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  1. Ayr v QP

    Temperature to drop to 2 degrees so should be on i would have thought.
  2. Ayr vs Albion

    Was difficult to tell from where i was so it maybe was a shot, even more impressive if it was a shot.
  3. Ayr vs Albion

    Didn't have enough time last week to make an impact but impressed with him today, cross for Higgins goal was a peach.
  4. Ayr vs Albion

    Injuries piling up....
  5. Ayr vs Albion

    Is the drum going to be there on Saturday?
  6. Ayr vs Albion

    Geggan has been struggling with this injury for the past couple of weeks and has been barely training between matches by all accounts. Think it has probably been made worse since he's had to play the last couple of games due to Adams being out.
  7. Ur Next v Ayr United

    Pitch inspection ffs, better be on, saw yesterday they had cleared snow from the pitch. Is frost the problem or more snow.
  8. Like how the club still haven't realised a statement about this SFA hearing after the Daily Record and BBC have picked it up. I know it's probably only going to be a fine but would still be good if they let their supporters know what was going on for sure.
  9. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ayr-united-face-sfa-complaint-11564755
  10. Think the punishment varies from a fine to a rematch, not as far as getting booted out.
  11. Ur Next v Ayr United

    Paddy Boyle out for 4-6 weeks with a fractured shoulder. Who plays left back, Reid/Ferguson?
  12. Arbroath at home, well that's shite.
  13. I just have this feeling we're going to get Celtic away in the next round.
  14. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Best performance of the season and should have been 4 at the least, so tempted to say we can win the league however there's such a long way to go yet it would be daft to say.
  15. Clubs probably been taken over and we know nothing about it.