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  1. It's been a long time since I've been remotely informed about goings on at Rangers. King's hilarious comments today and the tearstained thread title changing act prompted me to have a deek. What's this "things are looking up at Ibrox" patter about?
  2. Surprised to see the PM talking up this scenario. I wonder if they've all clocked that this is a terrible idea and would actually love Scotland to disrupt the whole thing.
  3. Corbyn's position on Independence doesn't really bother me, I wouldn't expect him to support it. If I was in England, I'd happily vote for him. Its the Scottish Unionists and their determination to conflate everything with Independence that make it impossible for me to vote for any of them.
  4. Clear victimisation by Wee Nippy's Stasi, imho.
  5. The Conservative Party are definitely going through their banter years just now. You would think the figurative and literal Rangers of British politics could have done a deal by now though.
  6. Seeing the thread title and OP prompted a wee one man game of cliche bingo in me, to guess whether this would include Lex pretending to be a past/potential SNP voter. You can't beat a bit of predictability. Anyway Im broadly in favour of this. I admire the Greens' environmental credentials but this is one where a bit of pragmatism is required imo.
  7. Beermonkey's one step ahead of you there. Even the one we've just had was actually an attempt to stop Brexit. #chemtrails
  8. The Europeans are going to run rings around these clowns. Could be a good or bad thing really. If the Brits realise how much they're being bitched about, take a huffy and flounce off without a deal, we're in trouble. If Europe can serve up a nice soft Brexit and wave it about making plane noises until Davis and co swallow it, I'll take it.
  9. Whenever there's been a Muslim attack in recent times, it hasn't taken too long for the right wing Carling guzzlers to come on here and say normal Muslims should be apologising for it. Bit weird that those posters haven't been on to apologise for this.
  10. Glen posting pictures of himself with his Asda jeans and manky fleg. Minter.
  11. Glenn's a souptaking embarrassment, tbh.
  12. Straight over to Sir David Gray Corner after it as well
  13. Good post, except I'd pedantically disagree with the "strongly" and "soft" Independence labels, in terms of wanting another referendum soon. The people who support it but would rather wait a few years are the ones who strongly support Independence. They've looked at the information available to them and have drawn conclusions based on what's realistically best for Indy. The old people and saddos who either physically or mentally can't wait, aren't strong supporters of Independence. They'd kill the whole thing off for future generations that would actually make it happen, because they couldn't wait for a political campaign to add some meaning to their lives.