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  1. Please get John rankin to f**k
  2. Someone has it in for Naysmith
  3. I’m not saying he’s totally done, either has Naysmith, he’s definitely an option still along with Fergusson and now Todorov. The niggling injuries are the cause of his sparing game time. He got injured Kane took his chance and never looked back. Up to Tanman to win his place back which I’d like to think he’ll welcome the challenge, as Fergusson has taken his chance and should keep his place rightly so at the moment.
  4. Pretty happy with the window. We’re looking alright, not wanting to get to excited about our signings are pretty decent. Thomas and Thomson speak for themselves from last season, Beerman I think will be a decent signing better once Marshall comes back and we maybe revert to a 4 at the back to let him move up to left wing. Cameron looks steady enough from what I’ve seen, I think he’ll do fine and Todorov has looked decent enough whenever I’ve seen him, if he’s good at holding the ball up then he’s perfect foil for Dobbie. All this, then there’s the steady performances from Fergusson and Bell recently, which maybe proved there good enough to be sniffing around the starting 11/bench more often. Not getting too excited but there seems to be some promise from them. Then you have Marshall, Jacobs, Carmichael and Tanman (full fitness) to come back on top of it. We’re in not bad nick. Big game Saturday any kind of result for us would be positive, going into the weeks break which might be the chance for them three to return. Getting Fordyce signed up for next season is excellent business. Really chuffed with that news. A good ending to that kind of stuff this week.
  5. Pretty sure Cameron is out of contract, so hopefully if loan goes well we’d be his first port of call
  6. With everyone fit I’d probably go with :- Maybe could drop Thomson deeper, for rankin to allow Dobbie in hole. Unsure who I’d play upfront by themselves though.
  7. I always like the idea of picking up gems from the lower leagues. Will be interesting to see how it pans out. Really liked look of Matty Allan.
  8. Giving how well Montrose played against us, I’m not surprised if we do take a look at some of your players. If true would be interesting to know if Naysmith has had someone to continue watching Montrose, I was impressed with the centre half also. I’d imagine it’ll be more for next season, giving the fact it’s so late in transfer window.
  9. Queens v Brechin City

    Think every man and his dog could see he and others would’ve had chance had Dobbie not been trying so hard to his hat trick, 2/3 times he could’ve played someone in. His assist for first and third were excellent, still would like to see us bring someone in but the kid is proving to be a decent option. Bell looks like he may be also, his pass for the Dobbies offside goal was class.
  10. Thank f**k we didn’t sign Lee Miller, another ageing striker isn’t what we need. Ryan Hardie id give or take tbh, he hardly set the heather alight on his last couple of loan spells.
  11. At the moment game is under no danger, getting an another update later but fingers crossed