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  1. Friendly Today

    Troon have a permit for a friendly at Kilwinning Sports Club at 1pm today, if anyone is available? Call Richard on 07805517922
  2. Games off 6th January

    Kello v Troon Game OFF
  3. West Region 6th & 13th January

    So you’re suggesting the West Region committee are dealing with disciplinary issues with bias as a result of his comments on P&B? That’s an outrageous accusation. A lot of hard working & honest folk on there.
  4. West Region 6th & 13th January

    Fixtures up for some games on 17th February. This one game at a time nonsense is just embarrassing...
  5. Festive friendly match thread

    Park is fine today, so game goes ahead with a 1pm kick-off today. Anybody wanting to just get out of the house is more than welcome, FREE entry today for all!
  6. Festive friendly match thread

    Park was absolutely fine today & although it is frosty outside right now, I’d expect it to be on. Portland Park’s right beside the seaside, so the salty air normally keeps the frost at bay.
  7. Festive friendly match thread

    Troon host Glenafton at Portland Park tomorrow (27th) with a 1pm kick-off. Free entry to all. Bar’s open from 12.30pm and it’s our annual “Supporters Day” so it will be open long into the night after the game as well. Anyone looking for a football fix after a few days cooped up with the family will be more than welcome!
  8. Six times I was asked today...

    Christ, don’t do that! You’ll put him off football for life! [emoji85]
  9. Games 16-12-17

    Shettleston v Troon F.C. OFF
  10. West Region Cup Committee

    That’s a fantastic selection of guys. Not got an easy task, but wish them all the best & sure some sensible proposals will come out of it.
  11. West Region fixtures "to March"

    The problem here with the lack of fixtures is that we can’t tell if the plan that was voted through by a landslide at the AGM does work or not because it isn’t being implemented correctly (or at all). If Scott really thinks it won’t work, or can’t work, the best thing he can do is issue fixtures exactly as the constitution says and prove himself correct, or not. For as long as he doesn’t implement it, he will always be the one in the wrong.
  12. West Region fixtures "to March"

    Well done the management committee for taking action at least. Shouldn’t have been necessary, but well done for doing it.

    Troon v Renfrew is GAME ON!! Bar is open from 12pm at the ground, and match kicks-off at 1.45pm £6, £3 and under-16s enter for free. Any neutrals who want to come down are more than welcome!
  14. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    It was no surprise when Muzza popped up to be honest! Bullet header!
  15. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    I really enjoyed that today, if I’m honest. Both sets of fans giving each other a bit of banter, DL giving Murray plenty then Murray giving it back when he scored. Nobody taking the hump about it. What Junior football should be about. All the best to John & Noddy for the rest of the season!