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  1. Think he’s more for the 20’s
  2. Was decent at Dundee etc, but at that age legs could be gone
  3. I’d agree once Kane got going he looked quality. I genuinely just didn’t think Tanman brought much to us last year, it’s all opinions I guess, but think they’ll be decent
  4. Serious? Everyone I’ve spoke to is genuinely excited for them two to start upfront together. I think we look a lot more dangerous with them, Lyndon wanting to get in behind will hopefully leave gaps for Dobbie to do his damage.
  5. Cause he’s done at this level. A club legend that’s done brilliantly for us but his time was up. The difference when we finally got some legs in Lyndon upfront with Dobbie made a big difference in last run of games
  6. It’s no really the picture thing we were getting at, yes it was the first point made but it’s more in terms of social media and PR on whole. The website went two weeks without anything of note happening when Dan Armstrong is out doing school visits, guid nychburris float and fun days etc, stuff like that could be going on to publicise them.
  7. Wasn’t pictures I was getting at with money, it was some to run the media side of it.
  8. Certainly had pictures of Lindsay and McManus
  9. It’s fairly trivial I agree, they do the job of announcing the signing yes which is fine. I just think it shows how far we are behind in terms of social media, as every other teams no long getting pictures or news up. But that comes with the current financial state of the club. In a very important season for the club it’s important they push everything on social media, id love the club to bite the bullet and employ someone to do that side of it but I know it’s unlikely, think it would pay itself in the end up. It’s working positively for likes of Motherwell etc.
  10. Nae panic just would be good to see, rather just we’ve signed such and such. Never even got to hear from Todd or Harkins. I just want another signing, picture or no picture
  11. not scarf but jist is the same
  12. Not done it for a while but it has been done before. Don’t have that good a memory to remember who, but definitely remember it.