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  1. Queens v Montrose

    Lyle wasn’t much better last night, but quality finish. Don’t think you’ll need to be hopeful much, it’s an absolute stick on to happen.
  2. QoS v Livi

    Livingston were playing.
  3. Watched yous twice, been very impressed both times. The smaller park maybe suits yous with way yous set up but use what you can to your advantage. Surprised Watson started on bench as he was excellent last game up there. Dillon and Campbell two experienced players, know what there doing. Blonde headed fellow in midfield was decent, keeper has done well both games also. Don’t think yous will be far away from promotion from what we’ve seen.
  4. Montrose v Queens

    There a decent side, certainly no mugs, but if we turn up, we’ll be winning it. Took us ages to get going the last cup tie. As for Dobbies confidence, shouldn’t be low he scored two games before it. Can have off days without confidence being low
  5. Morton v Queens

    At time I didn’t think it was a penalty, but some around did. There wasn’t much complaint from queens players, but watching it back he’s wrong side of mchugh
  6. I’d be delighted if Kerr’s loan was extended for rest of season, I’d have thought you’s would want to have him back, but in long run playing for another 6 month is going to benefit him greater. Personally I’d keep Kane, aye he’s not scored a great deal but I think he adds something, very good on the ball. He could do with a run of games, but Dobbie and Dykes doing well currently with Tan man being the first option of the bench it’s hard for him to get a look in since his injury. He’s certainly not a bad option to have. Being honest if we can keep in the mix till January, I’d say if we were to add to an option in middle of park(joe Thomson) and a winger we’d be in good nick for last half of season, the need for them may be more important than extending Kanes loan deal. Not that Jacobs or Rankin are doing anything wrong more to give us a different option, and I’ve felt we were short of a winger in summer, im not convinced Carmichael will get over injury woes, Stirling not done much since signing. Murray and McFadden are doing okay at the moment though.
  7. Easily. Fordyce shades it for me, but kerr has been quality also
  8. Agree, in grand scheme of things Montrose and the upcoming league games are more important
  9. Devorgilla have a 16 going down Saturday and a 49 the Sunday
  10. Morton v Queens

    Get in there, cracking win
  11. Probably Kyle Jacobs and Callum Fordyce for us.
  12. Confirms in his interview what most of us thought, that this is his last season but what a superb attitude he has. Really hope he gets second place on our top goalscorer charts, deserves it... legend
  13. Queens v Falkirk

    Don't think the substitution of Murray played much part, first was silly foul from Rooney. Second I thought Tanman got brushed of the ball to easily. I don't think it was a stupid substitution tbh, for all he was decent when on the ball, a few times he got outmuscled. So can understand replacing him with tapping to try shore it up being 3-0 up, obviously vice versa happened but for me, wasn't down to the substitution. Think Connor is benefitting from a run in the team which is great, hopefully he can add goals to his game as he's been presented with couple of decent chances recently and not taking any. Definitely a player in there though. With a few players returning from knocks/injuries, hopefully we can continue our recent run.
  14. Important win today, keeps us in the mix. A lot of decent performances. Martin looking more assured in goals being injury free and lighter. Defence looked solid even the much maligned Mercer thought was having a decent game, thought we lost our way slightly when he went off, didn't think Rooney done badly either but we just seemed to get dragged across more when he came on. Midfield I thought Murray seems to be growing in confidence, although should have taken his chance, hopefully he can add goals to his game, that's 3 cracking chances he's had since getting into the side and not taking. McFadden adds something to us as well very clever, only complaint is not beating first man with his set pieces. Jacobs and rankin done what they do best and broke up play all day long, knock them all you want but they very rarely let us down, Jacobs Man of the match for me today. Upfront Dobbie frustrated me to be perfectly honest, seems to want to beat one man too many all the time at the moment, but he scored and assisted so can't have to many complaints. Lyndon is coming onto a right game now, doing all the right things, took goal superbly, harassed there defenders at every opportunity, used his height, if Murray had scored from that bit of skill and the pass from Dykes it'd have been a superb assist... great performance for me. Great win, but only makes next games even more important. Mon the South