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  1. Most of the tabloids (The Sun especially) are chronic political gloryhunters. Their support will go to whatever's most likely to let them say they were right. If the Yes side can win their arguments sufficiently, The Sun and the rest of them will be get on board as well. Scottish coverage from the likes of The Express is properly throwing rocks at the moon type material but no rational, open-minded person will be won over by that. They're preaching to the converted, won't cost us any real potential votes.
  2. Thought Bartley was a bit quieter than usual for a lot of the game but he was like a man possessed in the last 15 mins or so. Properly drove us on to the win. Between his tweet and Keatings' comments, it sounds like one or two of the Falkirk players' mouthiness didn't work out for them brilliantly. We've got a pretty good, settled core so I don't think it will be a total rebuild but I can see one or two guys going for money and us needing to do a fair bit of business. Regardless of player sales, we probably need better versions of Boyle and Holt. Plus replacements for the two (non-emergency lol) loans, someone who can cover Gray and then obviously direct replacements for anyone going for cash (most likely Cummings). Probably six or seven signings needed, minus anyone good enough to step up from the u20s. Feels like the club is generally better run across all areas these days but this will be the first test of whether the recruitment side is a bit more organised and forward thinking than in previous years. Everytime we've had cash to spend in the last 15 years:
  3. Boyle's finishing and decision making are absolutely embarrassing but aye, he's a very useful player to have at this level. Know what you mean about the stick being a bit harsh, he does get asked a lot of. Especially when it's one of Shinnie's fortnightly anonymous games. Thought both Falkirk full backs had a really hard time yesterday against Boyle and in the second half, Keatings. Still think if we're to get to where we should be next year, Boyle should be an impact sub at the very most. Things like when he skinned about four players and refused a total sitter/dribbled himself back into trouble sum him up. We might have games where that's one of our only chances in the game, we probably can't afford to accomodate his terrible rate of converting chances in the Premiership.
  4. Get it right up the "Tartan Army". I was huffing away at home like everyone else when Martin came on but booing a player on is just outright cunty behaviour. Strachan got his team right as well, got to give credit where it's due.
  5. Said before the Dumbarton game that 7 points would probably wrap things up. That was presuming Morton would beat Dunfermline, a draw would probably do now. Not taking a result here for granted with the way we're playing.
  6. If McGeouch could stay fit, he'd be nowhere near Hibs. Guys like Boyle must love him, gets the ball into feet in good positions about 10x more a game.
  7. A few Falkirk fans still going on about last year's playoff This is an embarrassing state of affairs for us but the reality is we've barely been better than Falkirk against everyone else in this league. If the two teams had an even head to head record we'd be one point in front of them (which given the way we're playing, I'd have no hope of us maintaining) and if Falkirk had a positive record, they'd be in first. Bringing that up before the first game of the season was a minter, given how both teams' seasons finished. Having a pop about it now when our domination over Falkirk this year is actually going to count for something.... Are we seriously comparing the foul count/calling a team dirty and shot count/which team deserved to win a game arguments? I only bothered to look up the foul count because I knew it would back up my assessment that Falkirk were cynically making fouls every couple of minutes. Who deserved to win any given game is ultimately subjective*, the fact that Falkirk did a shitload of fouling yesterday is pretty much a fact. *In any case, you could use any method you like to argue that Falkirk didn't deserve to be behind for 80 odd minutes and I would totally agree. We were not the better team for most of that game. When it came to the crunch though, Hibs went for it and wee Houstie tried to settle for a draw when a potentially season changing win was a possibility. No sympathy whatsoever.
  8. I wouldn't call us victims. As mentioned above, it's Falkirk who lose out by having an absolute dinosaur of a manager. We'll happily take the 10 points. Just the 22 fouls from the guid honest Bairns yesterday.
  9. Utterly shan performance again but what a moment from Keatsy boy If I was a Falkirk fan, i would be seething at the way they went about their business after 1-1. Despite Laidlaw being a total fanny to let it happen, Falkirk deserved no less than to be drawing at that point. There was a great opportunity there to beat a team that was playing atrociously, we were definitely there for the taking. Not much to lose with Morton getting beaten as well. Instead it was straight back to timewasting and trying to kick the game to death. You could look at who "outshot" each other and draw conclusions on who deserved to win but ultimately we were a (poor) team who weren't afraid to go and win that.
  10. Think this line is pretty telling. Not pleasant for those involved but I think other factors may be at play. Going to the papers to blame £7000 per year for sacking four people and closing your dad's business is a bit of a minter.
  11. Have Falkirk renamed their East Stand the... Oh wait
  12. My theory is Cupid's ma told him his old man died in WW2 to save an embarrassing story and he believes it despite being born in 2003.
  13. O'Sodje Sr didn't spend his best days refilling U-boats on the Liffey for a future where his son had to hear "bhoys" being used as a sarcastic insult. Don't let me catch you in the 6 Cupid.