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  1. Cambuslang Rangers 2017-18

    Great, thanks! [emoji1303]
  2. Cambuslang Rangers 2017-18

    Does anyone have an up to date Cambuslang Rangers squad for Saturday's programme?
  3. Final Squad List Thread

    Does anyone have an up to date Cambuslang squad?
  4. Rossvale juniors new head coach

    Tremendous appointment, all the best to Moff at Rossvale!
  5. West Region fixtures for December ?

    The Premier League fixtures for the 23rd & 30th December are out, so you would assume it was only Medda that asked for a game on the 23rd? Well, we asked for one too & yet we play each other on the 16th... [emoji848]
  6. Yoker news today

    Look forward to welcoming you guys down!
  7. Scottish Rnd 3

    Tremendous! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji1319][emoji1319]
  8. West Region Cup Competitions 2018-19

    Exactly. And I’d imagine that will be the first question asked at the next General Meeting.
  9. Games put off today by Brian

  10. Girvan Job

  11. Girvan Job

    You call him Patterson? His mates call him Spank.
  12. Game ON

    Just heard from Kilsyth, our game up there is ON [emoji1319][emoji1319]
  13. Girvan Job

    5 wins from 6 and leading the league by 3 points? The “dumpling” should be pretty happy with his start to management! It’s a marathon and not a sprint, but credit where credit’s due TT.
  14. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    Or alternatively, video footage of games spread to a much wider audience can help attract sponsorship & advertising which is much needed at all clubs. If people want to sit on their couch & watch football on TV or via social media, they will watch the Premier League or elsewhere, they won't watch the Juniors. The vast majority of the audience for a Junior package such as Fitba' Shorts will be players, Managers or supporters of other clubs who were at other games - i.e. people who wouldn't have been at that game anyway. Therefore, costing the club's nothing & actually adding to the Junior game. Stop being the prophet of doom man!
  15. Peter Leonard Cumnock Manager

    Peter's had Chris Flanagan as his number 2 for years at Maybole & Girvan, and recently Gerry Phillips involved as well, I'd be surprised if the whole team weren't moving together. Work great together. Good luck to them, 3 great guys.