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  1. Sons' sorrow

    Is Aird still a possible signing for you guys? Not heard much of it since it was last mentioned on here.
  2. See that’s Aird being linked with a move to Dumbarton by one of their fans on here. Strange one, feel be offered something different for us.
  3. Sons' sorrow

    What’s the story with Aird then? Always seemed very handy for us coming off the bench, very direct and offered us a different outlet than we currently have, strange one [emoji848]
  4. James Vincent (midfielder) is apparently on our radar for a 6 month loan deal, along with Kostadin Ghadzalov (defender).
  5. DFC -vs- DAFC

    Bringing a few younger ones along (both 17 years old), how much would that be, going by your pricing? Are they thought of as adults?
  6. DFC -vs- DAFC

    What are the prices for away fans for this one?
  7. Very important game for both teams. Pars unbeaten against Livingston this season. Morris suspended, M’Voto to come in for him, IMO. Livingston not had many games recently so will surely be keen to get this one on? Lose this game and the questions will continue to be asked about Johnston with other teams closing in on us.
  8. Forfar v East Fife

    Forfar fans, how has Pars loanees Scott Lochhead and Conner Duthie been playing since arriving? Seems like an upturn in form since their signings, have they been a vital breath of fresh air?
  9. I'm not sure the squad numbers are that vital. Talbot got injured at a pretty unfortunate time at the very start of pre-season. One thing that is certain though is that Martin has made up for his poorer pre-season performances by being solid in the Betfred Cup. Whether he is considered first choice or not, he's certainly staking his claim to stay that way just now, imo.
  10. Was back on the bench at the weekend.
  11. I'm genuinely suggesting because I was told he was playing. That's not saying that if someone said Messi or Ronaldo were playing that I'd believe it. I could be wrong, obviously, but it's not completely out of the ordinary that he could've played to just get a game.
  12. That's what I heard from someone who was there. May just be to get a bit of game time, since he's getting none at St Mirren.
  13. Believe it was John Sutton from the spot twice and someone else got the third.