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  1. That would be a decent signing for them.
  2. It's just to be announced because the player is following the club on twitter and the clubs following him. Notice he's also following a couple of the players so it's definitely happened, think it's possibly to do with Graeme Miller being on holiday as to why it hasn't been announced yet.
  3. Personally i would say airdrie and alloa away as 2 tough games and stranraer at home will be no walk in the park either. Although saying that Airdrie seem to be in a mess so they could well be battling at the other end of the table.
  4. I can't imagine Gilmour will be staying but you never know.
  5. Has he not left to coach at Rangers
  6. As usual we already have quite a few central midfielders (Docherty, Geggan, Adams, Crawford and possibly Rose) so i would say the chances are slim of Cairney staying for next season. Not sure what he'll do about a goalkeeper with Hart already been pretty young i wouldn't have thought McCall would want to get a young kid in on loan from a premiership club.
  7. Is he training with us? Not sure how that would go down with him playing so many games up the road. However he's already made 16 appearances for us apparently...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Johnston_(footballer)
  8. The other defender could be Ben Gordon.
  9. The Ayrshire Post has announced it who have been told all player news by McCall. I do agree that the news should probably come through the club first.
  10. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ayr-united-dressing-rooms-set-10661343
  11. Well after a couple of weeks of silence, fans moaning and complaints building up today has brought a lot of positive and welcoming news. Although it will be a shame to see Fleming go it seems as if we've got a fantastic talent in Hart which is yet to be seen and we've got a fantastic signing in defence, not sure if Reid was maybe the one McCall was linked with in January if Devlin had gone then. Notice that digital kitchens is doing improvement works to the managers office, referees room and possibly the dressing rooms for free, hats off to Graeme Miller for getting good business done there with what seems to be now a major sponsor.
  12. I'm pretty sure Reid played right back at Dunfermline so can definitely see Geggan moving up into midfield.
  13. See that Mick Wardrope has moved to Kilwinning Rangers, personally thought he could have got a team in league 2. Dale Hilson is now training with St Mirren so can't see him coming to us now.
  14. I don't think that will work considering Season Tickets aren't even on sale yet.