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  1. McCall said after the game that Docherty and Crawford could be back for next week, personally if either are in the team i think it should be on the bench from the start. No need to rush them straight back into the starting 11, we've been without them both for about the last 2/3 months so the bench will do for next week.
  2. It could well come down to goal difference which could work in our favour.
  3. He's back in training apparently, although wouldn't fancy him playing next week cause you know what Airdrie can be like with their tackling.
  4. Ayr vs East Fife

    Was at the game and thought the performance was pretty good, looked more solid at the back with Bell and Geggan in there and was impressed with Kerr in the middle, clumsy at times but overall has a good variety of passing. Bit difficult to assess goalie and defence though cause East Fife were shite but we still managed to make them look like scoring near the end with us slacking off, looked knackered the last 20 minutes, presume it's a knock on from last week. Also have to say the pitch is in a pretty bad state and looked heavy again today which probably isn't helping things. Don't remember it being in as bad a state last season although the winter wasn't as bad.
  5. For a start we need to win all our games between now and Raith next month, then beat Raith at home, see where we are after that game and then just keep winning until the end of the season. With Docherty and Crawford nearing return and after one of our better performances in a while today i think we can do it, will be tough though.
  6. Ayr vs East Fife

    Ruddy Geggan Bell Rose Boyle McDaid Adams Kerr McGuffie Moffat Shankland Few surprises there with Kerr back, hope he's 100% and also Bell at CB, would have put Adams there personally. Also presume Forrest has a knock cause he's on the bench and being playing well recently I would say.
  7. Ayr vs East Fife

    Would imagine this'll be the team cause I think Adams cold do with a rest. He has played a lot recently due to him being about the only fit central midfielder. Looking forward to having two central midfielders in the middle of the park for what seems like the first time in ages. Intersting to see how Geggan and Bell do in midfield together. Also the bench is beginning to have options on it again. Have a feeling this could be one of our best results/performances for a while so I'll go 3-0.
  8. Ayr vs East Fife

    Any tickets left for the home end?
  9. Ayr vs East Fife

    All this taxi for Young shit means we'll definitely chuck it from being in the lead once again.
  10. Ayr vs East Fife

    Raith have got a tricky away game to Albion Rovers so their is a chance they might drop points there. Would expect Geggan, Boyle and Docherty to be in the team, don't know where Bell plays now with Doc possibly back. Need a convincing home win so i'm going 5-0. How good have East Fife been recently?, might retract that prediction if they've been on a good run recently.
  11. Only watch to four minutes.
  12. Tough choice to be honest, both been shite recently.
  13. Wish someone had stuck a hand out and punched him, was close enough to be hit. Perplexed at how the ref couldn't book him for that.
  14. Would have thought Docherty possibly aswell cause he was in the warm up today and been training a bit last week.
  15. Think we'll agree that we never saw ourselves taking the lead, then staying level in the game until 65 minutes. If the game had stopped then we would have been extremely proud of the team. To get humped like that though is an embarrassment, wish he had called it off at half time now. Think it's an underlying problem collapsing like that and not just down to fitness. The reaction for next week at a packed Somerset against East Fife will be key though, cause the players will be down and needing lifted.