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  1. Think positive not negative...
  2. Yeah they seem to have lost that character they've had over the last few seasons to grind out results. If it hadn't been for Brechin they probably could have finished bottom.
  3. They were in the play offs against us and they never rested anyone.
  4. Anyone know the 20's score, none of the Facebook pages seem to have any updates on it.
  5. Someone on SRE Facebook page actually brought up a good point with Alloa wanting to get a result against Raith so they can try and finish 3rd. Therefore they'll avoid Dumbarton possibly in the semis of the play off. Believe this will happen, I do genuinely believe they'll take something off of Raith.
  6. Think Higgins coming back in next season with championship experience will be important if that's where we end up. Could work well alongside Bell in my opinion and even Rose seems to have improved a lot. Could potentially work well as a back three but too early to start talking about this stuff so I'll shut up.
  7. Don't know the exact figures and stats but there's probably not much in it tbh.
  8. Feel free to think I've lost the plot here but I'm absolutely buzzing for Saturday [emoji23]. Will be shitting it come Saturday morning.
  9. How many fans do Albion Rovers reckon they'll bring down considering they're fighting to stay in the league. Jesus nobody at the game will actually be watching the match but instead glued to their phones checking other scores.
  10. I'll not fucking care how we've won it if we do.
  11. I just have the feeling there's another twist to come at least, any time either of us have accepted that we're finishing in the play-offs or winning the league it hasn't ended up that way. Could honestly make a fucking documentary about this title race, would probably get a BAFTA for the fans reaction in the highlights on Sunday.
  12. Hope there's still a good crowd, at least the same as the Stranraer game and not a load of idiots who don't go and then the unthinkable happens.
  13. Think positive though, we'll still win the league...
  14. Don't know why we're discussing the play offs because the league isn't finished yet.
  15. If we take an early lead it could put us top and Raith fans would get agitated if they're not playing well. Still all very much to play for but we need to come flying out like we did at the start of the second half on Sunday to get the fans going.