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  1. I find it works fine all until about 8pm. I assume this is because that's when Americans start logging on after school /work? I've been fairly luck with 10k eggs. I've got 3 at the moment. I generally walk quite a lot in a day, usually about 15k so I'm just smashing through the 2k and 5k eggs until I level up. I take it that if if I incubate the 10k eggs when I'm at a higher level the Pokemon that hatch will be a higher CP?
  2. The squad is a shambles. We're talking 6th or 7th in league 2 standard
  3. In fact, Kicker.de doesn't have them up but just found them
  4. The Oberliga Neiderrhein fixtures don't seem to be out yet. I think all the games take place on a Sunday which would be ideal. Open to anything less than 30 mins or so train journey from Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof
  5. I've been at Schwarz Weiss Essen and Turu Dusseldorf and both were 2 man and a dog type stuff (well, approx 150). Being generous, probably mid to lower table Juniors Superleague standard, though Turu did have a Japanese player with a verified blue tick twitter account, which impressed me more than it probably should have done
  6. Worked out very well for me. Dortmund on the Friday night, Gladbach Saturday and Koln Sunday. Will probably ditch the Koln match for some obscure amateur kick about.
  7. Definitely in for next week
  8. Talisker 57 North is the greatest whisky and I will fight anyone who disagrees
  9. Provisionally in for the 18th, but still out for tomorrow
  10. Heel is giving me grief again. Out
  11. My girlfriend and I don't exactly make massive money but to have a mortgage approaching 30% of net income we'd have to be in a 4 bedroom house in Milngavie, Bearsden, Newton Mearns or the like
  12. Our outgoings on mortgage food and all bills is 40.7% of our net income so will have no impact. Absolutely astonished the amount some people are paying towards mortgages
  13. Officially loused