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  1. I think an artificial surface is something that should be looked at in the near future because it would generate a lot of extra income if they hired it out everyday, plus would give us somewhere permanent to train. However for the near future i can't see it happening.
  2. See that Morton are allowing drums into the ground tomorrow, would be great if we could get one in the away end.
  3. How many away fans will that section hold?
  4. You're hardly high and dry from safety yourself.
  5. However i've just remembered that the racing is on next weekend aswell which has known to have an effect on our away crowd that day before, definitely a tall order but can be done.
  6. Just about fell of my chair when i saw this but have to agree i think 5 is pushing it a bit.
  7. Ayr team: 1. Fleming, 2. Devlin, 5. Rose, 6. Murphy, 9. Moore, 10. Forrest, 12. Harkins, 14. Cairney, 18. Meggatt, 21. McGuffie, 23. Docherty
  8. Could possibly get 2 against Morton and Raith but can't see how we're going to be Dundee United tonight or Hibs.
  9. and eh St Mirren are winning aswell, the only plus is that surprisingly Dumbarton aren't beating Dunfermline at home. But you never know if Raith are picking up an unexpected result there's no reason we can't tonight, C'MON YOU HONEST MEN. But i do agree with if we lose tonight we're fucked.
  10. Morton not even had a shot on target yet
  11. That's the other issue cause you certainly can't play Meggatt as wing back.
  12. We played the first half of the home game against St Mirren with a 3 at the back and that was a complete park the bus job and hit them on the counter. It didn't work that day and it certainly won't work tomorrow, plus it leaves you severely exposed on the wings if Devlin and Boyle push up.
  13. Yes, him and McCall fell out over his 'attitude' apparently.