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  1. Scott Wight been announced as head coach of the Scotland women's 7s side. Without being overly harsh I'd hope this means standing him doing from playing. He should have plenty of insight to bring to role and it's certainly time to bring some new blood to the men's squad. George Horne n Adam hastings could both benefit from some exposure to the 7s ( horne did well this season )
  2. Tommy at fullback for Leinster game.
  3. Not sure anyone outside of the labour party right wing saw milliband as a viable pm tbh.
  4. Mind someone mentioning the nesbitt parlabane thing. That's surely a matter for the Hague war crimes courts. Thankfully not seen it but brookmyre stuff could be brilliant on screen. Pandaemonium would be fantastic.
  5. Like being pals with jimmy Saville???? Or are you happy with the Tory record on child rape??
  6. The right of labour??? The tories are barely to the right of the labour mps these days.....
  7. Even more boring he has appeared as an extra in one with a speaking role....just..... he knows full well stott is way to go but also realises correctly that a 55 min episode is pish. He's waiting out for a team to give it the mini series thing it deserves
  8. Ken stott all day long John hannah was too young too clean cut.....the Tennant dr accent was awful (my gf has only just realised compston is Scottish! !)....the whole ' i will cut your little cocks off' speech was awesome
  9. Its precisely why he went to Chesterfield so he could re sign after people forgot he was a horrible scumbag.......
  10. Nice.....was surprised ted didnt point out the geographical innacuracy in that interview [emoji6] ted,hardy n rebus should team up !!
  11. Indeed she is indeed she is fella....and your point is fella?? (Not having a go just trying to parody Dunbar )
  12. Most..... being um 37% odd who voted.....overall around 25% of actual uk you thinking that is 'most' sums up the intelligence of the tory / yoon voters....
  13. You're saying you fancy thandie lets be utterly honest.....every previous sentence whilst valid was simply 'thandie xxxx'.....
  14. Aye exactly its badly run out of puff..,.even capaldi looks pissed off....moffat cant piss off quick enough
  15. Dunbar was on bbc breakfast today saying he 'hopes' he's in next series.....took it from his tone he is......what a series it is....pisses all over sherlock dr who n broadchurch. .....