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  1. It's amazing how this just never gets old. That should've been double figures though. Rangers fans should be feeling very grateful for how much they got away with that scoreline.
  2. Glorious.
  3. I need more.
  4. It's bizarre to me just how much Tories - on here and in forums/comments sections generally - reference how intelligent and sensible they are. It's every second sentence with these dullards. You really have to hand it to Lynton Crosby and the lads. It's almost impressive anyway that a party can win election after election whilst communicating almost entirely in soundbites and contrived public school debating society bantah. Gaining such electoral success by treating the public like they're all thick as shit is one thing. Having folk believe they're leading some kind of intellectual movement whilst doing that is some Jedi shit.
  5. Would give it to Cummings out of those five. However our 24 goals conceded is far more impressive than our goal scoring and if I was picking it, I'd give it to McGregor who has been our standout player this season. For folk complaining about Cummings potentially winning it over someone with an equal (probably higher by the end of the season) goal tally at a poorer side, Cummings goals per minute ratio is nearly a half a game better than Dobbie's. Cummings has been dropped for seemingly personal reasons a few times, gets subbed off every time he might score a hatrick and has still scored about a third of our league goals. Even though it's been relatively comfortable in the end, Hibs would've been in a spot of bother quite a few times if Cummings hadn't bailed us out. He's as good a shout as anyone in the league other than McGregor.
  6. Keatings is a hot and cold type of player but I think he deserves a chance with us next year. For a guy who has constantly been brought in and out of the team and more often that not played out of position, he's made a decent enough contribution over the last few years.
  7. Betting on your team's opponents +2 and winning by 1 I couldn't give a f**k about all the hand gestures pish but Skacel two footing an extremely injury prone youngish player really pissed me off in the last Raith game at home. Get the f**k doon.
  8. Injury time 3-2 winner. Correct.
  9. Folk still pretending they don't get this for the sake of a moan
  10. Working class and poorer people vote Tory because these days you get and arrested and thrown in jail if you say you're English.
  11. Obviously can't take anything for granted in politics these days but if Macron wins the first round here, I'll be feeling pretty good about my bet. Looks like the money men are confident of a Macron win anyway.