitely the best performance of the season i've seen from us at home and also back to back wins. Thought Crawford, Forrest, Fleming and El Alagui were brilliant and we were also helped by Dumbarton not having Nade. Moving on i would take a draw against Dundee United on Tuesday and then next weekend is the huge one against St Mirren and i've no idea what way that will go.
  3. McDaid and Adams are out but everyone else will be available apparently.
  4. El Alagui in my opinion probably had one of his best games against Dunfermline at the weekend but was more impressive in terms of being able to hold the ball up instead of a goal-scoring threat.
  5. Source?
  6. Wouldn't hold your breath.
  7. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/742769/former-hearts-star-ryan-stevenson-went-from-loving-the-beautiful-game-to-feeling-despair/ Interesting read...
  8. The question is do we go with the same team as we played yesterday even if some of the injured players like Adams and McDaid are fit.
  9. By the way i know it's wishful thinking but we've unfortunately only got 28 points.
  10. We MUST win our next 2 games to have any chance of being in the mix. Think we can certainly beat Dumbarton at home next week however we need to turn up at home which doesn't always happen. For St Mirren away the following week i'm obviously not as hopeful for a win and would maybe even take a draw from that if other results went our way. On our chances of survival i would love to say that we're going to finish 8th however the best i think we can get is 9th, hopefully i'm wrong but i fear the last 2 home games to Arabs and Hibs could be a deciding factor in where we finish. The last game of the season away to Raith looks more likely as the weeks go by to be a case of whoever wins that game stays up.
  11. If Johnston doesn't think you're now in a relegation battle then he's walking about blindfolded in my opinion.
  12. Ah right, didn't realise that as I've not seen the interviews yet, just about to watch it.
  13. Docherty who was 50/50 before the game with hamstring and had to go off cause his hamstring went again, would presume he'll be out for another couple of weeks. Adams i have no idea, don't even know what's wrong with him and i've heard that Cairney is out for the season with ligament. Murphy was on the bench and seemed ok as did Crawford who lasted 90 minutes along with Moore who came on and did fine. For McDaid i would have thought he might have an outside chance of making next week. The midfield was actually impressive today with obviously Docherty having a big part to play in that but gilmour and rose were also very impressive, Rose was brilliant and was his best game of the season by a mile, he could be our midfield savour with the possibility of Adams and Doc being out for a while.
  14. One of the best performances i've seen this season with regards to fight and passion. Wasn't the prettiest performance but we just need wins now however we get them. Thought certainly we were lucky to be still in the game halfway through the first half as we were dominated for first 20 minutes or so and all over the place at the back. The confidence started to build though before half time when we started making passes and moves down on the deck. Then we came out in 2nd half and almost conceded within about 20 seconds but then we got the goal which was fortunate to say the least but they all count and after that it was just going to be a case of hanging, however we did have a couple of chances to kill off the game. For Dunfermline they're definitely in a relegation battle now and there performance today justified why they're in that position.