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  1. Cheers!
  2. Is where im from originally n still go back enough to know that this is down to lazy casting and production rather some incisive social commentary.
  3. 6th is probably about right for us. Dont see wales as high as 7th tbh. Do the lions tests count for nz ranking points?
  4. I think it was better than some recent episodes but the amount revealed in trailers meant that any dramatic impact was lessened. I'm watching out of habit rather than enjoying it these days. New writers n Dr will hopefully hit the ground running with some original ideas n guts to kill characters off. Really hoping the simulation scenario that was mentioned earlier isn't way this one is headed.
  5. Aye dreadful character. Quite impressive that a town/village on loch Ness is populated entirely by people from England n central Scotland. Surely it wouldn't have killed them to have the odd highland accent. It's a lazy broadchurch / hamish mcbeth rip off.
  6. Thought it was announced pearl mackie was binned at end of this series. Fairly sure it's also been said the regeneration won't happen til the Xmas episode.
  7. Couldn't agree more. Gatland has absolutely painted himself into a corner
  8. Dth is a top boi
  9. I'd add hamish Watson n josh strauss to the list of Scots who could feel hard done to. I'd also throw robshaw into the mix as someone that could have done a decent job for lions. Robshaw is underrated for me. Grey or launchberry (and indeed itoje) would have been a vast improvement on awj. I think the back 5 was pretty uninspiring tbh and alongside the crash ball centres is where gatland has gone badly wrong. Eta had a lions coach picked a predominantly English n Scottish squad it would not have won but it would almost certainly have been more expansive pacier and more competitive.
  10. I'm sure gatland being quoted as saying that nz are nothing special will in no way go down badly over there.....
  11. Yeah would think so. Oz have some cracking backs and while Foley can gave moments of greatness he also has forgettable moments too. Wondering what their other stand off options are? Can't see anything other than nz cruising it.
  12. Watching the Oz Italy game was lot closer than expected. Hard to tell if it was Italy raising their game or Oz just making heavy weather of it
  13. Yeah the worry is that nz can and likely will improve. The irony is that the off the cuff way finn plays is probably the only way to get at nz but there's little or no chance gatland would commit to that. Even if he did trying an entirely new system of play in 7 days us nigh on impossible. So frustrating that gatland refused to see what absolutely everyone else could.
  14. Suspect Murray may have been following the gatland masterplan but yeah I prefer Webb. Think sexton coming on was more about getting teo off the park. Farrell going to centre was only way to do that. Teo and aw should be nowhere near the test squads (as most people said prior to today). Not really sure what gatland can do from here. He doesn't have another way to play and even changing personnel now is too little too late. Wrong coach wrong squad wrong tactics.
  15. Barrett taking selfies with the lions fans [emoji38]