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  1. If he hadn't eaten the pie he would still have affected the outcome of the bets. He was put into a no win situation. He was thoroughly stitched up by the bookmaker.
  2. He gets a hard time because he's dreadful at international football....hes barely managed a cross into play and as for his 'done well at Wembley' he missed an open goal linked badly and exposed his full back constantly by being always out of position. He's been consistently dire when not allowed to go at already overpowered teams. Him n McKay have no place in scotland squad when we have Phillips anya Burke Robertson n hell even ritchie
  3. Hopefully he has access to a half decent lawyer.
  4. And by that....if he hadn't eaten a pie he would have also in breach....
  5. This!! Surely the gambling commission should be hammering the bookmaker here. It's not a kick in the baws from entrapment tbh. It's an entirely dodgy bet for them to organise in the first place.
  6. Constructive dismissal would still be open.
  7. Hadn't thought of that!! He certainly won't be shy about it he's always loved an excuse. Wonder what he'll make of lacey n clancy??
  8. Don't think cockerill is in robinsons class tbh...hes a dinosaur
  9. Richard cockerill been announced as new embra coach starting next season. Have to say I think that's a dreadful appointment. Arsehole of a man and favours a turgid style of rugby which is opposite of what young scottish players should be getting taught. Eta he'll have a fecking aneurysm when he experiences his 1st pro 12 ref in a game v an irish side! !
  10. In the past the problem was the finance. Now I suspect the only real stumbling block is the player pool. Needs to happen though in order to spread the load during 6n n Autumn games (plus rwc ).
  11. Horne can be forgiven for being rusty. Pyrgos though has gone backwards at a rate of knots. Not sure why tbh. Maybe he's lost confidence with price overtaking him but there's an argument to say George Horne should be starting ahead of him now.
  12. Nobody is making assumptions on media reports.....they are simply listening to the stream of utter nonsense coming out of trumps own mouth.
  13. Ah....wondered why there was always an Italian side in it. Cheers
  14. Didn't realise that....thought they had to hit top 6. Still be poor not to make top 6 though.
  15. Piennar is a class act....wasted on their scummer fans. Yep 6th place and the Saracens game have to be the focus