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  1. Livingston v Queens

    Said I'd take a draw before hand and happy we have done. The triple sub suggests things never went out way? But need to win next week with two tough away games coming up
  2. Livingston v Queens

    As is kerr. But agree wraith rest of your post.
  3. Livingston v Queens

    A game I'll be happy if we avoid defeat, as I think livi are quite a solid side. Next 4/5 games are massive, with St Mirren and Inverness away, I think we need to be picking up something from this game.
  4. Been mentioned before somewhere, but what about even youth football tournament in the morning and give out free tickets galore to kids. If there about Palmerston there unlikely to disappear
  5. Thoroughly professional job today, don't think we played overly well first half but they made it difficult with 6 lying deep all the time. Once first goal went in it was easy street. Nobody really stood out but enough on the day.
  6. Excellent, his all round game is superb. As RJC says needing a goal, but it'll come. Think he got a knock as he went through yesterday. Been a right good addition.
  7. One more signing really would show some intent of getting the play offs. Our squad looks good but a couple of injuries and were a bit short, if were to do anything a bit more depth wouldn't go a miss. Can see the difference the two additions from St. Johnstone have made, another one of that quality would definitely help our case. A midfielder with a bit of creativity would be nice, but it'd be really hard to drop anyone at the moment.
  8. Totally agree on all accounts, thought back four were good also, bar the goal... but can look past that as job was done
  9. Cause most the players are trying to hit the top bag as there is no pressure
  10. 2-0 win for 20s last night v Clyde
  11. #Sonshamers v Sons

    Agree with this, the real marker for our season will be in these next 4/5 games where we are away 4 of them. A lot of hard places to go. Yesterday was fine, quite happy with what I've seen so far tbh. Defence was solid, a game that last season we'd have conceded in no doubt, but they stood up well. Midfield thought did okay, but was hard to break down there 9 men behind the ball... thought Jacobs was excellent. Strikers are doing fine bar converting chances, was impressed with Kane again, his all round play is excellent but never really got a sniff, Dobbie it's just not happening for him at the moment and Lyle done ok also. Thought Lyndon was excellent when came on but prob should've worked keeper from his mazy. We know goals will come. Going up to falkirk next week with a bit of confidence.
  12. #Sonshamers v Sons

    Pass was shite
  13. I'd like a winger but think we're in need of a more creative player in middle of park also. Be interesting to see who it is, I was told last week there could be anything up to 4 brought in, so shall see. Last would be McFadden if money was still available.
  14. #Sonshamers v Sons

    I mentioned it as well but would rather see us stick to back four. Think 3 leaves the wing backs exposed, and I don't think Shaun Rooney needs that done to him... just was a way of fitting the new signings in. As cammy says it's just nice to have these options now.
  15. DOONHAMERS V DIAMONDS Challenge Cup Tue 15/08/2017

    Agree on the formation, got away with it last night and it seemed to open game up outwide for us, but against an organised team like Dumbarton, we'll not get same oppurtunities as readily.