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  1. Where exactly did this information come from?
  2. To be decided as far as i know but presume it will be Tues 14th November
  3. Had some memorable nights under those floodlights....
  4. Raith Rovers through to the next round of the Irn-Bru cup after beating St Mirren so our home league match against Raith on Sat 11th Nov will be changed to a Tuesday night. PISH, league should always get priority of any mickey-mouse cup, understandable if it was the Scottish Cup but not for that waste of time competition.
  5. So the ref had a phenomenal game then?
  6. What someone on the East Fife forum was saying.
  7. Defender Ben Gordon has left East Fife to sign for Raith Rovers apparently, believe that was a target McCall had in the summer.
  8. Just been looking at the table and i'm actually quite shocked and didn't realise we had conceded so many goals... Only Albion Rovers, Queens Park and Forfar have conceded more, rather concerning and needs to be addressed quickly, would help by having a regular back 4.
  9. The amount of people that are banging on about John Hughes on SRE is unbelievable, think their heads must be in the clouds. A manager which would take us backwards and made no improvement at Raith Rovers and if anything made them worse and most likely lost the dressing room aswell. In my opinion McCall is the right man at the moment however if by December we're not second at least he should go.
  10. Make sure you'll be able to get it into Somerset first
  11. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    On a more positive note we seem to have found a goalscorer in Shankland, i know it's early days but 3 goals in 2 games is a good start and i would say today he looked every bit as good as Moffatt if not better.
  12. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    How on earth we never won that game is a joke, could easily have scored 4 in the second half and the penalty decision seemed to be debatable to say the least. McCall was classic at the end with his Mourinho like touchline celebration and then almost starting a fight with the alloa dugout, would expect him to get a touchline ban.
  13. See this has turned into the Raith Rovers forum. My own opinions and thoughts about the game were for fellow Ayr supporters to see since this is an Ayr forum after all and i do apologise if i couldn't get my facts 100% right for the gloating Raith supporters who seem to forget that they were crying their eyes out only around 4 months ago when they got beaten by Brechin in the play-off.
  14. Just watched the highlights and it's safe to say we got mugged off. 1. The performance looked very good and much better than theirs 2. Could have easily scored 3/4 goals 3. Raith Rovers never deserved to win that game and only really created 2 chances, which they both scored 4. Hart was horrendous and has made 2 amateur mistakes which have lost us the game, will need to do much better next week to get back supporters confidence in him 5. When Moffatt was fouled in the box at 2-1 and the penalty was given the ref made the right decision, however it looks to me like he was just onside so penalty should have stood and their player would have been sent off, game-changer 6. Higgins red card is probably very unfair and can't be appealed since it's a second yellow. There is a very minimal amount of contact at one stage which i could see why he's been sent off for but the Raith Rovers player certainly gets 10/10 for a Tom Daley impersonation.
  15. McCall said he was 'happy and proud' of the performance today in the circumstances with injuries however he admits the goalie has made the two mistakes which cost us but at the same time feels we could have finished some other chances to give us the chances of a point at least.