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  1. Glasgow side for warm up game v Northampton. Very young side indeed. Excited to see Horne n hastings play together.
  2. Ah that makes sense since its only a training camp
  3. Ease up there....its not even been confirmed n every interview Burke has done has shown him to be a smart articulate lad who is fully aware of his weaknesses n keen to address them. Frankly he comes over as significantly more mature than the chippy little p***k managing the Scotland team. It reflects appallingly on a certain demographic that they are desperate to take glee in prospect of young Scottish players perhaps not fulfilling their potential.
  4. Given his career earnings hed have to have some gambling habit to be in debt. That lack of talent at picking winners could put him in line for a gig on sportsound
  5. Literally stole what i was gonna say. To go from malcolm marshall Joel garner,Michael holding curtly Ambrose etc to this lot of trundlers is grim. Never mind losing gordon greenidge viv richards etc etc. They were the cricket equivalent of 1970 brazil they are Cowdenbeath
  6. On basis of last few pro 12 seasons....yeah I'd have him right up in those echelons. Stander looked ordinary in a lot of the lions tour games. Never seen a fully fit Strauss anything less than superb. Even half fit he's useful.
  7. Crikey good spot....surely we wouldn't be dropping him.....arguably best 8 in 6n...if not the best certainly up there
  8. Think bhatti had a fair bit of game time especially during 6n. I'd be keener on mccallum tbh. Yeah hastings is defo the future but there's plenty of time for likes of him n Horne. Is only a training squad. Kinda hoping we aren't going to persevere with laidlaw. Much as he is a good leader and a decent kicker it's time to ensure price is developed for next rwc. Also don't think laidlaws slow delivery is much use to finn. Finn revelled in the quick service from price v Italy n Oz.
  9. Our backs look pretty decent. Of all the picks Denton is one that surprised me most. Always a hard grafter but terrible hands and kinda predictable when carrying. Think we have plenty of better options these days. Would have liked to see George Horne in there too but overall looks a good group
  10. Used to look like one too.
  11. Hastings has yet to play a game for Glasgow so probably too early to call him up yet. Burleigh covers 10 and centre and is a pretty smart player. Have liked him so far at embra but didn't realise he was eligible.
  12. Scotland training squad.
  13. Is that a double whoosh??
  14. Johnny Evans going to ict for £500 n a free boat ride to see the dolphins would be a touch over the odds....£18 million (not efuckingnuff???) Is just Salvador dali shit....
  15. Apparently Glasgow also holding an open training session at bridgehaugh on Friday at 11am. Eta 10 am!