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  1. Hibs vs Celtc

    Everything I was going to say in terms of how good Hibs were has pretty much been said but aye, that was a joy to watch. Hibs showed how to play against Celtic, they really don't like teams getting stuck in to them and having a go. Anyone who actually believes Celtic didn't want to win that is a total moron. If a few other teams took our example (and Hearts' earlier in the season to be fair) instead of turning up looking happy to bend over and take a 2 or 3 nil defeat, we'd see that kind of result a lot more often. At least you're making up for it you absolute weirdo.
  2. Hibs vs Celtc

    I would love it if the friendly kickabout scenario played out but I really don't see it. I reckon Celtic will be on their game today. Throw in a dodgy team from us and I'd be surprised if Celtic don't batter us tbh. Generally dont bet for or against Hibs but 2/1 on Celtic -1 is a massive tempter.
  3. Murty's lineup today makes the obligatory "where's the passion for the jersey?!?!" posts even funnier. He's picked a midfield that some yer da in the Louden would've wanted to see because they're aw proper Rangers men who will get in there and win they battles. I've said in some of our threads that I think there is something in the importance of having a few guys in derbies who will leave a boot/elbow in and generally treat it as a bit of a battle. Some of the cliches are true, at least at this level. That kind of thing can give you an advantage in these games but it doesn't make up for being absolutely shite at football.
  4. Mintermind criticising an Englishman. Standards slipping.
  5. There's no way Laurence Fishburne isn't Ntcham's da.
  6. Motherwell v Aberdeen Scottish Cup Semi Final

    GMS doing more in 2 minutes than Aberdeen have done in the previous 43. Seems strange not to have started him if he's fit enough to play 75+ mins. The real May has clearly been the victim of some kind of Man In The Iron Mask situation.
  7. Motherwell v Aberdeen Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Took Aberdeen to qualify. Genuinely have no idea what I was thinking backing these wee baws losers. Beamer 4 me.
  8. That is sensational news. Looks like we're in for a bit of a rebuild job soon but with Hanlon in his prime and McGregor/Porteous at perfect ages to gradually hand over that role, we've got a very solid base to build on for the next few years. Im pleasantly surprised that nobody (other than Aberdeen) has been linked with him. He's absolutely strolled it this year and in cup games v Prem teams the year before. Now that he's consistently adding the attacking side to his game as part of a back three, he looks even better. Feels like he's too good to be signing four year deals with us tbh. I'm not complaining though.
  9. Hibs vs Accies

    Accies lads a bit grumpy last night eh? Can't have been a nice atmosphere on the minibus.
  10. Hibs vs Accies

    Some of these Hamilton boys really do hate us don't they?
  11. Hibs vs Accies

    Not the best from us but an easy win. Pleased that our home form has improved so much though. Having a bunch of attacking players on each other's wavelength looks like the reason for that, rather than the sublime to ridiculous headless chicken approach offered by Stokes and Murray pre-January. Big Kamberi is just class and even when he doesn't get a load of chances, Maclaren's movement is v. dece. Boyle and Stevenson don't need to be putting in amazing crosses (thankfully) just now, they're just whipping them and these two are usually queuing up for it. Not much to say about Hamilton really. Offered absolutely nothing but there's a pretty good chance other team's shiteness will see you making up the numbers again next year.
  12. Hibs vs Accies

    Hamilton lads calling out imaginary haters like they're 2018's dopest soundcloud rappers. Some boeys.
  13. Hibs vs Accies

    Just nah Must admit, it's not a fixture I ever feel too confident about. Definitely a bogey team for us. You're deluding yourself big time if you think there's any hatred there though.