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  1. Some good shouts here. Don't think I could guess to the nearest hundred how many times I've been stood beside some raging slaver dishing out all kinds of abuse, only to lose his mind at someone celebrating in his vague direction. Not sure how people get through life if some 20 year old cupping their ears causes genuine rage. I'm personally quite upset if a Hibs player celebrates a derby goal in front of us instead of the Hearts end, so I'm not going to have a wee greet about someone getting it up our fans.
  2. Celtc v Motherwell | League Cup Final

    Had a wee deek at the last few pages of this. Some top quality slavering from both supports about the ridiculous decisions that went in their favour. "We would've won anyway" and getting pissy about the term leg breaker being used to describe a blatant red card Craig Thomson though eh. He genuinely must have some dirt on someone because he simply never fails to f**k up a big game.
  3. Don't think I've ever related less to a post on P&B than this.
  4. I wouldn't disagree, stuff like today is just a bit tiresome more than anything else. The flip side of it for me is that he's taken us from being a bit of a bitch team at times to playing like a gang of absolute scumbags in big games, which I enjoy quite a lot. I'm not sure if his kiddy on perma-raging persona has any influence on that but on the off-chance that it does, I'm happy to put up with his occasionally tedious whinging.
  5. I did think Hamilton were a bit agricultural with the fouling tbh. Lots of cynical wee hacks once the man was beaten and general shithousery on display. Nothing we shouldn't expect or be able to deal with though. The ref did book 5 of your players and we had lots of set pieces in dangerous areas. A more clinical team would've used that to our advantage instead of hitting the first man every time and conceding from one of the first decent balls into our box all day. The ref certainly wasn't the reason we dropped points there. I'm sure Lennon knows this and the deflection tactics are a bit of pantomime. I'm not sure why folk seem to take it so seriously. Edit: In terms of pish officiating, shout out the temporary stand linesman. One of the best waiting for the ref/players to make up his mind performances I've seen in a long time. Boy didn't have a fucking scooby what was going on
  6. In total control for an hour but we didn't do nearly enough with it. A familiar story really. I can remember one good chance from Hanlon (looked a great save) but considering we'd spent that time almost entirely in Hamilton's half, we really need to be creating more. Eventually you could see Hamilton starting to play a bit higher up the park and typically the goal didn't take long to arrive. Great header, one of those that seems to be take an age to go in but placed perfectly. A bugbear of mine with this Hibs team is how badly we take advantage of teams opening up and chasing a game. On paper, we have players that you'd think would enjoy hitting teams on the counter but we never seem to kill games off in this situation. Thinking the stadium announcer had an enjoyable afternoon in hospitality before this one
  7. Watching that pass is bringing up all kinds of mixed emotions in me. Objectively speaking, selling him was one of the best bits of business we've done in a long time. Covered McGinn's compo with change, plus got us McGeouch and Henderson for a year. It took us from a team that would win or lose (in the fucking Championship) based purely on the performance of one inconsistent chubby genius, to being a much more all rounded team. The lack of Scotty Allan reverse passes in my life is a real problem though. Seeing that is like running into that one mental bird from your past and realising you're ready to give it all up.
  8. Looked it up and it just bloody was as well
  9. Missed this unfortunately but flashscores tells me the chubby baller set up the winner. Tell me it was one of his crisp reverse shroo balls
  10. Hibs vs St Johnstone Nov 18th

    Fair play, Saints wanted it more and deserved their win. Seemed like they had half their team in our box on 90 whatever minutes for the winner. Shite performance from us though, strange times when you see a few away fixtures coming up and take it as a good thing. Tip of the hat for the celebrations as well, was I tripping or did one boy get right into the stand?
  11. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Generally want Ireland to do well but the reality is their team is an absolute gang and they would've been embarrassed on a much larger stage in Russia. Denmark are a sound bunch of lads though. A couple of ballers in their team as well. They'll be a much better addition to the WC than the Irish would've been, unfortunately. As a strong campaigner for Danish burd in the last WC of Women (Belgian loving paedos gtf), I'm also very much looking forward to seeing what they have to offer on that front. 100% this. Definitely a few north Brits disrespecting their official poppy sports socks the night. Edit: "Euros of women" even. Doubt your Belgian one was born last time Denmark were at a WC.
  12. Alex Salmond show on Russia Today

    Personally, I care more about what is best for Independence than Unionists apparently being "seething". Despite the faux-outrage on display, I doubt many Unionists will be anything other than quite pleased to see this go ahead. In terms of Scottish voters, it will be watched by a fairly small number of already converted National reader types but produce no end of damaging headlines in the mainstream press (which P&B will also think is great). The Unionist press will be all over this looking for undermining statements about Scotland, dodgy personal opinions about the rest of the world and yer da patter that they can twist into a headline. Salmond will no doubt serve it up to them on a plate. Have a lot of love for the guy overall but he's not been a particularly useful peripheral figure since handing over the reins.
  13. What is your name?

  14. As someone who fills the void with gambling and utter VL activities like Fantasy Football, I can sort of understand the benefits of picking a team to support in leagues you like watching. What will never be understandable is: - calling them "we" without any sense of embarrassment. - insisting everyone should do the same, i.e. Scottish folk who are amazed when you don't have an EPL team. Just get in the fucking sea. - kiddying on you hate certain other team's fans when you've almost certainly never met one. - (an extension of the first point really) trying to talk to you about both of your support for teams as if it's in any way the same thing. - (an extension of the second point) feeling the need to slag off the team/league you would be supporting if you weren't a jammy wearing manchild. I ken folk who "support" English teams and I know for a fact they wouldn't be down every fortnight at ER, Tynie or Meadowbank if they didn't. It's a wee hobby that doesn't really do any harm. As long as folk don't act like cretins about it, I don't mind.
  15. Scotland v Netherlands squad/lineup

    Picking out Jack as one of three players to moan about is a classic example of what I was talking about with folk bringing their pre-determined bias into Scotland threads. I generally don't rate the guy either but he did fine there.