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  1. Everyone involved in selling this, from both fighters to slavers like Brendan Schaub, have been ripping the arse out of the idea McGregor can win. I'd guess the odds coming in can be explained by a combination of people being gullible morons and Mayweather's initial price not being particularly worth it for most punters. Wouldn't surprise me if the odds go the other way in the final days.
  2. That would be ridiculous if he goes that way. Put me down as another one fearing a Scott Allan smokeshow performance. Bartley is a must.
  3. Fair play Celtic. Massive for you guys to get to the groups again and a nice wee payday for the rest of us too Not sure why the thread's went so quiet.
  4. Gutter 4 P&B.
  5. Would drop Efe as well. McGregor and Halon had some uncharacteristically dodgy moments on Saturday but Ambrose has been getting more and more bombscare for a while. You'll always get some unconventional moments with him but some of the shit he's been pulling recently is straight ridiculous. Needs to be told to sit doon.
  6. Just got in and remembered me how shite that Hibs performance was
  7. Genuinely one of the worst performances I've seen from Hibs. Woeful performances from everyone, with Hamilton not remotely lucky to be shree up. Could've been any scoreline. First order of business get that formation in these kind of games straight in the sea.
  8. And I wouldn't disagree with them for a minute.
  9. The kind of moron who would call all Motherwell fans that would typically call Hibs fans souptakers. Not as bad I know but irritatingly ignorant. For various reasons, a lot of Celtic fans seem to actually think them and Hibs are BFFs these days - the Scott Allan saga and players coming from them to us, Hibs having had more dealings with Rangers than them in recent years and the #patter it's produced, Stubbs and Lennon, Hibs fans playing up to it for a laugh and them taking it seriously etc etc. Prior to that it wasn't a pleasant experience going to Celtic Park as a Hibs fan, although I appreciate it would be worse for others. I still don't think they're anywhere near Rangers for scumminess. I don't think most folk out there do either, people who don't even like football tend to despise Rangers.
  10. Stranger Dangers grassing in numbers and it's their fans getting lifted left and right
  11. The amount of praise I've been reading for Hibs this week has me nervous about this game. Have read about five articles since Ibrox about how Lennon's doing an amazing job and Hibs could come second. Diddy bottom-feeder at home next game
  12. Full Garry Jos face reading supermilk's contribution last night.
  13. I know the m9s do the kiddy on Sellick sympathiser thing but in all seriousness, folk who think Celtic are "just as bad" as Rangers are idiots. Or staunch as f**k.
  14. You surprise me.
  15. How you doin'?