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  1. This series is better than 2nd for me. It felt a bit contrived like it was merely setting up for a 3rd series rather than telling a story in its own right. This is pretty close to standards of 1st (I do find latimer parents really annoying tho). The accents are still like fingernails down a chalkboard tho.....
  2. Plus the games would be at a tempo akin to yon walking football for the over 50s.
  3. Think there are decent discounts available from the sru for the season ticket package as well.
  4. Sad to see Sean retire. Absolute stalwart of scottish rugby who came into Scotland side when we were appalling in the backline. Lot of people only see his try scoring ratio and forget he probably got the ball more in his early Scotland career from the opposition than us passing it down the line. Almost always got us over the gain line always looked for work and I've heard he was a hugely positive influence on young lads when he came back to Glasgow. Glad he was there for Pro12 won. Few players deserve a winners medal more. Just a shame Rory had to retire early through injury
  5. The centres in that team[emoji23]eta and the wingers??!! Shows how deceiving context free stats can be.
  6. We should have managed another try there too....we had 40 min to get it but hey ho
  7. Life insurance premiums must be eye watering though....
  8. Seen that in Falkirk too. There's also a guy cutting about with 1 cup.....amazed it's not been amended
  9. True that
  10. I'd imagine Strachan will have detailed files on all those lads given how professional and open minded he is......
  11. That's grandmaster level trolling from wenger over the arsenal fans. Hopefully he's awarded himself a big fat payrise too. Yon arsenal tv will be an even better watch from now on.
  12. Beat me to it on both hastings bros there. The team gav put up would ship at least 50 to nz.
  13. Fair amount of it is mentioned tbf.
  14. I thought more Russell Brand tbh.....
  15. Ah jam tomorrow......