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  1. Rugby - Union And League

    Perhaps the people saying it was very early to be throwing him the captaincy had a point?? Guys like toolis Watson tovey Hardie due preez etc could have done job n let Bradbury develop at his own pace.
  2. Which posters here were singing about jimmy hill?? What utter pish.
  3. Realistic foreign managers

    The sfa dont care. They will appoint mckay. Its shite but we know what they are like, morally corrupt n totally lacking in any ambition.
  4. It would only need one to see him as a fecking scumbag bigot....who else has other people write texts on their phone ffs???
  5. Rugby - Union And League

    He was eventually called into Scotland training camp but yeah he seems to have been playing mostly for heriots. Surprising as hes a very decent scrummager n can play both sides which is increasingly rare. I rate him highly though i fear there are some within sru who think props n hookers are supposed to be extra flankers n forget just how important scrums are. Dell is another guy who has picked up a lot of caps by being good in loose. Hes pretty poor in the scrum though. Guys like jon welsh n gordy reid are massively undervalued imo.
  6. Rugby - Union And League

    Bhatti was in the Scotland training camp ahead of McCallum which I find astonishing. Every so often a lad comes through the system who ticks every box for strength n fitness testing but isn't that great at rugby. Hoping that's not what bhatti is. I'd defo take him out of spotlight for a few weeks. Alex Allan did a decent job against cheetahs so should be starting for me....not sure where Ryan grant is fitness wise.
  7. Rugby - Union And League

    Bhatti over Allan again?? Has he got incriminating pics of Rennie?? In all seriousness it can't be doing his confidence any good being monstered in scrum every week. Would prefer to seem him out of spotlight playing in BT prem to build his scrummagging skills.
  8. Also happy to get rid of a big useless lump like Fletcher n put faith in small mobile striker!
  9. Gordon Strachan

    Well played sir! Eta concerned how much malky will like you're edit!!
  10. Team for Next Year

    So he's 27 right now.....more mobile than Fletcher or martin m more experience m goals than Cummings. If josh magennis is a vital part of the ni squad on cusp of qualifying for two tournaments in a row how are we in a position to write off a regular goal scorer in English leagues (who has a reasonable goals to minutes ratio for internationals) ?? Eta I'm not saying he should be in squad right now but he should certainly be kept in mind if his form comes back. The number of times he was ignored whilst in form was crazy. Similarly Griffiths m Robertson.... Meanwhile guys who couldn't get a game for clubs were top of Strachan go to list
  11. Gordon Strachan

    He also had sense to empty Fletcher n pick a small mobile finisher! And achieved his target doing so
  12. By that nonsense criteria ni would have gone nowhere near the mgr who is on cusp of taking spfl n lower league English calibre players to two major tourneys in a row.....josh magennis ffs.... Eta quoted wrong person too lazy to start again!!
  13. Rugby - Union And League

    Rugby league not helping themselves with such crap coverage of the world cup. Even the union women's rwc had live coverage on ITV 4 n the final was prime time sat night on ITV.
  14. The getting to the world cup would do right now ffs!!
  15. Realistic foreign managers

    The Slovakia mgr would be alright. Even with ten the defence was well organized. Also looks fairly jakey so some kebabs n plenty of vodka he'd be happy.