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  1. Derek Lyle? Nah he’s done, todorov to slow. Lyndon linked up well and stretches the game. Give the lad some credit
  2. I hope not, when we play Dobbie and Lyndon together as we did Saturday we seem to play on front foot. Wasn’t there Saturday but from highlights they seemed to link up well, hopefully something we can do more often next season.
  3. New centre half beside fordyce also, we’ve not been the same since Kerr left. We ship far too many goals, need to have a solid base to build from. Wouldn’t be against Todd and Thomas coming in but no sure how realistic that is. The worrying thing is we could end up 8th after sniffing about play offs all season. Which would be poor, not going to help crowds either, but I just don’t see where our win going to come when we concede too many goals and are shite at home. Remember days when we hardly lost at Palmerston [emoji849]
  4. Scotland name squad

    Docherty looking good in old firm game here
  5. Scotland name squad

    I’ve tried to put a squad together but always forget someone. Harsh as out that Douglas probably going to miss out when he’s been immense but way it is
  6. Scotland name squad

    Joe Bryan, but no Barry Douglas [emoji848]
  7. Scotland name squad

    Was going to say both are musts, but Paterson has been playing in midfield. Tom Cairney getting raved about also.
  8. Best Formation Moving Forward

    If any keeper comes in surely it’s Jon McLaughlin from hearts, arguably been best keeper in the top league this year
  9. Scotland name squad

    Would say Fraser and Forrest are nailed on first picks on wing, unless big Eck sees Robertson up there. Would like to see McLaughlin, Soutar, Lindsay, McTominay come into squad. With hearts being pretty tight at the back would be interesting to see how Soutar and Berra got on together at international level. With Gordon out (don’t know if he’ll return before friendlies), id like to see McLaughlin get chance as any time I’ve seen him I’ve been well impressed. Another that probably should get a chance is Barry Douglas but where you fit him in. Suppose everything comes down to Tierney and Robertson, and how big Eck wants to fit both in. 3 at back, Tierney on left hand side or Tierney left back with Robertson further up Park, which personally I don’t agree with but I see a lot of people suggesting it.
  10. Please get John rankin to f**k
  11. Someone has it in for Naysmith
  12. I’m not saying he’s totally done, either has Naysmith, he’s definitely an option still along with Fergusson and now Todorov. The niggling injuries are the cause of his sparing game time. He got injured Kane took his chance and never looked back. Up to Tanman to win his place back which I’d like to think he’ll welcome the challenge, as Fergusson has taken his chance and should keep his place rightly so at the moment.
  13. Pretty happy with the window. We’re looking alright, not wanting to get to excited about our signings are pretty decent. Thomas and Thomson speak for themselves from last season, Beerman I think will be a decent signing better once Marshall comes back and we maybe revert to a 4 at the back to let him move up to left wing. Cameron looks steady enough from what I’ve seen, I think he’ll do fine and Todorov has looked decent enough whenever I’ve seen him, if he’s good at holding the ball up then he’s perfect foil for Dobbie. All this, then there’s the steady performances from Fergusson and Bell recently, which maybe proved there good enough to be sniffing around the starting 11/bench more often. Not getting too excited but there seems to be some promise from them. Then you have Marshall, Jacobs, Carmichael and Tanman (full fitness) to come back on top of it. We’re in not bad nick. Big game Saturday any kind of result for us would be positive, going into the weeks break which might be the chance for them three to return. Getting Fordyce signed up for next season is excellent business. Really chuffed with that news. A good ending to that kind of stuff this week.