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  1. Saints v Sons

    Since you guys are more concerned with diddy cups and the likes, we'll just take the three points on Saturday to avoid any distractions, ok?
  2. I'll wait to see the footage of it but my memory of it realtime yesterday was that it was headed from inside his six yard box. Which for me means that it's his ball, every day of the week I'm afraid. If when I see it and my thoughts differ, I'll happily concede I was wrong, but Gallagher has cost us there in my opinion.
  3. So, so gutting to lose that. To be in the ascendancy for so long and to lose the winning goal in such a manner is so frustrating. Gallagher has GOT to come out and take everything there for Livi's winner, despite a poor header from Morrison. I've not been as critical as others have on Gallagher, but he's cost us there sadly. As So08 said, it's not an exaggeration to say that Northcroft got almost everything wrong and that continued until the last whistle. Our improvement second half is so encouraging, you just have to wonder when Aitken will realise that setting up with two defensive midfielders who sit just infront of the back four is costing us week after week.
  4. Sons' sorrow

    While I like it and very much hope we do extend his stay, the headline and article content are varying somewhat. 'Set to' suggests its imminent he'll sign an extended contract, but the article just states that Aitken 'wants' to extend his stay. Either way, I really hope we can keep him until the end of the season, and then I'm sure he'll have his pick of clubs if he continues in the form he's started in.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    There's some differing view points out there as to how we're doing, but as I said in the ICT match thread, I'd have ripped my arm off for where we are now before a ball was kicked. It would seem that some appear to place high importance on comparing how much better or otherwise we are from last season, the start of last season etc. For me it's more important about where we are now and picking up points. Yes our squad may have been 'better' than currently, but we're currently six points ahead of the relegation play-off spot (closer to the promotion play-offs at the moment in fact) and seven (7) ahead of our probable closest season rivals, Brechin City. How we play, how the squad looks compared to last season or any other time or pretty much anything else really, pales into insignificance when it's compared to points gained, and we're gaining a fair few just now. And long may it continue. As far as Aitken is concerned, I wouldn't grudge Falkirk making an approach (I don't think they will for what it's worth) or Aitken for going, should that circumstance occur. He has done and continues to do a grand job overall. Yes there's lots he and the club overall could do better, and I'm sure he'd admit that he has done and still does, make mistakes, but what we're currently doing is a huge achievement so there's bound to be vultures circling when other managers get their jotters.
  6. Dumbarton v I.C.T 23/9/17

    Fantastic win. What a hero Froxy is. ICT in big trouble as are Houstie's Falkirk. Tears. Six points above the play-off spot at this stage, I'd have gladly jumped at that if offered it before a ball was kicked. Sometimes it's less about how you get there but just getting the job done at the end of the day.
  7. I too would be interested in this answer. There may be one (I can't think of off the top of my head) but there's no doubt about it, Martin is one of the best in the league.
  8. Dundee United v Dumbarton

    That photo makes me happy and sad in equal measure. Thommo is the boi.
  9. Dumbarton v Connah's Quay Nomads 2/9/17 2.30pm kick off

    Even without missing a name from the line-up, that's got to be the most defensive-minded looking starting line-up yet surely? Dowie, Hill, Carswell, Hutton and Barr and the utterly invisibly C. Gallagher. I hope we have more quality than them because we won't win it based on attacking football going on that line-up.
  10. Sons' sorrow

    I wasn't there yesterday but it sounds like that could've been a blessing. On the pitch, Stevie and Ian need to learn, and learn quickly, that if we continue to set up so defensively and isolating our lone front man, we'll scrape a point here and there but any half decent team, of which there are several in this division, will pick us off at will. The concerning thing for me is that this is just pre-Bonnyrigg all over again. He seemed from the outside, to have learned from that and from then on, when we attacked teams, we got rewards and more importantly results. Berba was sensational at times, Andy Stirling unplayable on occasion and Nade a real handful chipping in with goals too. But just now we just seem to have reverted to 'type' and it's clear it isn't working. If we go down I want it to be with a fight, having taken a scalp or two, a skelping along the way as well no doubt, winning games, and taking a chance and attacking the opposition. At this stage if we go down, saying it would be with a whimper would be being kind. Off the park... where to start? That loyal fans are being turned off because of off-field decisions is really sad and angering. We seem to be bumbling from one embarrassing situation to another at the moment (and that's not even taking into account the ludicrous claim of being 'unlawfully' held by stewards which most can see is a preposterous suggestion). The admissions gate. The season ticket price hike. The mumbles of reduced budgets despite the hikes. The hawf open windae for tickets. The awfully defensive product on the park from the off. It's sad that it does seem (as someone has already said) that the fan/club relationship is at an all-time low, but who at the club (aside from the Trust, who as someone else has already said, do a magnificent job in a variety of things) actually cares? Does Les? Does anyone at the club read what's on here? We're a small fish in a big pond and always will be. We might be a 'diddy' club, that doesn't bother me. But let's be a well-run diddy club. Because we'll be back at Annan and Montrose sooner rather than later, so if we can't be well-run while we're at the top end of the game, how can we hope to be when near the doldrums again?
  11. Dumbarton vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Even that wouldn't reduce his handsomeness.
  12. Sons' sorrow

    Let's hope it's the former and there's a bit of improvement. For me, Mark Stewart gives his all but it's not remotely worked so far when he's up there on his own with no support. Nade and Roy are our best attacking options with Roy having looked really impressive so far when given the chance. But after that it's really slim pickings. I've seen nothing in SeaGal to suggest there's a potent attacker there and him aside there's really no other option, it'd be a very square peg in a very round hole. I'm really hopeful that Stevie does have a deal still to be done in the form of a striker on loan, in spite of what he's stated publicly...
  13. Sons' sorrow

    I think it's a blow in that it depletes our already thin squad. It was obvious on Saturday that he was struggling with it when he was running. He was deliberately keeping that arm rigid and had obviously injured it. I really hope it isn't SeaGal. Based on what I've seen so far he offers very little, and that's generous. I'm still slightly haunted by his offering as a striker on our last visit to Ayr last season. He's not a striker and from what I've seen he struggles in wide midfield as well. I'm in total agreement with that side. I'd have Walsh over Johnston from what I've seen so far, and it's a decent starting eleven. It's when we start getting injuries and having to replace Nade after an hour in games that it starts getting a bit hairy and short of quality replacements.
  14. Dumbarton vs Dunfermline Athletic

    That is a beautiful photo. And yes, I believe you're correct that Historic Scotland opposed/blocked (I'm not sure of the workings of such things) the idea of building the stand on the other side. Such a lovely view. Sadly the power station has since been felled so it's a barer view than that now.