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  1. Messi & Ronaldo Watch

    If the argument is which player in history had the most natural talent, then it's subjective to the point of being a pointless discussion. And yes, availability bias would be a factor. Folk who make the case for the likes of Pele, Maradona, Best, Puskas etc actually being better players than Messi and Ronaldo are off their fucking rockers though. The argument about how the game has changed doesn't do anyone arguing for a pre-90s player any favours either. You could make a case for the elite level defenders of the 90s being better than today's (and thus the likes of OG Ronaldo having a tougher job) but the consistency of goalscoring and trophy winning from these two still put them 1st and 2nd of all time for me. I find folk who can't wait to rip one of them pretty tiresome. I'm firmly in the Messi goat camp but they're clearly both living legends, who I don't see anyone replicating any time soon. I feel lucky to have watched their careers. The wee geeks who refuse to appreciate one of them and yer da who thinks football was stronger in the 70s are missing out.
  2. Lovely Ladies of the World Cup 2018

    Early days but I'm not seeing anything to suggest that this year will lay a glove on the all time classic widfest of 2014. Danish burd and Colombian TV presenter burd were the highlights of that year btw, don't get it twisted.
  3. When will indyref2 happen?

    I joined ages ago but cancelled my direct debit because in a less passionate moment than whenever I joined, I didn't like the idea of being a member of a political party. I'm realistically not going to regularly attend meetings / chap on doors etc and I don't like the idea of being a part of something for the membership card. I've got full respect for people who do get involved, or even just stay in to contribute financially, but it's just not for me. As it happens I've voted SNP in quite a decent streak of elections (and I'm likely to continue doing so) but I don't like being wedded to a party.
  4. The Hibernian Thread

    Some business getting big Flo signed up. He's about as close to a complete striker that we could hope to sign and it sounds like we've got him for a bargain. The recruitment side of things has been absolute flames in the last few years. Reckon this will be similar to when Cummings signed a new deal, then went for fairly cheap. Don't have any info to suggest that, just seems like the obvious hand to play from his agents. Either way we've signed a class player who we'll probably sell at a very dece profit. Don't want to be one of those cretins who relates everything his club does to their rivals, but Hearts' current business is making me even more thankful for who we have running our club.
  5. When will indyref2 happen?

    As I've said before, Mundell probably winds me up more than any other politician. I can get on board with your typical evil lizard Tories but that having that gormless wee gimp in charge of the colonial office is just insulting. Unless I'm missing something, I don't really see what's wrong with that quote though?
  6. Ruth Davidson.

    Glenny Mint Mint's interpretation of the term 'Scottish cringe' is beautifully telling. What a thicko.
  7. The Official President Trump thread

    Weak brah. The second bit that you've highlighted is demonstrably true based on the crickets whenever you post about whatever some fanny at a US College is up to. Know your audience m9. Help me out though and suggest some sources of news I can turn to and escape this brainwashing I've been subjected to? With your help I can stop forming my entire worldview from Comment Is Free, I know I can. I am prepared to be red-pilled and escape the clutches of the globalist devils. Show me the way please, with links.
  8. The Official President Trump thread

    Seeing as you're actually addressing the rest of the forum instead of calling against some uber lefty persona that I don't think even exists on here, I'll have a wee nibble. Genuine question, who or what are you rallying against all time on P&B? Everything I read from you seems like it's digging out some purple-haired US college trigglypuff type. Progressive! MSM! Identity politics! cultural appropriation! Do you think anyone on here gives a shite about that absolute guff? Your posts like you're trying to bait some American tumblr emo, rather than a bunch of folk who are probably about 95% working to middle class Scottish men. If folk on here don't like Trump, it's probably less to do with them being indoctrinated by CNN and more to do with the fact that he's a total w**k.
  9. I must admit, there have been a couple of occasions where a 5-1 hand gesture has hurt a bit. Those have been the times that they made me laugh, rather than it coming from some pitiful dweeb. The babestation one and Tommy Wiseau doing it are the two I can remember. Fair fucking play.
  10. I said myself that Lennon's comments there was as blatant an example of deflection as you'll ever see You're right about both teams that day but those kind of performances are more of an exception these days. I don't think we were shithoused out of three points there anyway, we just fluffed our lines.
  11. My recollection of our games with Falkirk is that Houston often had them set up perfectly to play the Hibs team of the time. It wasn't quite the prison rules thugfest that some are making out but I would imagine that Houston told his players that Hibs' team could frustrated. There was always lots of niggly fouls, more timewasting than I've seen from fourth tier teams we've played in cups, just really effective shithousing really. I don't blame Houston for that at all. It was completely the right tactic, we were a team who it was too easy to get it up. You could usually feel on about 60 minutes when it wasn't going to be our day. That's where Lennon has improved us massively, the current team (involving much of the same players) absolutely love a wee scrap. The draw at Tynie in the second of the three recent cup derbies and the first win v Rangers last season were truly world class displays of shithousing. ETA: I think Falkirk scored practically the exact same goal against us three times in one season too Long throw at Lewy, flicked header, goal. I mind the first game of the Championship winning season, a long throw came in and Fontaine was there to blooter it into the surrounding industrial wasteland. Those are the wee details that Stubbs was shit at noticing.
  12. I appreciate that I'm coming across as an out and out Stubbsy dickrider at this point but I'm surprised to see people describe his signings for Hibs as 'alright'. Gray, McGregor, Bartley, McGinn, Allan, McGeouch, Henderson, swapping Boyle for Harris - if we'd made one or two signings as good as that in the couple of years prior, things could've been different. Even the likes of Logan, Fontaine (before his legs went), Fyvie, Malonga, Stokes and Keatings contributed at certain stages. There were a few anonymous loanee/short term deal squad filler types that I can't even remember now but that is probably to be expected when a manager takes over with about 6 players on the books. Overall the reconstruction job he did was pretty remarkable imo. Don't think this one was Stubbs' finest hour tbh. We were in complete control of the game when he subbed Thomson for Keatings. County were trying to play on the break and getting no joy doing so. Stubbs YOLOs it for no apparent reason and they take advantage. Fair play, Stubbs took the same approach of chasing a normal time winner in the Scottish and it worked. I'm not sure his adventurous approach to tactics is necessarily ideal for a possible relegation battle though.
  13. Can't disagree with any of this really. While I'm certain that the two cup runs accounted for at least the extra point we'd have needed to come second, his general squad management was another weakness that didn't help the situation. There didn't seem to be any planning for these runs of games, with certain players staying in the team well past the point of looking completely dead on their feet; as well as the odd game with about 8 changes. I'd say the various areas of management that he didn't impress in are all things that can be learned but they're also among the most important for the manager of a potentially struggling team. If Stubbsy's homeboys don't join him again as staff, Saints could do worse than appointing an experienced old head as Assistant. Everything and everyone rattles their cage. Truly a weird bunch of people.
  14. I'll be interested to see how this goes. Stubbs demonstrated some pretty clear cut strengths and weaknesses with us. Overall his transfer business was excellent with us and we still have him to thank for that now. Quite a few of the guys he had from the start became ridiculously better players under his management too. I'd worry that his weaknesses will be exposed even more at a (presumably) bottom six team though. His tactical ability left a lot to be desired and it was common to see the same mistakes happen repetitively without being addressed. Lennon's attention to detail and fondness of the football dark arts make Stubbs seem pretty naive in retrospect. I could just as easily see Stubbs do a great job somewhere or fail miserably. Even putting any romanticism aside, you still can't disregard the cups and analyse just the league because they didn't happen in isolation. There is absolutely zero chance that Hibs side would've came less than second without the two cup finals. Don't get me wrong, it was still unacceptable to finish behind Falkirk and it is true that he would've been deservedly sacked if he'd lost against Rangers. As Lebowski touches on, the notion of taking a decent chunk of our games out of the equation relies on ignoring chaos theory a smidge. The final ended up being an all or nothing game for his reputation with us but ultimately he had more success than any of us expected.